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Fibro Fog – Symptoms & Causes of Fibromyalgia Brain Fog

Even though fibromyalgia is mostly categorized
as a chronic pain disorder, most fibromyalgia patients also suffer from severe chronic brain
fog. In simple terms, brain fog means that your
brain feels so overwhelmed that it’s unable to function normally. It means that you can not make basic math
calculations, you forget basic words, you can not solve even the simplest problems
and you can not even take care of basic responsibilities without feeling completely overwhelmed. It’s kind of like the feeling healthy people
have at the end of a super stressful week, when they feel like they are unable to think
clearly anymore, and they just have to take a break or go to sleep immediately… but it’s so much more intense for fibromyalgia
patients. While healthy people can just take a break
and replenish their brain resources, fibromyalgia patients never get a break. Even when they try to rest for many hours
or even days, their brain resources never get replenished so they experience chronic
brain fog. Of course some hours and days are better than
others, but for the most part, this brain fog is chronic and almost never goes away. Fibromyalgia patients have very few hours
of clarity during the day and they have to make the most of them. They know that if they will not take care
of their responsibilities then, they won’t be able to do that later. Their brains will just be too overwhelmed
to think clearly. Because there are no visible signs for brain
fog, many fibromyalgia patients are often accused of being lazy, especially at work. Their co workers usually can’t wrap their
heads around the fact that some people can look a hundred percent healthy, but can not perform all the tasks that healthy
people can. It just doesn’t make sense to them. When fibromyalgia patients can’t meet the
expectations of their co-workers, it creates a lot of friction in the workplace. So what you do about your brain fog? First of all, I think you should have your
cortisol levels tested. Cortisol is the hormone that allows us to
deal with normal everyday stresses. Or in other words, cortisol gives us healthy
amounts of brain power. Balanced amounts of cortisol are vital for
normal brain functioning. When you are deficient in cortisol, your brain
gets overwhelmed by even the smallest tasks and decisions. Fibromyalgia patients are usually very deficient
in cortisol, so that explains your chronic brain fog. By having a clear physical marker that explains
the brain fog, you would be able to explain your condition much better to your co-workers
and that would result in much less judgement. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find
a magic supplement or pill that instantly fixes low cortisol. The good news is that you can address the
cause of low cortisol and that would naturally lead to more balanced cortisol levels and
more brain power. Now, if you would like to learn more about
the cause of your low cortisol, which is the same thing that’s causing all the other
fibromyalgia symptoms, then I invite you to click on the link above
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