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Fieldsports Britain – Training goshawks to catch partridges + shooting pigeons

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
Christmas is around the corner and like all shooters, Andy Crow has got his mates decorating
the tree. Survival expert Jonny Crockett is back in the woods cooking up a storm out of
stuff he has found there. First Roy Lupton has a 40 mile an hour remote control lure
to teach granny goshawk how to take pheasants and partridges. Falconry is all about fitness – if your bird
hasn’t been pumping it’s wings on the run up to the season you might as well have a
budgie on your glove. Roy is a little behind with HIS training because
of his hip op, so to speed things along a bit he’s created the fastest lure in the west
– capable of dragging… bits of muntjac impersonating a hare / whole rabbits.. and a roe deer hide
at up to 45 mph across a wet field. What we have done is we have fitted an engine,
a clutch and a big drum on a machine down there. We have got a servo on there which
is attached to the throttle. So now we have got a remote control lure machine. So we can
run a lure up to 45 miles an hour over about 500 metres in very quick succession and really
start to get some fitness into the birds. This is the first year we have bothered to
fly the goshawks on the lures and the results we are getting so far are phenomenal. Roy’s truck is bursting with eagle and hawk
boxes – in total there are six birds that need exercising in preparation for hunting.
He’s about to head up to Scotland for the blue hares. Once Ian has given his youngster an outing
Roy brings out the old girl. She’s so old and wise she remembers Roy before he became
interested in girls without plumage. This is my old gos and she is coming into
her…….she is 16 years old coming into her 17th season and for the last four years
she has been in a breeding aviary because I wanted to make sure I got a couple of youngsters
out of her and I thought I would just take her out and give her one last hoorah and it
is amazing she has being flying for a couple of weeks now just getting back to it. I thought
she was going to be a bit of a couched potato, but she has already put a few rabbits in the
bag and hopefully in the next couple of weeks she will start putting a few hares and a few
pheasants in the bag as well. She might be long in the beak but she’s still
fighting fit and won’t be fooled by gimmicks – so Roy has to abandon the hare lure and
use a real rabbit. Ian sets the motor turning and off she goes.
As expected she hits the spot. As I say she is a smart old girl. She just
pre-empted the lure again, so she baited before the lure was level with us and if she had
done that she would have got on to it a bit too easy. So I just held her back for a second
and then waited for the lure to go past parallel and then let her off and she chased it very
well. Bearing in mind we have got a very good head wind against us today, so she is probably
flying into a head wind of about 10, 15 miles an hour easily. She caught up with that no
problem. Again just phenomenal the fitness this brings on so quickly. I am really, really
pleased with her. In complete contrast to this goshawk is the
youngster – and she’s one of the fastest goshawks Roy has ever bred. This young lady is incredibly fast we are
not going to get a true assessment of her speed today, because she is flying in such
a head wind, but the way this thing flies at the lure is just absolutely outstanding,
for speed. It is a shame she has got nothing up top, she is definitely built for one thing
and it is certainly not thinking. Falcons and eagles are like the formula one
racing cars of old – agile and fast but fragile if not treated with care. One thing that can
help keep these birds stay healthy is having the right sort of transport box. The worst thing you can do for your bird’s
health especially for lung conditions such as aspergillosis is put your bird away damp.
But if you do have to then a box like this could be the answer.This box is made by Game
Walker, not only have they got a light fitted in them, but they have also got fans fitted
at the back and then it is constantly pumping the stale air out of the box and keeping a
fresh flow of air through and I can’t really see the reason for people using wooden boxes
any more. Baby looks relaxed leaving his bespoke accommodation
– and is rested enough to put on a good show, pumping after that lure. He excels at being flown from the fist whereas
Roy’s other eagle hunts in a different way – soaring high then dropping on to his quarry. I think he is fifth or sixth season now obviously
we have been hunting together since he was about 20 weeks old, when I went over to Austria
and started our hunting career over there and I have been hunting him successfully over
here. He is a superb eagle especially for off the fist work. My other eagle, my main
eagle Cappie I am only using him for working in the mountains for way too long, so when
I try and fly him off the fist at brown hares, he is not so good. But this eagle for off
the fist acceleration is just absolutely phenomenal. Losing the light, Cappy gets the last run
of the evening. The birds are race fit and we’re looking forward to seeing all Roy’s
hard work pay off in the field. Now from Roy Lupton and his high fliers to
David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Olympic shooting star Peter Wilson is spearheading
a campaign to try and save one of the best shooting grounds in Europe. A former city
trader turned organic farmer may force the closure of Southern Counties Shooting Ground
in Dorset if he succeeds in his claim that lead shot from the ground is incompatible
with his organic farm status. Alastair Cooper says that lead pellets from the ground are
raining down onto his farmland, killing livestock and polluting the land. Pete Wilson lives
locally and uses the ground regularly. The International Gundog League Retriever
Championship 2012 which, is sponsored by Skinner’s, just like this programme, has been won by
a dog fed on Skinner’s Field & Trial Crunchy. Dave Latham’s Field Trial Champion Delfleet
Neon of Fendawood, better known as Del, took the championship held at Cawdor Castle in
Scotland. Bred by Mr S Crisp, Del and Dave had previously won it in 2010 at Sandringham. It is a bad time to be a rat in South Georgia.
The trial phase in 2011 was the largest rodent eradication ever attempted and succeeded in
removing rats from a tenth of the infested areas. The second phase of the project will
see a 25-strong team of scientists, helicopter pilots, chefs and engineers – dubbed Team
Rat – embark on a four-month mission to eradicate the brown rat from the South Atlantic island.
They are dropping 270 tonnes of poisoned bait from three helicopters. Botswana is to ban big-game hunting from 2014.
The south African country is one of the most popular destinations for plainsgame and dangerous
game hunters, attracting people including the King of Spain. Ignoring protests from
communities who depend on hunting for their livelihoods, the Government says that a ban
on hunting will help in the fight against poaching. Wildlife conservationists point
to other African countries such as Kenya, where hunting is banned, and poaching is driving
many of its most of its iconic species, such as lions and rhinos, into extinction. Welsh TV channel S4C has come under fire from
the Welsh Government for its coverage of the badger culling in its flagship soap opera.
Welsh politicians dodged a cull, deciding instead on a vaccination programme. In the
BBC-made TV series, Pobol y Cwm, a cash-strapped farmer’s wife shoots her TB-infected cows
and then says “the government doesn’t have the backbone to sort the problem out” and
that farmers are not afraid to break the law. Hurt by the criticism, the Welsh government
tried to get the repeat of the programme withdrawn. Now do you know who is top of the pops when
it comes to hunting, shooting and fishing channels on YouTube? Well,Fieldsports Channel
crossed the 10 million views mark last week. And it inspired us to have a look at who else
is topping the charts with big global audiences. If you are watching this on Youtube you can
see a full list with links below the screen. You can also see the list by going to this
address bt.ly/VsPBJL. I am pleased to report that Fieldsports Channel is the biggest hunting/shooting/fishing
channel outside the USA, and we are 15th in the world. So thank you for watching. And that’s not all. We have a new weekly newsletter.
It has all the best of Fieldsports Britain each week but in word form. It’s out on the
internet as a PDF, so ideal for reading on iPads and other tablets. The link is on the
screen, and in the description below the screen if you are watching this on Youtube. Country Pursuits TV have been having a smashing
time with a caravan and it is all in aid of charity. The film was done to raise money
for 13 year old Holly Warren who needs £7,000 for a special wheel chair. This of course
is not something you should try at home and the filming and shooting were supervised by
four marshalls. And finally, Brian May has come out in favour
of deer-culling. Sort of. Following the story in the Sunday Times from a tip off by C Jacoby,
that Brian May allowed deer to be shot on his land in Dorset, the animal rights activist
and national treasure says: “There is not a trace of hypocrisy in standing by the necessary
and controlled killing of deer while opposing the badger cull”. Brian is now looking at
birth control to keep the number of deer at a manageable level. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David, interesting use of the English
language there. Now, we are off with Andy Crow after pigeons. If this solitary oak were a xmas tree – then
the decoys would be the baubels, Crowman’s Cousin Gary, The Fairy, with the pigeon hide
under the tree packed full of surprises. BANG BANG It’s a cold morning and Crow has been keen
to get out on to this maize stubble field. When we first arrived, a few thousand pigeons
and crows lifted. It could be a fun day – especially if those lofted decoys catch the eyes of the
flighting birds. These old lofting poles are pretty flimsy.
We want to get some lofters out of the top of the tree. These go up to about 20 foot.
You get a 20 foot lofting rod up there, bit of wind, with the weight of the decoy swaying
like that you can’t get it where you want. So what we do, we cheat a bit, we take a ladder
and stick it up the tree and get up the tree, you only need about 10, 15 foot of pole. I
wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you know what you are doing, because it is pretty
dangerous and that is why I send Gary up. That is the only reason I have invited him
today. Gary works his way squirrel-like around the
tree and with pinpoint accuracy he carefully places the decoys on to the branches. Over
many years Gary has turned this into an art form, getting the angle just right so as not
to put the birds off. Well, it is cold up there. We’ve never filmed Crow using the lofting
poles before so why today? Pigeons have been shot at a bit and this tree
is right out in the middle of the field. It is a bit of a flight line up through here,
it just helps out with the decoys really. If I can get up ……if Gary can get up the
tree at this time of year I always stick him up there so….just get them right up the
top. Will you put decoys on the ground as well
though? Yes, we will spread the decoys out. What I
have found at the moment I am probably going to put a whirlie out to the right hand side
of us, back behind us more just for a bit of movement. What I have been finding is they
haven’t been wanting a whirlie or a flapper. Other people might be finding it different.
Different birds, but in this area they just don’t want too much movement. But today it
is quite a lumpy field and I am going to put a whirlie out just for a bit of movement just
to try and attract their attention and see what happens. But they might want it or they
might not. If they don’t we just take it in and carry on with just a few floaters and
the cradle. The field is scattered with fallen maize – a
high protein diet and important to the birds as all of a sudden the temperature has dropped. You can tell which birds have been feeding
on the cobs by the way they peck at it. Pigeons tend to pull the grain out whereas
a crow will peck like hell at it and just take the insides out. They will take it whole
but a pigeon prefers to take it whole. Because the maize is such a good food source
Crow expects that the now “pigeon free field” will soon be bringing the birds back, both
pigeons and crows. Even though pigeons are the name of the game today, Crow wants the
pattern to look natural so he sticks in a few plastic crows as well. Right let’s get this show on the road. The
chances are that we’ve pushed the pigeons on to Andy’s neighbouring rape crop which
is actually what he’s trying to protect – but the maize should bring them back – and they
do return in large numbers.. BANG The birds are dropping in from the front and
from behind. The lofted decoys attracting them as they fly down the centre of the field.
Both Andy and Gary are making some good shots – not everything is passing just yards in
front of the hide. The cousins have been shooting together for
more than 30 years and they have a system. Gary calls the shots so they shoot in unison.
This means the birds don’t flare. Say when Now…now I hit that…. Say when Now….. Gary always calls, he says now and that is
when we both shoot, you usually only hear one shot like then. He says now and we both
shot the same time, two pigeons came down. It doesn’t always happen because Gary usually
misses, but, no he doesn’t, he is a good shot. Just means the second one won’t flare. Yes that is right. All you hear is just one
shot. If I can’t get on a pigeon and Gary says now then Gary takes the shot. He is the conductor. Yes, he is the conductor. It works better
that way. The thing is if I start calling and he misses it is my fault. At least if
I let him call……. When there is a quiet moment, the crows look
tempting but Andy will not be distracted and stays with the programme. There’s plenty of
time for him to get into the Crow zone later in the week. Over the course of the day there’s a regular
stream of pigeons and by the end of it the boys account for 189 pigeons, three crows
and two jackdaws. He gives in to tempation after all. Next we are finding out how to stay well fed
in a wild English woodland with survival expert Jonny Crockett. [Music] I am going to show you how to make a delicious
bread from flour, water and an oven made out of a dustbin. So to go with the soup and also as a dessert
we are going to add a bit of flour to some water, or alternatively for those left handed
people, some water to some flour and there we go. Look at that lot. Aha fantastic. A
little bit left over for later. And this is where you get your hands dirty.
Well I say you get your hands dirty. If ever there was any mud left on your hands this
is where you get it off. We add a bit of water, sleeves up and get stuck in there. That is
it. Keep turning it, keep twisting it. Now you should be trying to get some dough and
the dough should be sticky enough to hold together, but it should also be dry enough
so it doesn’t stick too much to your hands. Some of it is going to stick. So the idea
here is to just add a little bit of water at a time. If you add too much then you have
to add more flour and it is easier to go and get some more water than it is to go and get
some more flour. What we are going to use here is self raising flour which is my preferred
one. It means you don’t have to have yeast and it just makes it a little bit more palatable,
or I find anyway. Now what I am going to do with this in a minute
is split it into two halves and the first half is going to be just plain bread and then
the second half is going to be mixed with some blackberries and those blackberries….I
may add some other berries as well, I am not sure. But blackberry bread, I quite like.
Quite a nice one to finish off the meal with as well. Especially washed down with a bit
of sloe gin. So we are getting there. Ok now then, that
is probably, by the time it is expanded with its selfraisingness. Yes, so this one is going
to be ideal for a dunky, dunky in a soupy, soupy. Now this is the bit I am really looking
forward to. Because this is the bit I am going to add the blackberries to. Now you could
if you wanted just place them neatly, or slap them on or just see what ever you feel like
doing and then you want to try and keep them inside the dough. So it is like a surprise.
There we go. So what I am going to do is put these on top
of some billy can lids and we are going to put them in an oven. There we are look at
that. So there is going to be this one which is for the dessert and there is this one which
is for dunky, dunky, soupy, soupy. Lovely. It is hard to say how long you leave the bread.
I go back and check it every 30 minutes or so and then when it looks ready I take it
out. Well the moment of truth. We shall have to open it up and have a look. It is one of
those things, you shouldn’t have a sneaky, peaky just beforehand, because that can take
all of the heat out of the oven and you will be starting from scratch again, but ooh. It
should sound hollow. Yup that is just about right. How about this one? Yes, beauty. From woods to the wider world of hunting,
shooting, fishing in the countryside on YouTube. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We’re off to Canada where Relentless Pursuit
– Hunting Coyote and Whitetail in Alberta Part 103 by OutdoorHubHunting shows bowhunting
including calling coyotes – and it’s dramatic. Keep heading west and we get to a deer herd
in the South Pacific. Hunting Rusa deer in New Caledonia part 51 shows Waikarimoana after
trophy Rusa stags with, he is the first to admit, a couple of mistakes. We complete our round-the-world trip on Rabbit
Hunting With CZ 452 .22 Rimfire Rifle. Fieldsports1 is shooting rabbits from a vehicle and he
is keen to share all his techniques. Using liquidised bait shows Shimano/Dynamite
baits’ Jonny Watt on the best recipe he has: liquidised corn and maggot. Now it’s time for fish on some kind of mind-altering
drug. TunaXXL, Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada by Thomas Schmidt is the closest we can get,
all set to a heady sound track. Back to earth with a bump and Modern Trapping
Series Part 38 Dog Proof Coon Traps by WildernessOutfitters shows an excellent spring trap which you will
have to check for legality in your own country but may give you some good ideas. WildernessOutfitters
is currently the sixth biggest hunting/shooting/fishing YouTube channel in the world. We get little drive bird shooting on YouTube
so it is a joy to see a film of a pheasant shooting day at Dungarthill Estate near Dunkeld,
Perthshire, Scotland in late November 2012. This comes to us from Robert White. Finally, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean
will be surprised to find the film soundtrack used on this wild boar hunting film by 77580nounours.
It’s in French but the subtitles are hardly necessary to give you a clue about the action.
C’est la grande traque de voulanbord. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well, we are back next week when George Digweed
will be shooting an 800 bird day on the pigeons. If you are been watching this on Youtube please
don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button somewhere up there in the sky above me, or
to our shows page on Youtube www.youtube.com/show/fieldsportsbritain where you can subscribe to just this show
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on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or best of all stick your email address into the constant
contact form and we will constantly contact you about our show which is out 7pm UK time
every Wednesday. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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