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100 thoughts on “Fireless Cooking competition recipes || കുക്കിംഗ് കോമ്പറ്റിഷൻ റെസിപ്പീസ് || Habitat School UAQ

  1. MA Sha Allah 👌👌👌👍👍👍Sooper.. Excellent Presentation.. Beautiful and colorful Recipe with fireless method.. 👌Kids like recipe.. Awaiting for other recipes also… Congratulations for winning completion 👏💐

  2. Supper, thumbnail set ചെയ്തത് ഏത് ആപ്പിലാണ് pls replay

  3. Hii Ayesha… I would like to share my happiness 😍💕❤ I too won first prize for this recipe @my son's school. thank you very much.njan ende channel lu ittittundu.god bless dear.

  4. Hello…….✋i viewed ur recipe for children's day cookery competition and i won the second prize🎊🎉……..this has amazing taste….thank u😘😘😘 sooo much sis for uploading this video ….becoz of ur sweet recipe i won a prize ….i'm soooo happy😝😘

  5. Mam is there any other substitute for mortadella.. m in chennai mam i could not find it here is there any other thing

  6. Nale enik fireless food competition und. Traditional food aavanam.
    Ith traditional food aano. Plz reply immediately

  7. Enikk ende school computation il njan idine chaydirikunnu njan jaych first prize kitti thanks very much chechi

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