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41 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Do Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

  1. Americans eating meat-free diets average higher intakes of nearly every nutrient. Also see: Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/nutrient-dense-approach-to-weight-management).

  2. I'm twice the size of the vast majority of ppl that tell me we need meat for protein. They still struggle to get it, bless them.

  3. 42 grams
    what school girl r u referencing
    i doubt u can even hit the rdas (which r 50% too low anyways) of all essential aminoacids if u go by the 42g recommendation
    never go below 1.2g/kg bodyweight or u will look like a loser and have no morning wood/lose period

  4. Mr. Greger the non profit channel helping millions of people… What a great mam. Seriously. You rarely find men like that.

  5. First off 40 grams of proteins is no way near enough for an athlete to recover efficiently . Second u never discusses protein quality and bioavialablity. Most vegan protein are not complete protein and non of them assamilate in ur body the way meats dairy and egg protein does.

  6. People don’t know how ridiculously easy it is to consume fibre. I track my nutrition intake on the app Cronometer and I systematically get around twice as much fibre on average day. Eating healthy is so fucking easy!!!

  7. I’m very happy that Americans don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Because if they did, the price of fruits and veggies would skyrocket and I wouldn’t be able to afford them. So go ahead, everybody, eat steaks to your hearts’ attack… er… I mean content.

  8. What happens when you don't gradually increase your fibre intake but jump from whatever you were eating on a standard western diet to 100g of fibre a day? cause that's what i did 5 or 6 years ago.

  9. This contradicts another 'protein' video that you posted, describing a formula for calculation of the correct amount of protein needed daily. Under those guidelines, a 150 lb. individual such as myself would need about 62 grams daily, not 42..

  10. Three random days in a row each month, I enter my diet into cronometer, just to track trends. And for the last three years, eating only whole foods, my average daily protein intake is 152 grams, with an average calorie intake of 3,254.

  11. According to cronometer, 500g of cooked black beans is only 22% of protein. So I need to eat 2kg of beans every day to cover my basic needs?

  12. #NutritionFacts.org Dr. Greger, a friend of my said that changing to many diets to many times a year will make you hospitalized. Is this true?

  13. Jeez, you made me worry about my daily fiber intake and I had to check. It turns out I already made the minimum in just one meal.
    Being a vegan feels great. I've started to crave broccoli. I used to hate broccoli!

  14. I've been vegetarian since 24 years, started at 14.

    I was told time and time again, in order to build muscle, you MUST eat 1.5 grams protein per kilo body weight every day.
    42 grams is no where near that.
    Here's the thing. If a boy is let's say 60 kg heavy, he must eat 90 grams protein per day. Just so that this boy can grow up.
    Eating less must therefore mean this boy will not grow properly.
    Eating less than average of 42 grams must mean disastrous effects in body development.

    The 1.5 grams protein per kilo body weight per day never made logical sense to me.

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