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54 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Is Milk Good for Our Bones?

  1. I thought milk consumption is on the decrease… well, at least in America and Europe. But I haven't seen the statistics.

  2. Cows milk is made for baby cows to naturally and rapidly grow strong. Modern agriculture speeds up the process with additives and unnatural conditions. First of all, humans are the only species to drink another species’s milk. It’s asinine. Secondly, the dairy industry is pure hell for the animals. If you think otherwise, you’re fooling yourself. Humans do not need animal products to stay alive and healthy, actually they hinder our health, environmental health as well as the health of the animals. With this misinformation we’ve been force-fed by AG industry, we are brainwashed to believe hurting animals is good for US, when in reality it makes us unhealthy monsters. Do yourself, the planet, and the animals a favor and #GoVegan.

  3. It's said that the hardest thing about being vegan is having to get up so early in the morning to mylk the almonds…

  4. …. and this is before we even talk about the shit they do to milk and stuff they put in the cows that produce the milk.

    I can't give up my like, 5oz of milk a day in my morning latte tho, can't do it, sorry.

  5. To say that milk is directly correlated with all these health issues are such a stretch. We have no idea what their diet consists of either. I used to really believe in this channel years ago because you went off scholarly articles, but now it seems as though you're pandering to your rising vegan audience.

  6. "the opposite with yogurt" does that mean dairy yogurt promotes bone growth? please make a video dedicated solely to that.

  7. I just want to say that I was one of those women who was diagnosed with "osteoporosis". I took Actonel for seven years and Prolia for two years. I developed four cracked teeth which I got root canals for and I developed scoliosis at a 25 degree curve. My chiropractic provider has gotten me to an 11 degree curve and my inflammation and back pain STOPPED when I stopped eating cheese six months ago. I was a vegetarian for decades but ate dairy. Now with no dairy I feel 20 years younger and never have what I used to call "my back acting up". Stop dairy for more reasons than one. The casein is addictive and there is lots of bacteria and puss in dairy that most people aren't aware of, not to mention hormones which the industry will have you believe aren't in there, but they are. Also, the DEXA scan for bone density only measure the outside of your bones which does not indicate how strong they are. Plus, they compare your results to a 25 year old so they can diagnose you easily and put you on medication. I fell 3 or 4 (tripping over various things and once on ice) times after diagnosed and never broke a bone.

  8. I am glad I stopped drinking it many years ago. As a kid my body actually started rejecting, I would throw up from it.

  9. every time you mention mortality rates in studies you lose credibility. You of all people know that mortality rates are garbage. Sounds more like an underwriter pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

  10. NOPE. Calcium is just stored in the wrong places because of BORON DEFICIENCY all over the place. ☝ Unfortunately, either doctors are ignorant about it or they are deliberately not telling people. Check out the "Borax conspiracy" and do your own research about the health benefits of consuming some laundry detergant. Sounds weird but that's what it is. 😀👍

  11. Harvard research also found 7 times the fracture rate in kids consuming the most dairy, compared to those who consume average amounts or none. 7 times! Harvard went on to cautiously recommend no more than one serving of dairy per day, and I believe now discourages regular consumption of dairy(?). Canada’s new food guide ( https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/ ) no longer has a dairy category, as though it is a necessary food group (thankfully), and just shows a wee cup of maybe yoghurt or something dairy-like, in the food guide image, up in the wedge for protein. Man! How things have changed since I was growing up. Then, products made from animal milk were an “essential” food group, with cow’s milk often described as a “perfect” food. LOL

  12. OMGoodness!!! Nutrition Facts is the absolute best! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. Calcium supplements cause similar problems, but isn’t store bought vegan milk just as dangerous: as they are just fancy calcium supplements?

  14. Common sense… we are not baby cows!
    The fact that we were told by an industry to drink cows milk, lied to that it's good for us just shows how powerful advertising/brainwashing is. All our common sense went right out the window.

  15. Cannabidiol (CBD) helps strengthen bones. FACT. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25801536
    J Bone Miner Res. 2015 Oct;30(10):1905-13. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.2513. Epub 2015 May 10.
    Cannabidiol, a Major Non-Psychotropic Cannabis Constituent Enhances Fracture Healing and Stimulates Lysyl Hydroxylase Activity in Osteoblasts.
    Kogan NM1, Melamed E1, Wasserman E1, Raphael B1,2, Breuer A3, Stok KS4, Sondergaard R4, Escudero AV4, Baraghithy S1, Attar-Namdar M1, Friedlander-Barenboim S5, Mathavan N6,7, Isaksson H6,7, Mechoulam R3, Müller R4, Bajayo A1, Gabet Y2, Bab I1.
    Author information

    Cannabinoid ligands regulate bone mass, but skeletal effects of cannabis (marijuana and hashish) have not been reported. Bone fractures are highly prevalent, involving prolonged immobilization and discomfort. Here we report that the major non-psychoactive cannabis constituent, cannabidiol (CBD), enhances the biomechanical properties of healing rat mid-femoral fractures. The maximal load and work-to-failure, but not the stiffness, of femurs from rats given a mixture of CBD and Δ(9) -tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for 8 weeks were markedly increased by CBD. This effect is not shared by THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis), but THC potentiates the CBD stimulated work-to-failure at 6 weeks postfracture followed by attenuation of the CBD effect at 8 weeks.

    Using micro-computed tomography (μCT), the fracture callus size was transiently reduced by either CBD or THC 4 weeks after fracture but reached control level after 6 and 8 weeks. The callus material density was unaffected by CBD and/or THC. By contrast, CBD stimulated mRNA expression of Plod1 in primary osteoblast cultures, encoding an enzyme that catalyzes lysine hydroxylation, which is in turn involved in collagen crosslinking and stabilization. Using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy we confirmed the increase in collagen crosslink ratio by CBD, which is likely to contribute to the improved biomechanical properties of the fracture callus. Taken together, these data show that CBD leads to improvement in fracture healing and demonstrate the critical mechanical role of collagen crosslinking enzymes.

  16. My grandpha is 86 and he drink milk everyday, every morning, and afternoon tea… he still eat sefood, durian, all the food… maybe it's about genes?

  17. I work in grocery retail. I'm not sure about the statement that "milk consumption is on the rise".I see people everyday buying more and more plant based milks. So that is a plus. But unfortunately, those same people are still buying lots of meats.

  18. Hello everyone! I ask you to help me with the search for good research on milk, whatever: cancer, diabetes, acne, and other pathologies that milk can cause. Thank you in advance.

  19. Hi Doctor, can we get an analysis summary about daily whey protein consumption. I am one of hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders in the world using this type of product to repair and help muscles grow but we don't know whether are whey protein products truly safe for consumption, i personally consume at least 120g of whey protein as a supplement everyday, but my product of choice does not contain any type of extra fillers, which i do feel confident about.

  20. I quit milk cheese and basically all dairy for six months lost insane amount of weight, but then I started getting weaker and couldn't stop losing weight, I brought back the dairy in very very little quantities compared to before the weight loss stopped and I'm strong again, side note never ever broke or fructured anything and was and still am a very clumsy and physical guy, so I really have no idea what to do with this video, can you please do a follow-up when new data arises, thanks

  21. Building bone mass is best for those who exercise, correct? Even walking can help better build BONE MASS, than those who are sedentary?

  22. You forgot to mention that all of those studies were done on A1 pasteurized milk not the original raw A2 milk that actually occurs in nature.. pasteurization denature protein and oxidizes the fat and whats most important it kills all the bacteria that are present in milk to boost your immune system and help you digest the product. PEOPLE DONT RECOGNIZE THE RAW A2 milk.. im sick of this bs. Raw A2 milk is illegal in Canada, its so dumb as their new food guidelines which is vegan propaganda. It just shows how uneducated and ignorant people can be when they are brainwashed by gov

  23. He said the opposite was true for fermented dairy products. So does the original study say that fermented dairy products decrease bone fractures and overall mortality?

  24. For milk to actually work you need adequate vitamin D3 and K2, my brother would have lost his leg when he was ran over if it wasn't for milk. This channel has just turned into fear mongering. I used to like getting information from here now it's just gone vegan crazy.

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