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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

36 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Turning the Clock Back 14 Years

  1. 2013: Started plant based diet.
    2014: BMI became in the healthy range.
    2016: Started 6 day per week cardio exercise.
    2019: Quit smoking.

    Smoking was the hardest and final vice. I was smoking 60 per day.

  2. Virtually no cardiologists know or care what causes their patients to have strokes or for their coronary arteries to block up.

    Virtually no oncologists know or care what causes cancer.

    Virtually no nephrologists know or care what causes kidney disease.

    Virtually no psychiatrists know or care what causes depression.

    Virtually no opthalmologists know or care what causes glaucoma or macular degeneration.
    Virtually no orthopaedic surgeons know or care what causes their patients' bones to become fragile.

    In any other industry, these people would be thrown into jail because of their criminal incompetence but instead they keep their jobs and huge salaries.

  3. Thank you for this video!! Lifestyle should be the primary focus of every doctor. That would help so much people and cost less money for the government and for us. I wish that more people were willing to live healthy!

  4. I would probably want to include sleep and alcohol consumption along with. smoking and exercise. Diet of course always number one

  5. I agree with the lifestyle changes. However, I propose instead, in order of importance: fasting, meditating (at least not stressing), eat animal products, eat low glicemic an low Inflamatory fruits and exercise. That's all.

  6. @Dr Greger, since most of the "high risk for premature death by diet" countries engage in more of a strict form of capitalism, maybe it's time to focus on the amount of money being spent on the treatment for the unnecessary life saving procedures, if they switched to a more sensible diet. If there is so much focus in western society on money, show the cost of a bad diet in dollars wasted.

  7. ‘Lifestye Medicine’ is a Seventh Day Adventist’s backed organization with the sole motive to push the “Garden of Eden” diet because they believe that eating animal products is a sin that will prevent salvation. Absolute religious ideology nonsense

  8. Alcohol causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrom. Bars/pubs/lounges are "safe consumption sites"; and people forget that it's an addiction that is not only poisonous to our bodies, but affects many aspects of our lives. People love to "other" and demonize drug users, when it's the pharmaceutical industries fault to begin with. Alcohol is a huge lifestyle and life (quality and all) killer, and yet it is normalized. The next frontier to healthy living, after cutting out the corpse flesh and fluids, would be alcohol consumption. There is a reason why prohibition was a thing… time to teach and suport people with stress management is NOW.

  9. This is, of course, great stuff. And as others have already mentioned, I bet solid 8 hr sleep should be up there (note: it may already been a cofactor behind those other improvements, just not studied directly). Matthew Walker's book "Why We Sleep," which summarizes the findings and critical implications of the abundant sleep research literature, is a major revelation. Best book I've read since… How Not To Die!

  10. From London, I went raw vegan, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I started 1-2 coffee enema a day, I green juice × 3 times. I got better, to the point, I knew I had cancer, but somehow I killed it. I did not even want my operation. I refused chemo. I am raw vegan. I look and feel great. I make lovely tasty raw vegan food..I make a tasty sauce, gravy, or stew. Let it completely cool down. I mix it in my raw vegetable salad. I now work out. My rest day is sunday, but I do 20 min jog/ brisk walk. What is amazing, the only medicine I take is food.

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