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100 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

  1. 1:02 It's scary that that information is hidden :/ I hope more people question this, even if you're an egg eater, it should make you wonder

  2. If properly cooked with antioxidants, they are fine on all counts. The cholesterol argument has been shown to be bogus. Your body produces a lot more per day than any egg as I recall. And cholesterol is protective and necessary. Without it you would die.

  3. Do a video about carbs causing inflammation which causes plaque bulging on arteries which is the main health benefit reason for keto (this is what kero people say).

  4. all primates eat a small amount of animal products
    and humans r no different
    and protein-wise eggs have been the longest in our diet from animal foods (honey of course even longer but yea…)

  5. Really appreciate flashbacks like this to keep issues like this in the conversation. No matter how many times these myths get debunked, low-carbers still believe them. Seems necessary to just keep repeating these facts to get people more aware of them.

    I also appreciate the flashback to remind myself of nutritionally relevant information, too.

  6. These emails are from 2007. 2007!
    En España, desde hace un tiempo, muchos nutricionistas vienen advirtiendo que el miedo que se le tiene al huevo no se sostiene por la evidencia científica a día de hoy, a pesar de que tenga colesterol. Esos reclamos forman parte del pasado y hay que actualizarse. Eso dicen los nutricionistas de más prestigio en España. Y que es perfectamente compatible en una persona sana comer dos huevos al día sin que el colesterol se vea aumentado. Yo misma los llevo consumiendo casi a diario desde hace años y mis niveles de colesterol estan perfectamente.
    Un saludo

  7. Eggs are one of the healthiest food out there, it's full of vitamins and minerals. You can't call them healthy for political reasons, because of the high saturated fat, and cholesterol, which were deemed unhealthy for bogus reasons.

    The logic of this video is so illogical, 'the government says you can't call eggs nutritious, therefore they're not nutritious'. Smh

  8. The SAD, Standard American Diet says that the FDA shouldn’t give any advice about anything to do with health! Unless you pay them enough to publish your lies!

  9. Another BS video from DR. Greger. Veggies do not have issues with fat or cholesterol, they have issues with nutrients which are not present in vegan food (e.g. iodine in the UK exists only in dairy, or vitamin D, or B12). So this egg concern is for the SAD consisting of burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not for vegans. Stop distorting the truth!

  10. Yo Takahashi, thanks for the KNOWLEDGE. Here in my garage, with my Lamborghini. But nah for real doggy, your vids helped me lose 68 pounds since 2015 and I'm no longer diabetic so big ups to ya. I would be a vegan but I love oysters so got dang much. Can you do a video on oysters? I enjoy smoked oysters in a can, I usually have 1 or 2 cans at a time. Am I gunna die? I guess were all gonna die lol. I hope you read this or else it's like I'm talking to myself. Alright, peace

  11. "Corporations aren't allowed to lie with those funds"? Damn, we need to find a way for all the corps to stop lying to us. What an amazing thing that would be. Of course, we probably wouldn't buy most of their products after that, but hey, at least we would know what they've been hiding all these years. Might have something to do with food addiction, obesity, the skyrocketing rates of heart disease, and cancer.

    Their FOIA documents are even more scary. Why would they look like top secret government documents with the entire page redacted? Imagine how bad the information must be for them to make the documents look like something out of a failed government science project. The other problem I have watching this video is seeing our paid government officials aiding and abetting them to word it in a manner that would fool the uneducated public. Must be those bribes they are receiving from the egg lobby.

  12. Oh my god its detective work at its finest thank you Dr greger.

    god bless you and the first animal rights activists that were killed because they were against animal sacrifice. they were Jesus and the nazarenes.

  13. The crazy/scary part is that the US government is spending our tax dollars to promote a product to its citizens that it KNOWS is not healthy or even safe.

  14. so egg ,meat ,chicken ,fish,diary product ,sugar ,flower all unhealthy ??

    i agree with eating to much red meat or fried chicken or fish is unhealthy
    but what about Tofu ,or soybean ?? the are not healthy

  15. I think I've shared this original video more than any other Nutrtion Facts video, and a big part of that is probably that this video doesn't really contain the scientific jargon that may be too offputting for many people.

  16. I remember watching this video the first time you posted it and found it not only informative, but hilarious. It's still funny. Apparently most people are still eating them and haven't caught on; you should repost this monthly.

  17. Ignorant Retards listen to this Sickly Looking Puke that looks 20 years older than he really is.
    Veganism = Brain Dead Death Cult

  18. I don't know what to think about this one.
    On one hand I don't trust anything the government says anymore.
    Then theirs the bodybuilders world high protein and testosterone driven world some chemically enhanced few are not. Egg whites and way protein lots of fish. Finding that testosterone and cholesterol. Cholesterol is good and bad we need some to aid the production of testosterone. Some chemicals one may take make your cholesterol go up.
    On the other hand i take citruline and arginine it burns out the cholesterol to the point where i have to bring my good cholesterol up.
    In comes coconut oil.
    But some of these bodybuilders can't be wrong.
    After all alot of what they do and tell me has kept me away from the doctors. And i use to be 280 fat guy in my 40s down to 195 back up to 219 60 year old. Egg whites suck but if it works for them okay.

  19. And then there was that study that tested egg consumption on 6-to-9 month old infants in rural Ecuador: very poor, severely malnourished babies living in homes without electricity, clean water or modern sanitation. Half of the infants were given extra egg per day; the other half got no extra food at all. After controlling for the other health issues afflicting these poor families, the results: the egg-eating babies had less severe stunted growth and underweight than the babies that continued to starve.

    It's evidence for this claim about eggs: "it beats starving." Of course I learned about this study in an article on a pro-egg, meat & dairy "nutrition" website, featuring a picture of a fat, white baby. The article urged wealthy moms to feed their already well-nourished infants an egg a day "for ideal growth" based on this study.


  21. I wish you people would stop talking about cholesterols in food contributing to heart health issues. It’s not the same kind of cholesterol than what’s in a human body and it doesn’t not affect heart health!!!! Conventional US diets of high sugars and starches are more of a culprit!!!

  22. Could you make a video reviewing this study: “Veganism, vegetarianism, bone mineral density, and fracture risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis” ? https://academic.oup.com/nutritionreviews/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/nutrit/nuy045/5146363?fbclid=IwAR06JC9QOKfUh7fGoM6GDNNPd1YB0zfyaxuIvsVHbXxGnwd3NNBKqJRx2qg#.W_LQPLzlPa8.twitter

  23. I think I’ll follow the advice of most Japanese people (the second longest living people on earth) that eggs are a healthy food. Most Japanese people eat eggs daily! They also eat eggs raw a lot of the time. Also eggs are incredible nutritious especially ethical, free range, pasture raised eggs!

    Also the oldest person in the world in 2017 was an Italian lady named Emma Morano at 117yrs, she ate 3 eggs every day since she was 20yrs old, 2 raw 1 cooked. She did this as she was diagnosed with anaemia and was advised to eat eggs by her doctor. She credited her longevity to eating eggs every day.

  24. Thank you! Too bad most people will be reading WebMD. This article made me laugh, sounds like an ad :

  25. We're running an online vegan cooking lesson course and we're going to use your video. It's really good. Please join us in the course. Sign up at www.VeganCookingLessons.Org. We'd be thrilled.

  26. Enjoy malnutrition and poor longterm health for avoiding free run eggs everyone. The veganism lie is now running amock like the plague. Hopefully people get a clue soon. I doubt viewers of this video can be saved though.

  27. Love😍 you Dr. Greger! Thank you for your hard work in spreading the news on healthy eating for living a healthier♥, longer and ultimately more prosperous life😊

  28. I wish some of you vegans weren’t such judgmental folks! Eat whatever you want and don’t eat whatever you don’t want…. and leave others to their thing! The only objections this omnivore (aka me) has is ethical and “natural” treatments of the animals and plants I eat. (In other words… pastured, non-Gmo, antibiotic-free, organic, natural fertilizers and pesticides.)

  29. I thought eating cholesterol was okay since it is not a element of concern. ????? So why are we still talking about this??? I thought that happened while Obama was POTUS

    Dr Greger please reply.

  30. Wow! I had no idea it's so bad! I knew they're not considered healthy but that video is far from that. Thanks!
    I am interested though in the cholesterol aspect since I've been recently reading that cholesterol is essential to brain health, and therefore references to high cholesterol levels being unhealthy are not necessarily true. I find that confusing. Would you mind clarifying?

  31. What about all the nutrients in the egg yolks? They are jam packed full of vitamins and other nutrients (when raised and fed correctly)

    Industrial farming has ruined animal health and thus the product they produce has become severely diminished.

    You truly cant believe anything any organization or government agency is putting out, they are all as bad as each other..

    It's pretty simple, eat healthy animals eat organic veggies and have some occasional fruit.

  32. Please stick to the science, DrGreger. It might be interesting to show what the USDA says, but using it as an argument for or against a food can fire back really quick. Do you really trust their judgement enough to use them as your argumentation basis? Just give us the science about foods, please.

  33. I have an autoimmune disease called anklosing spondylitis and I've found that a diet rich in starch and/or fiber aggravate my symptoms. I've tried all sorts if diets, vegetarian, vegan, whole food plant based, and carnivore. While I got good results on the whole food plant based I would still get flare ups. On a carnivore diet I get no flare ups. I know for longevity the carnivore diet is not practical so what am I to do?

  34. Are eggs still unhealthy if I exercise regularly and eat clean? I’m not sure if the drawbacks are that significant to avoid them

  35. I love this capping on eggs . It keeps the cost down for those of us who have had great health eating them everyday.

  36. "Legally you can't say something is nutritious unless… it's actually nutritious." Hahaha wow what a time to be alive.

  37. I have seen ppl eating egg every day, no problem. Good thyroid profile , no DM, or cholesterol . It’s all about fried flour with sugar in the form of donuts, fast food , high fat dairy are the problem.and I have seen ppl eating high fat curry with absolute normal lipid profile , even better than raw vegan . I believe it’s individual metabolism that process food.

  38. I get so confused sometimes. Feel free to correct or add to anything I barely understand. I heard a doctor say cholesterol is used to repair cells and is a response to inflamation. He goes to say that cholesterol is an intelligent stress response and that using cholesterol lowering drugs is stupid because you're not fixing the problem which is stress in its many forms. And then there's all these doctors promoting ketogenic diets and saying fat is not what kills us. I see many sides of the same argument all screaming "controversy".

  39. Eggs are very nutritious. Do you see all the vitamins and antioxidants eggs have? By definition, they ARE nutritious. About saturated fat and cholesterol. You do want saturated fat and cholesterol for your brain and your health in general. Saying that saturated fat makes you fat is a complete joke by now. Saying high cholesterol is linked to heart disease is a complete joke too. A better predictor of heart disease is inflammation or C-Reactive protein levels. Guess what causes inflammation? SUGAR AND CARBS. I don't see you telling people to reduce sugars and carbs but your telling people to not eat eggs. Nice. Eggs are very good for you but make sure you buy grass-fed PASTURE RAISED eggs. Those are more nutritious and have a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio meaning less inflammation. VEGANS who are vegans only for health and not ethics, please know that this diet is not healthy at all. In fact a bunch of fruit is pretty damn sugary and will spike insulin due to the fructose, then stored as fat. Be open minded, I was vegan before and I felt depressed and weak. Now I feel great on after adding back meat and cutting out sugars.

  40. 'Milk does a body good." Anyone sick of hearing that? Does anyone care what the USDA approves and doesn't approve? They are a waste of my tax money.

  41. This was before the 2015 US Guidelines, when egg won the battle for the healthy label ("The recommendation for the meats, poultry, and eggs subgroup in the Healthy U.S.-Style Eating Pattern

    at the 2,000-calorie level is 26 ounce-equivalents per week.") 52 instances of the word "egg" in the guidelines, mostly related to eggs being good for you. Also a couple of days ago, this one-sided article in Times magazine: "Are Eggs Healthy?"

  42. Everything in moderation. You know what our cell membranes are partially made of? Cholesterol. What else should be labelled as nutritious than an EGG, the sole reproductive structure containing all the nutrients needed for the formation of a chick? One thing is nutrition and RDAs, the other is biology basics.
    I'm all for a plant dominated diet, but please don't forget that humans and their brains evolved thanks to protein rich diets after they found out how to use fire to heat prepare meat.. namaste.

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