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  1. Remember that fructose as an isolate is obviously different to fructose as part of the whole fruit with its vitamins, minerals and fibre intact.
    Aside from high fructose corn syrup which is known to be harmful, when eating a high fruit diet and keeping to low fat, blood sugar levels are healthy, along with blood test results.
    Fruit FTW 🙂 <3
    …Dr.Greger, get with it! 🙂 <3

  2. Great, Dr. Greger, really glad you're citing Dr. Johnson's landmark work! Your videos are wonderfully pithy. I'm wondering if you delve more into the dynamics of uric acid and obesity in future videos.

  3. Good thing I don't eat meat. I guess I have to go easy on my juice intake. I largely consume black cherry juice and cranberry juice for the time being with a touch of lime and lemon juice.

  4. That's it. No more fruit. Wait, does fruit contain magical fructose? This is the WORST video by far for leaving out info. I mean WTF Dr. Greger?

  5. He said fructose. Fructose is a molecule which is EXACTLY the same in fruit as it is in Coke as it is in donuts. He didn't say fruit gets a pass. He didn't say vitamins and minerals and fiber make fructose okay. He said purines and fructose raise uric acid levels. Stop making shit up.

  6. Please go look up Dr Johnson's lecture video wherein he explains the difference between fructose in fruit and fructose in fractionated corn syrup. It's on the YouTube somewhere.

  7. Ya he said ADDED sugar. Refined sugars are nasty, as are all refined foods. Fruit is encased in fiber for slow-release into the bloodstream.

  8. This is the latest science. It is dated today. Did Dr. whoever make his video based on old information or this newest information?

  9. @nutritionfactsorg you may have to clear things up there is a gray area regarding fruits fructose, and consumption of that thereof. thanks

  10. Who asked what nicely? Stop being a thoughtless idiot and quit taking advice from random commenters. And look up the word 'irony' while you are doing it.

  11. Yeah but that's exactly the point. High fructose corn syrup as an isolate is every where from the buns on a Big Mac to spaghetti sauce you had last night. This intake of fructose Americans do in abundance thus the explosion of obesity. Fructose in it's natural form from fruits and vegetables, people avoid like the plague.

  12. Yes, just stating fructose is bad, might make people avoid fruit! Humans evolved eating fruit, so it makes sense that we crave sweet things in order to eat enough fruit.

  13. Excellent blood test results. Where are yours? durianrider. org/2012/10/19/wild-and-ancient-fruit-is-it-really-small-bitter-and-low-in-sugar/

  14. This vid cites Dr. Johnson; I suggested you follow up to better inform yourself. Also, and perhaps more importantly, search for lectures by Dr. Robert Lustig, also cited in this vid. If you don't wish to do further research on this subject, don't. But don't blame Dr. Greger–these posts are too short to explain everything.

    I don't know why anyone would rely on even someone with as comprehensive a knowledge base as Dr. Greger for ALL data, but, whatever.

  15. I don't understand: Greger is familiar with the studies cited(as am I). You are still unsure of what Greger is suggesting. It is up to you to look this stuff up and learn more on your own, as Greger intends, I think, or he wouldn't cite papers in these vids.

  16. I know exactly what Dr. Greger is suggesting. He is suggesting that fructose contributes to increased uric acid. Your suggestion to 'look stuff up' is patronizing, obvious, and rightfully defensive given that fructose is a molecule and exists an overwhelming majority of healthy foods. Dr. Greger did not exclude fructose in apples as opposed to Dr. Pepper. If his new style is to suggest 'fructose is bad…do your own research', then his videos have become unconvincing and pointless.

  17. Heh? Not feeling defensive; just baffled: If you are asking these questions in earnest, why assume that people responding with suggestions about where to find follow-up data are trying to patronize you? Further, why are you reluctant to seek more information out? I am inspired by these mini-lectures to get as much additional info as possible, and appreciate that Greger gives us starting points in his cites. [shrug]

  18. Well, looking at studys and blood parameters, groups eating refined sugar and fructose do get a negative effect, while groups getting same amount of calories from fruit (where something like half of the calories is fructose) does not get any negative effects. On the contrary, they actually improve certain blood markers!

  19. This is true, there is actually studys showing same amount of calories either from refined sugar/fructose or fruit have very different effects on blood markers. While the blood markers of the groups eating sugar/fructose got worse, they actually improved in the fruit group. One can only speculate why this is, but there are probably more than just one factor involved.

  20. Why do you keep assuming I am reluctant to seek more information? Does redirecting the onus back onto the viewer excuse Dr. Greger for his egregious omission? Why are you so defensive about Dr. Greger, anyway? When Dr. Greger suggests irrational conclusions, that inspires you? My quack detector is flashing and blaring and you are getting a glazed, euphoric look in your eyes. Please attempt some objectivity, for pity's sake.

  21. Don't you think that might be important to include in a video about fructose? Don't you think leaving it out is kind of, well, stupid?

  22. Little MacGamut14, there is an obesity epidemic of epic proportions going on and it does not have a definitive explanation. The health of over 100 million people are directly affected. When you get older, you may understand this important stuff. Now run along and let the adults talk.

  23. "Egregious" is a bit strong a word, no? It's a minute and a half-long video, "for pity's sake," not a presentation to the U.N. I assume you are reluctant to find data because nothing your write indicates that you are doing so.

    Ah, I see now. A cursory assessment of your responses to other people in this thread suggests that, if you were ever genuine in your comments at this post, now you are just baiting us.

    I hope you find what you are looking for, whatever that is.

  24. QUOTE: "There are two main things that raise your uric acid levels: Purines and Fructose."

    He never once said fruit is okay because of fiber, or it's vegan, or it's natural, or it does not have added sugar, or because God made it, or any other ridiculous lie. Dr. Greger did not excuse fruit at all.

  25. I appreciate the science, but this video needs some clarification (shows how science can get in the way). Is he implying that fructose from fruits raises uric acid?

  26. I think you mean the net effect of fructose as an isolate. Because fructose isnt different to fructose thats what makes it fructose.

  27. That is false. Fructose is the same regardless of the source. There is no "magical" fructose and "evil" fructose. It is a molecule just as water is a molecule.

  28. So fructose from fruits is bad despite the fiber and nutrients from fruits? Eating an orange is no better than drinking a can I cola because the y both contain fructose?

  29. ncbi. nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2917125 The human body naturally creates the uric acid that it needs, and part of the function of uric acid is as an antioxidant (raw fruits are also very rich in antioxidants – while meats, dairy, and eggs are rich in free radicals (which cause tissue damage, including in the fine tissue of the eyes, causing vision degradation). John McCabe

  30. Introducing uric acid and cholesterol through the diet, by eating meat, is not good, and confuses the immune system (the saturated fat in meat, dairy, and eggs also trigger the human system to create more cholesterol than it would naturally create, meaning that meat, dairy, and eggs create an additional spike in cholesterol, which is not good, and can lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks). John McCabe

  31. So, natural-forming uric acid and natural-forming cholesterol in the body when someone is following a plant-based, low-fat diet rich in raw fruits and raw vegetables is good. But spikes in uric acid form eating processed sugars and meats, and spikes in cholesterol from eating meat, dairy, and eggs… is not good, at all. Both foreign cholesterol and foreign uric acid also increase the instances of inflammation, which increases the risk of cancer. John McCabe

  32. His next video was titled "Apple juice may be worse than sugar water." How embarrassing for you. Your attempt to justify your position because he represented the molecule with a spoonful of sugar and HFCS is even more embarrassing. What other graphic should he have used? Fructose is in fruit and juice and soda and lots of other products. BTW, purines are also in spinach, beans, peas, cauliflower, and asparagus as well as meat.

  33. lots of disparaging comments below, but only so much can be converyed in short videos. fruits & vegetables have a combination of glucose & fructose – whats important is the balance. i happen to be fructose sensitive, so dont eat foods where fructose is greater than glucose (watermellon). since this change my digestion has been excellent. obviously, the processed stuff is a disaster.

    look up FODMAP diet. it made sense because i'm gluten intolerant too (and vegan) with arthritis problems.

  34. It's the dose that kills, not the fact the substance is refined. However if it's more refined, it's easier to overindulge.

  35. Read this one instead: "Denise Minger – “Debunked” Wild Fruits Blog"

    Denise isn't an expert in anything she writes about… her credibility is very weak to those outside the paleo circle.

  36. Thanks. I should have known better than to trust Denise. I thought that was her one good article, but apparently not.

  37. After a juicer, yes, but in a blender the fiber doesn't just disappear. It's all still in the blender! Allowing the blender to masticate our food for us instead of using our teeth doesn't change the fiber content…..

  38. Hear, hear! Sadly, paleohuntress used her multi-accounts to flag for you for spam, since you criticized her hero minger.

  39. It doesn't matter that the fiber is still there. The fructose has been broken free from its cellulose capsules and the load on the liver is huge. The fiber content in brown rice is the same regardless of whether you eat it whole or grind it into flour, but its glycemic load is radically altered when it's ground.

    Eating the fiber too is great, but it doesn't change that the fructose is now free and easily absorbed. Chewing doesn't do nearly as thorough a job as a juicer or blender either.

  40. Another accusation of multiple accounts? Is THAT what you were trying to say earlier? LMAO You did a piss poor job of communicating it. I'm probably Minger in disguise… or Cordain… no wait… I'm Robb Wolf! That's it, I'm Robb Wolf in disguise. I comment under this ID all over the net but I have hundreds of YouTube accounts just so I can vote down just one or two of the dozens of abusive comments that vegans throw out. It makes perfect sense– to a brain-muddled vegan.

    You poor thing.

  41. Judge by results, not theory. We could argue this back and forth forever. Bottom line: I went three straight months on fruit, veg and juice. Got my bloodwork done rat that time and sugar levels (along with all other vitamin, mineral and protein levels) were perfect. I eat a ton of sugar on a daily basis from fruit and other carbs. Never felt better. Never ran better. No sugar lows EVER. I wish everyone would try it for a month or two and see the difference it makes! Peace to you….

  42. That's really kewl, I'm happy for you. When I spent 2 years on that diet, I gained 65lbs and developed diabetes. Diets high in fructose are proven to trigger insulin and leptin resistance in those who are susceptible. So though you appear to be an exception, your anecdote doesn't trump the data, not my OWN results.

    I'd also point out that 2 months in I felt GREAT too, because I was going from SAD to whole food. So anyone who tries it for 2 months may STILL find it makes them ill eventually.

  43. You were on 80/10/10? I went whole foods plant based for a year and a half before I did the fruit thing. Been doing mostly fruit for the last year or so now. I'm sure you've seen durian rider or freelee's videos. Fullyrawkristina? Meganelizabeth? Fruitzen? I'm NOT the exception. High fat causes blood sugar issues. Every cell uses glucose for fuel. Blood sugar issues are the result of poor absorption, usually too much fat interfering. But like I said, we could argue this forever….

  44. If you weren't such a vicious liar I'd pity you. I wouldn't have mentioned it, since "he, "primal vegan," was reiterating and elaborating upon your arguments—even implicating "himself" with "I said overlap…" In some threads "he" spends a lot of time complementing and worshiping you, which means you were having conversations with yourself. Other people notice, too. You must be very lonely, but for some reason filled with rage for vegans.

  45. As I said, that's great. Really and truly great. But you can't go to an 80/10/10 site and call that proof when there is a serious selection bias going on. The ONLY people you'll find there are the ones it works for. The others simply leave.

    Bottom line though, in CLINICAL TRIALS, free fructose from ANY source, increases leptin and insulin resistance and circulating triglycerides and puts a strain on the liver. It has even been implicated in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  46. I cannot believe you are STILL going on about this. It is So utterly lame gyration. When you get voted down it can't be because you suck, it HAS to be because someone has multiple sock accounts.


  47. It's probably important to understand too that the cellulose fiber is INSOLUBLE. In the case of the soluble fibers found in grains and legumes, they trap and hold water and sugar. Insoluble fiber doesn't. It's important for growing healthy gut flora, but it doesn't change the way sugar absorbed unless the sugar is still encased by the cellulose.

  48. Voted down? I couldn't care less. The lass protest too much! I think it's you who cares about such trivialities. Say I "suck" all you wish.

  49. She lies incessantly. Watch 80/10/10 proof to see many, many before and after's. PH is the only person claiming to have gained 100 pounds from fruits and veggies. Her far-fetched story changes constantly.

  50. –>"Voted down? I couldn't care less."

    Oh don't be ridiculous, of COURSE you care, that's why you continue to whine about being voted down or spammed and accuse others of multiple accounts. If you didn't care, you wouldn't post about it ad nauseum.

  51. 65 pounds gained as a vegan, 100 LOST as a paleo.

    Seriously gyration, it's right there on my channel for all to see. Do you think if you keep repeating it's going to be any less a lie?

  52. Ah well, I have another flat of heirloom tomato seedlings calling my name. Keep sending people my way gyrate. 😉

    I'll check in with you again when the tomatoes are installed.

  53. You're still obese, which reveals the inherent low-standards of paleo adherents. You never were vegan. You pile lie upon lie.

  54. Yes I'm pretty much done with her replies now. I don't have time for unproductive arguments, especially with dishonest people. Peace 🙂

  55. Gyrate is right. She never went vegan. She claims lard is the best fat there is. I cant wait to see when this one crocks over with a heart attack, rofl.

  56. Yup. This is true. Denise Minger is nobody with nothing to say other than outright lies which ignore not only the China Study, but all of the other nutritional research in the past century as well.

    Her "debunking" of the China Study simply proved her inability to comprehend raw data, the concept of statistical modeling, and the concept of variable adjustment.

    Denise Minger is a fraud and anyone who stands behind her vitriolic propaganda is a helpless lunatic.

  57. I'd love to know what you were eating as a vegan. The only way I know that you could gain weight on a vegan diet is to eat a LOT of processed food (inluding oil). With whole foods, there's no way you'd eat enough to gain that much weight as the bulk of whole foods would constantly keep you full.

  58. She never was vegan. To frighten people with a lie, the lie must be extraordinary. PH claims that being vegan made her gain 70 pounds! To vegans, that's contrary to everything we've experienced–anything our vegan friends have experienced!
    Same goes for grand lies of Masterjohn and Minger—-their claims of 14/16 respective cavities during their short periods as vegans—no true vegan has experienced this. The dishonorable lies are there to frighten away potential vegans.

  59. Well, about the cavity thing… Neither me, nor my vegan family have had dental problems EXCEPT when I was on 80/10/10. I developed 6 cavities (for the first time in my life) in less than a year on that diet. In hindsight, I should have realized it was going to ruin my teeth as even Dr. Graham has more teeth missing than my grandmother.

  60. Is Dr. Greger implying to stay away from eating lots of fruit or? I am a little worried seeming as about 80% of my diet is fructose from fruits such as bananas

  61. Sugar in fruit is surrounded by enzymes, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber — it is for the most part the healthiest food you can eat.

  62. @NutritionFacts.org But fructose is the type of sugar found in fruit!  I thought it was good to eat as much fruit as you wanted.  I am confused. Should we be restricting our fruit intake? Or only restrict processed sugars? If so, then why should we restrict processed but not the fructose in fruit? Aren't they chemically the same? Is coconut sugar okay? Please help, so confused.

  63. Heat processed sugar is different than fruit laden fructose. Like how I had a host of debilitating side effects from accutane, which is synthetic vitamin a, but regular vitamin a is vital to health. It's almost like the processing causes the key to not fit correctly. Like how cocaine rips the seratonergic receptors when it detaches.

  64. check out my vids or : http://instagram.com/p/x0x5vkMi6L/ and my uric acid (HSR : Harnsäure) levels. Been my highest 1 year being eating hclf with tons of nanas and co 👎😱😳

  65. Fructose in fruits is beneficial. But what about when it is created in Kefir? I understand that the bacteria in Kefir turns raw Sugar into Fructose? Is this true? And is this beneficial?

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