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Foods That Will Give You Bad Skin

We all know that acne is caused by things
we face in our lives everyday. Sweat, dirty pillowcases, and rogue hair product
are just a few of the culprits of random breakouts. And wrinkles, of course, are an inevitable
side effect of aging. But it’s not only what touches our skin on
the outside that can cause it to flare up. In fact, the food you put inside your body
is just as important. If you have an expert skincare regimen but
your skin still isn’t top-notch, you could be consuming all the wrong things. Here are a few of the surprising foods that
can wreak havoc on your complexion. Dairy can clog your pores If you can’t live without that glass of chocolate
milk every morning, or if cheese is your favorite food group, we’ve got some bad news: all that
dairy could be the cause of your breakouts. Curology founder Dr. David Lortscher explained, “Dairy products contain certain hormonal components
that can stimulate oil production. The more oil your body produces, the more
likely it is to clog your pores, which leads to breakouts.” Surprisingly, the worst dairy culprit is skim
milk. “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying. Skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.” Salt might make your skin puffy While salt might not directly cause acne,
it does lead to other unfavorable outcomes for your face — namely, puffy, inflamed
skin. Dermatologist Margaret Ravits told us, that
salt can cause some people to retain water and appear puffy. Definitely not a great look — unless you’re
planning on hosting a creepy kids show in the ’70s… “H.R. Pufnstuf. Who’s your friend when things get rough. H.R. Pufnstuf, can’t do a little ’cause he
can’t do enough.” If you just can’t give up salt completely,
no worries! Dermatologist Whitney Bowe suggests adding
omega-3 fatty acids to your diet to “keep your skin hydrated and toned.” So pour out that salt shaker and treat yourself
to some omega-3-filled salmon. Your face will thank you. Refined carbs are risky Why is it that the tastiest foods are always
the worst for you? Like carbs, for example. Yep, we’re talking about pasta, white bread,
potatoes… the good stuff. According to Dr. David Lortscher, there are
good carbs and then there are bad carbs. “Is Butter a carb?” “Yes” It’s these bad carbs, foods that are high
on the glycemic index, or GI, that you want to avoid as much as possible. Lortscher explained, “High GI foods increase blood glucose levels,
forcing our bodies to produce insulin to absorb the extra glucose.” Higher insulin means inflammation, which may
trigger acne. Lortscher also notes that avoiding bad carbs
might also help you lose weight by restricting the calories you take in, which in turn can
reduce acne breakouts. Potato chips can age you While chips are definitely tasty, they’re
a double whammy when it comes to being bad for your skin. Most chips are covered in tons of salt, which
we know is a major factor in skin inflammation. They’re made from potatoes, which means they
also fall into the refined carb category and are likely to make you break out. This means that bag of chips is just a skin
disaster waiting to happen. Sugar makes you look older It’s no secret that sugary foods aren’t good
for our waistlines, but it turns out that sugar also wreaks havoc on our skin, according
to Dr. Debra Jaliman, dermatologist, author, and creator of Sea Radiance Skincare. According to her, foods that are high in sugar
end up glycating the collagen in your skin, which can stiffen and age your face. So when you’re debating whether or not to
go for that extra donut, think about all the bad stuff that comes with it. “Oh my god! Did you see that leopard print jeggings?” “EEEEEK” “Oh!” If you’re looking for a healthy sugar kick,
try going for fruits that contain natural sugars and the added bonus of antioxidants
that help fight signs of aging. Butter brings on the wrinkles While studies have shown that eating butter
isn’t going to kill you, one thing is for sure: butter is a dairy product, and we’ve
learned how dairy negatively impacts your skin by causing excess oil production. But not only does butter have acne-causing
properties, it also puts you at risk for wrinkles. In a 2001 study in the Journal of the American
College of Nutrition, those with a higher intake of butter and other dairy products
experienced more skin wrinkling than those who consumed healthier food options like vegetables
and olive oil. So the next time you’re cooking up a healthy
dish at home, opt for olive oil instead of a stick of butter. Shellfish can cause acne At first glance, protein-packed shellfish
might seem like a healthy option. However, as dermatologist Neal B. Schultz
told Shape, shellfish is, quote, “naturally high in iodine, and a diet with too much of
this element can lead to acne.” And according to Judith Brown, author of Every
Woman’s Guide to Nutrition, “High iodine levels can inflame your skin,
clog your pores, and cause the appearance of red splotchy skin.” But the good news is that you don’t have to
avoid shellfish completely. According to Dr. Schultz, you’ll be fine as
long as you indulge in crabs, shrimp, lobster, and the rest only a few times a month, rather
than several times a week. Red meat has pros and cons Like shellfish, red meat seems innocent enough…on
the surface. While it’s full of the protein your body needs
to survive, it can also cause acne and lead to premature aging. In an interview with StyleCaster, Dr. Mitchell
Chasin explained, “Red meat contains a high level of carnitine
which can harden blood vessel walls, causing premature aging.” Red meat has also been linked to increased
levels of testosterone in the body, which can increase sebum. And when your body makes too much of this
oil, “follicles become clogged and pimples can emerge.” Alcohol will leave your skin suffering If you like to cut loose on the weekends and
tip a few back, you might be damaging your skin more than you know. Dr. Eric Meinhardt told us that alcohol causes
dehydration — a fact anyone who’s woken up after a few drinks too many knows all too
well. While it may seem like your mouth and throat
are the only things that need water after a long night out, your skin is also suffering. Meinhardt explained that as your skin dries
out, you’re more prone to wrinkling, dryness, and flaking. And the free radicals created by the alcohol
lead to collagen damage, leading to wrinkles and less vibrant skin. So go easy on the alcohol, and keep your skin
intact. Not to mention your reputation. “We’re going streaking!” What can you eat? So now that we’ve covered everything that
has a negative impact on your skin, you’re probably thinking, “Well, what can I eat?” When you’re looking for foods that are good
for your skin, Dr. Jaliman notes that any fresh food that is “richly colored” is your
best bet. She explained, “These are highest in antioxidants. So for example, choose a red grapefruit over
a white grapefruit, a red pepper over a yellow pepper.” Luckily, keeping a good skin care regimen
can help prevent many adverse effects from these foods, so you don’t have to totally
give up your favorite guilty pleasures for the sake of smooth, clear skin. But hey, every healthy decision helps just
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100 thoughts on “Foods That Will Give You Bad Skin

  1. we can eat it but not everydayyyy. just twice month maybe? but not for someone who sencitive with seafood, obviously should avoid it.

  2. The dairy one is completely true. I've been dairy free for 3 months and my skin has never been clearer. It's hard to give up at first but just switching from milk to almond milk etc. I would get horrible chin break outs from my hormones being out of wack especially around my time of the month but I haven't even seen a pimple in forever since switching. Idk about those other foods though I eat those and I'm fine that's just my skin though

  3. You do realize this video was just for money? None of this is true. Nothing you eat can trigger acne, but.. the less water you drink and the amount you eat can trigger acne.

  4. It says don't eat too much sugar okay we know that try eat fruit becuase * Fruit have natural sugar* Normal sugar is natural WTH? Just remember to say things rigth 😑

  5. Why do I watch these videos even though I perfectly know they are going to say the same things others already said?

  6. Do potato chips have a negative effect on your skin if you make them yourself and put no salt on them? Or is it the potato that's the problem?

  7. what should we we eat then the next thing thats bad for us thats gonna be on your list i guess is water cause there is nothing else for you to rant about

  8. Thanks for info on salt which i love on my potatoes. While I cook salt doesn't need to exist , but when i eat my potatoes (love all kinds) its a different story, I realize now why my face is very puffy at times, once again thanks :))

  9. There are people who eat all the food you mentioned and have perfectly clear skin. There are also people who don't eat what you mentioned and have a bunch of acne breakouts. It depends on the person's skin, since everyone is different.

  10. I have talked to many doctors and many friends who went to various dermatologists and all said that food has nothing to do with acne. It's all genes and hormones

  11. Bad skin is almost entirely genetic. Diet has absolutely nothing to do with it. If it did then everyone would constantly breakout in acne, but most people don't. Enhanced inflammatory skin responses to excess oil production are a result of human evolution, and the rapid pace at which humans lost our primate hair, which our sebum glands would help lubricate. Migration of some groups of human ancestors into and out of warm and cold environments happened too fast and too often for our sebum glands to fully accommodate. Some acne may have even been beneficial for early humans as it may have been a signal of youth and fertility due to its association with pubertal development (this is EARLY humans we're talking about).

  12. The only food I don't really eat is read me and I don't even drink alcohol at all obviously because I'm a kid but like my skin is fine it doesn't even have that much pimples as everyone else in my grade

  13. Easy. No bread/pasta,steak, milk, sugar, beer, potatoes chips, shellfish, butter, salt. I’ll take the mineral water garçon

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