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100 thoughts on “From Keto To Plant-Based: ‘Watching The Game Changers Changed My Health’

  1. Congratulations on your transformation and on spreading the word. My transformation started twenty three months ago when I was researching vegetarianism online for health purpose and, invariably, came across the information about the cruelty that prevails in the animal industry. As a pet owner who loves animals, I quit all animal products cold turkey, pun intended, and it gets easier by the day. Best move I made for myself despite of the scare tactics used by carnivores about getting depleted nutritional wise.

  2. I love stories like this. So many of my co workers are doing the keto diet and are deathly afraid of carbs but they don't look anywhere near as healthy and as fit as I, the carb eating vegan monster. It is to laugh-ha! They won't eat fruit?!!!!!! WTF?

  3. I love any story where a plant based diet is changing lives but, I especially love it for guys like this. I am so happy for him!
    Plant based since 7/2019 and loving every day💚

  4. Fantastic work, man! I’m one of those reformed carnivores who lived a very active & athletic life until “the rest of life happened” & my ever-present inner vegan was (temporarily)silenced. So, here we are, age 46 & I’ve finally parsed all my values, convictions & commitments, etc & (so far…) I’m down 31 pounds. Took the scenic route, but got there despite it all. Not even one year in, I’ve surpassed my weight-loss goals. Once, I was afraid to walk around the block, but learned the other day that it’s finally (!!!) easier to be more active & feel more motivated during the spring & summer months. All this goes hand-in-hand w just being more comfortable in my own skin, despite all “the extra” there will be after such a dramatic weight-loss transformation…oh well! I’m looking forward to more “vegan gains” in the form of weight loss, much-lower cholesterol numbers, as well as continuing to experience all the positive effects I feel so far—my knees & feet no longer hurt when I wake up, & perhaps my chronic back pain (although due to a serious injury), may alleviate somewhat.

    To everyone who’s ever felt any positive shifts in their health by going whole-food vegan—keep on rockin! I’m inspired by these successes bc I know that I can & will achieve a better quality of life by choosing vegan life, as well. ☮️❤️ 🌱

    Plus, there are these really random & cool moments that happen just while running errands, like the cashiers who thank you for bringing reusable bags & containers to the grocery store; or anyone who’s bold enough to be openly curious about the tofu you’re buying… I swear I’ve recommended so many YouTube channels to ppl who aren’t afraid to show their curiosity about how & why tofu or tempeh are the best-ever quick dinner ideas. I’m always giving out recipes for stuffed baked sweet potatoes, tofu scrambles, sauce ideas…I mean, dayum—it’s so rewarding when someone shows genuine & respectful interest in that combo of items they’re scanning or bagging! It makes me so happy to tell the lady at Target (cheapest tofu where I live) about the benefits of freezing tofu, or why I’m the only person to whom she’s ever sold tahini…

    Always been an early bird, but only recently I’ve been doing early-morning cooking & meal prep. The neighbors in my building never interact, but the other day, one guy asked what I was making bc it “triggered his biscuits n gravy obsession.” 😳 When I told him about the tofu/chickpea curry, & the mushroom-gravy stuffed spuds I’d prepped, he was kinda surprised but still interested.

    Personally, the phrase “Vegan Gains,” is defined by any moment we plant-based eaters & vegan lifers capture anyone’s positive curiosity. That’s what I felt way back when I “met my first vegan…” lol, we were fairly instant friends & I’ve been asking myself “WWND” for 20 years—or whenever I’m faced w an “I’m vegan at any random restaurant” situation.

    Dude, I never meant for this to be soooo looong… is it like, “for every calorie burned, a paragraph gets added to a social-media comment?” Idk… rock on tho. 👍🏼

    (Typo edit, after all… 🤣)

  5. Alright I have to be brutally honest here. For someone who has been in rhe gym "all his life", the guy is far from being ripped.
    The progress he made so far is remarkable though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was also deeply impressed with Game Changers. I have been Vegan for the past month except for one meal (in a hospital cafeteria, ironically).

  7. Pause pause pause ok WHEN WITH ANY OTHER DIET DO WE HEAR SOMEONE SAY THAT DIET CHANGED OUR LIVES just let that sink in. -xxo!!!

  8. he has an estrogen-dominant physique in both photos…
    all we have here is ONE estrogenic man dropping weight, and remaining hormonally imbalanced

  9. I was a pescatarian for three years before 1/2/2020 and decided to give veganism a try. I also watched The Game Changers but have toyed with the idea even before that. I started feeling great a week after I started (at first my energy level was super low but I figured out it was because I wasn’t eating enough lol). At the beginning of February I decided to weigh myself though I said I would and saw that I lost 10 pounds! I decided to give veganism a try for better health and not necessarily for weight loss and I feel that I’ve gained both! What I initially said I was only doing for the month of January I now have plans of continuing.

  10. The Tennessee Titans nearly made it to the Super Bowl with at least 14 players on a WFPB diet. And they said it couldn't be done.

  11. I went from an omnivore diet to junk food vegan diet and lost 30lbs then after reading How Not To Die I switched to whole foods plant based and so far this year have lost another 17lbs, an average of 3-4 lbs per week! My goal is to lose another 40lbs and it should take me less than 3 months at my current pace.

  12. WAY TO GO!!! I personally LOST 130 lbs & went from a 50" pants down to 28"… then joined gym & am now in 32"s with a 45" chest under 12% body fat. It's REAL & eating Whole Food Plant Based WORKS! The Health & Youth Restoration ARE REAL!!! Get OFF THE FENCE & GO WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED🌱!!!

    🥜+🍌+🍉+🥑+🥝+🥒+🍆+🍅+🏋️‍♀️+🏃‍♂️ = 💪⏫ ((😁🏆👍))

  13. Thanks for sharing your transformation, Dan. You're right: everybody can change, but only if they want to and feel the drive to do so.

  14. Well you have something to lose, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity! My dad switched to a plant based diet when his dr told him he needed meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol and he was able to reverse that diagnosis within 3 months. He never took the meds just changed it with diet!

  15. Vegan for 2.5 years and at the age of 30 I'm in the best physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state of my entire life! Blood work is perfect and I've cured all of my physical ailments!

  16. Great video! I also switched to a vegan/whole foods diet after watching Game Changers. Seeing how the athletes could perform and train with a vegan diet really inspired me. I had that old mind-set of if I was on a vegan diet I would not get the protein or energy I needed for my hard workouts and cycle training. I was soooo wrong. Now I have been vegan for 5 weeks and feel amazing!! It's not as hard as I thought it'd be and I've lost almost 10 lbs!!

  17. Maybe for men is like that, that you can eat all day long and not put on weight…. I'm plant based vegan and I do need to take care how much I eat and not in the evening to maintain my wish weight. I'm also not eating rice and not often patato….

  18. I am just having my steak and eggs. Never felt so good in my life check my tiktok: I drink 36 raw eggs everyday it’s adson_castro peace #meateatersteam

  19. I watched it, two months ago and also changed overnight. Loving it, feeling great, and I am 68 and fitter than I have ever been

  20. I had the same effect so after 30 year's meat and dairy for first time in my life I started to feel good and loose fat, got endurance and strenght!
    Game Changer is Life Changer!

  21. Vegan, non vegan you can build muscle and or lose fat. It’s not because this guy went vegan that he lost more weight it’s because he maintained a calorie defect over time. He could have stayed keto, ate balanced and or went vegan. Secondly the game changers movie is mostly hype. You take a handful of elite athletes who happen to be vegan and talk about how they operate at an elite level. I’m sorry that cyclist that claims going vegan boosted her leg press to 600 lbs from like 400 at 60 reps. Give me a break there is a hell of a lot more to that then going vegan. What about the 1000s of elite athletes that are not vegan 😑😑. I personally think it’s awesome to eat healthy, try to be balanced, eat your plants and get exercise but this overhyped nonsense about it being a cure all is a big turn off. Especially for those who don’t know anything about nutrition. They watch a movie like the game changers and think their health/fitness is going to evolve overnight. It really grinds my gears lol that they leave out the gear that the IFBB and strong man athletes take like they all got/look that way because they are vegan. Be smart, eat balanced, get exercise and you will feel good and look good! there is no magic label for that!

  22. Lol. Poor sap! Propaganda movie, and this guy falls for it.

    Amazed that you couldn't eat normal portion sizes before. I bet you never had vegatables to your meat or low fat dairy products or oatmeal or fruits etc. It's has absolutely nothing to do with you eating animal products or not. You just ate crappy food. Highly processed foods, pieces of meat with lots of fat, french fries dripping with oil and so on and so forth.

    Going vegan for ethical purposes I applaud. Talking about health is nonsense. Besides, you probably lost a large amount of mucsles.


  23. Awesome story!  I myself have been vegan about 6 weeks now since watching the documentary and have no intentions of going back to a meat and dairy based diet (after 30+ years of that kind of diet).  I think what isn't mentioned enough is the fact that A) a lot of the popular plant based meat substitutes you get in the store are very high in saturated fat – however there are brands out there that aren't i.e. LightLife is great, you just have to read the labels…..and B) you don't have to just eat "fruits and vegetables" – I am still eating big delicious meals like burgers, tacos, meatloaf etc, obviously just with plant based meat.  I don't feel uncomfortably stuffed and lethargic after meals – it's fantastic!

  24. I have never been more motivated to go vegan. I know the feeling of eating meat and dairy, let alone junk food majority of my life and now that I'm 32 years old and learning more and more about the real power of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes than ever before because that's where you really get all of your nutrients and minerals from. and your body absorbs them more than meat and dairy.

    Dan, I congratulate you on your success and wish you nothing but the best.

  25. Been a fat vegatrian for 50 years,went vegan 4 years ago and lost weight and managed to keep it off,I still have to be careful not to overeat and drink to much beer.maybe one day I'll lose that 10 lbs I can't shake but I have found being vegan makes weight control a lot easier.

  26. Game changers is typical BS food documentary. Cherry pick the research you like, dismiss the other research because it's industry sponsored. Cherry pick some success stories. Make a big deal out of it.

  27. I have also been trying to get my family into a plant based whole grain diet. Down to only one meat recipe a week. Planning to faze all meat out within the next few months, Fingers crossed. As I say at the end of my videos, "Be heathy and keep on cooking". 🙂

  28. Not sure he was keto. I mean he had a beer in his hand. If he avoided vegetables he could still be eating pasta bread sugar etc with his meat. The SAD in fact.

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