Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Fruit Veggie Swag

fruit veggie swag why do they always have to serve us salad. I dont even eat it Fruit veggie swag Fruit veggie swag make it half your plate, lunch box, paper bag Fruit veggie swag Fruit veggie swag Keep it fresh, Keep it clean, Fruits and veggies on the scene Greens Collard Spinach Kale (They’ve got) calcium and iron, So you know we never fail Cook it with garlic, a little olive oil Or just alone, chopped up raw. Steam it, or boil Get out the way beats coming through So healthy so sweat, Fruit salad is a treat Chili powder, squeeze some lemon. Try it out with watermelon. Summer day at the beach Frozen Mango Frozen peach Yogurt, juice, mix it up We got smoothies, here’s a cup Fruits and veggies Are so delicious Frozen, fresh, or canned Nutritious Chips and sodas They’re so malicious Eat your 5 a day Ambitious Make it half your plate, Fruits and Vegetables

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