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Going Lacto-Ovo Pescatarian | Va Lacto-Ovo Pescatarian 19 o9 19

Going Vegan | 19 o9 19 My Vegan Fast With Amazing Results Hello YouTube friends I want to greet
everybody all around the world old friends, new friends and new subs
I got two new subs today and that was exciting I haven’t had two subs in one
day in a long time this has been the longest break that I’ve ever taken over
a month and it was a forced break a much-needed break I was working too much there is a point where we can definitely work too much and so I’m not working so
much right now I’m taking a few days off I’m not quitting work completely because
I can’t but I’m just going to work a little bit less and I have a couple of
things that I want to say in this video and then I’d like to read something to
you in the next video I want to keep them short they upload faster they’re
shorter so one thing that’s really important that I’ve changed in my life
and I’m not in any way preaching or telling anyone to do this at all but I
wanted to share a life-changing decision and I’m going to try to nutshell this
however it includes a couple of decades of transforming my my eating habits I
used to do a lot of weight training and some bodybuilding some competitions and
stuff like that and so as I was learning about diet and reading Muscle & Fitness
magazine and this was back a little while back a few years ago
once I became aware once I woke up to those types of things I eliminated a lot
of the red meats and a lot of the processed foods and a ton of fat and
desserts and junk food and all of the things that are very easy to change once we make that decision. Now recently, this is really impactful to me it was super duper impactful some of you
will know what I’m talking about I’ve talked to a couple of people who
are onto what I’m going to say and but I’ll just get right to it:
I ran into a couple of vegans on the internet this last month and one of the
creators was showing some well, some slaughterhouse vids and then some videos where they had a conveyor belt of baby chicks that they
were running through a meat slicer I didn’t see that part all I had to do
was see the thumbnail and I’m not trying to be overly dramatic for you but it
impacted me so much that I wanted to do something what I discovered was that I
was I was so close to making that decision because I was already, basically eating that way all I had to do was I prayed to God and
I asked God to help me and he just he took away my desire for chicken, meats, poultry even fish, albacore, stuff that I swore
by that I’ve been living on for the past many years
and I knew he had to take that desire away which is the case for a
lot of temptations and a lot of habits and I went to the store the last night
it was I want to say it was a 28th of August and I walked through
the meat and the cheese and the dairy aisle and nothing looked good, nothing looked good and then I walked away and I went and I picked out some
food that I could eat and then I went through kind of a depression which
they say is normal and some anxiety because you’re making a huge life change, you’re changing family rituals you’re changing your
childhood diet and I was raised on bloody filet mignon as a kid we ate
everything – everything exotic that you can think of; smoked
pheasant, escargot, fresh cracked crab in season in October from the fish store
you name it, venison we were raised on a lot of steaks a lot of bloody red meat and
that type of thing so you’re changing, essentially what you
were raised on not to mention the family celebrations that go all around sugar
and that type of thing so I’m gonna get closer to the point I said it wasn’t
going to ramble. My next hard decision that I realized was I’m going to have to
give up dairy (I’m gonna have to give up dairy) and the reason I made that
decision was because I don’t want to contribute to this industry anymore and
I don’t know if a single person can make an impact, but I don’t want to to support that industry. Once I saw the thumbnail to that video and I
gave it a lot of thought and I’m amazed at how easy the decision was. This is the
good news: This is a praise report for those of you out
there that want to know this I dropped five pounds that was the fastest five pounds
I ever dropped in my life I think I’ve dropped probably seven or eight pounds
not that I was really looking to lose weight but I’m talking about fatty
weight and any of you that are into bodybuilding, weight training,
that type of thing your muscle you know what I’m talking about, your muscle is
going to show through! I found the muscle that I had lost it’s coming through I
found it again; firmness in the legs and that type of thing and I felt fantastic I feel fantastic once I made that decision not only
dropping that fatty weight but all of the (not all of them but most) of the
intestinal problems; gurgling and all that type of thing – discomfort it was
gone! So there’s a praise
report this is why I’m telling you this is a life-changing thing again I’m not
telling you to do it but the support is out there if you want to do it. Someone
came on one of my videos it was the Black Pilled video. THK, and he’s a support
there, he said just like another person offered; “If you have any questions
just ask me.” I had this one person – he sent me links, he sent me medical stuff,
he sent me scientific stuff he sent the studies and statistics and all that just
more than I could ask for it’s all available online if you want to research
it I wanted to share that so now you’re looking at a pretty much 100%
vegan person it’s worth it your eating is easier than I
ever thought it could be my life is easier I feel better
it’s going to get better and so that’s what I wanted to say in this first video
I’ve got a reading that I stumbled upon a couple of nights ago that I think is
wonderful and I want to share that with you in the next video so that’s my warm
up vid after a good month break and I will see you in just a few

6 thoughts on “Going Lacto-Ovo Pescatarian | Va Lacto-Ovo Pescatarian 19 o9 19

  1. Your hair looks beautiful 😊😊😊 and so do you. Haven't been around in a while but just checking in to say hello and I'm still here πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

  2. I'm so happy for you! When I was being a vegetarian I felt great and then I started eating meat and now I feel like a slug and I'm getting heavy. Thanks for sharing, it's the inspiration I need right now!

  3. Please pay no mind to the vegan propaganda , there is lots of information out there debunking their claims and not every farm is a massive slaughter house like the ones they show in their videos (which everyone should be againts). I understand the place of "feeling" your coming from when you see them , but vegans are going through massive health problems because of a lack of protein. A small child nearly died after their vegan parents put them on a vegan diet.

  4. You don't eat meat,eat alot of walnuts and other nuts for protein. Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in a vegan diet. God bless glad your doing well πŸ™β£οΈ I can't give up on fresh fish that I catch and grass feed beef. I don't eat pork or fish without scales. Blessings to you πŸ™πŸ’“πŸˆπŸ•πŸΎπŸ˜Έ

  5. I've never liked vegan food.
    But last time I was at McDonald's, I've tried the vegan burger and I gotta say, it wasn't really bad
    (and yeah, I know that mcdonalds isn't the best place to go for trying out vegan food. It was a huge step for me, anyways πŸ˜…)

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