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Gout Attack! | How To Workout With Gout Part II

Alright guys we are back! Today we’re
gonna actually go through the workout with Brodi. So we’re gonna start in the
vertical plane we’re gonna start with some pulldowns. Right so if you haven’t
seen last week’s video yet then go ahead, click that link above. Watch that video
it is where I introduce Brodi, one of my clients who has pretty severe gout, and
today we’re going to go through a workout with him, and the adaptations
that we need to make for him as he executes exercises. Alright, so one thing I want
to make sure that we do start off every training session generally, in particular
with Brodi, is to go through a couple activation movements for you know the
various muscle groups that he’s gonna be working. So because we’re doing “upper body”,
one of the most important things is to be able to elevate fully and depress
fully, the shoulder blades so we’ll go through a couple rounds of being able to
fully elevate your shoulder blades and then turn the lats on; fully depress the shoulder blades, and really get used to the sensation of keeping those shoulders
locked down. A couple key things that I’ll coach Brodi through on the pulldown, is to remember to pull the shoulder blades down first before starting to
drive down with the elbows, as well as to keep his torso and his lower body completely
stable, or as much as possible is possible through the pulldown. The main reason that I like this bar here for
Brodi to use for pulldowns is because of that semi-supinated grip that it
has at the ends – it’s relatively easier for him to hold onto, and really pull
through as compared with you know the overhand grip that we would normally use
on a pulldown bar, because of those tophi on his knuckles and around his wrist. Similarly we’ll try to activate the
front delt before we do an overhead press, which was you know sort of the second
exercise we’ll do today. So keep your shoulder blades back and down, you know
raising the arm at an angle to torso, up as high as you can get it without raising the shoulder blade. Really get that front delt to contract! Moving on now to a seated dumbbell
overhead press for the front delts. You might be able to tell that I’ve
adjusted the angle of the bench a little bit more than I normally would, and this
is because Brodi’s overhead shoulder flexion isn’t
as you know great as we would like it to be; so for him, this is the most
comfortable position and most secure position for his shoulders. The key here
again of course is to try to keep those shoulder blades locked down Switching it up now to a machine T-Bar row. A couple things: Brodi is, number one at the start of the movement really focusing on starting with his lats, by depressing his
shoulder blades he’s pushing back into those handles and he’s driving his
elbows backward / downward really toward his hips and right over end of the
movement pulling those elbows in and pulling his shoulder blades together for
full retraction. He’s holding there for a moment and then on the eccentric or the
negative part of the movement he’s still pushing back into those handles to keep
those lats engaged, before getting the stretch at
the bottom and then repeating the rep. One adaptation that we’ll use sometimes
if we’re having a particularly rough day with Brodi’s grip strength, is to get
some of those individual handles; thread them around the the handle of the
machine and use a neutral grip to pull. Much more comfortable you know at the
wrist, and he has a lot more leverage using that neutral hammer grip. Similarly for the pec, because I’m gonna be doing some chest presses. Again, pull the shoulder blades back to get fully retracted; depress them. Get the arm out to the side, use the pec to drive the arm across the body. Really contract the pec! When you get a 10 out of 10 contraction there, then you know the pec is pretty well activated so you can move on and get into your working sets. Alright moving on now to a lower chest press using a decline bench. If you
haven’t already seen my video on how to best execute your chest exercises, then
for sure go ahead click that link, watch that video afterwards! You’ll understand
all about what we’re doing here for Brodi on this decline bench chest press.
So even with those tips in that other video, what I’m really gonna be coaching
Brodi through is to really remember to keep his shoulder blades as depressed as possible; so towards his hips, and flattened out on the bench as much as he
can, and really to use that sensation between his flattened shoulder blades
and the bench and push through the bench as he’s pressing to really ensure that
those shoulders remain stable throughout the presses. And then, for the arm, we’re going to go through a bicep
exercise, then a tricep exercise. So to activate the bicep, shoulder blades
again back and down – contract the bicep. Get into that full curl position, and
then holding the contraction raising your arm above your head, and then
providing a little bit of extra tension by pushing up; reaching back with
your other hand pushing up into your palm to force the bicep to contract some more. Again, almost a cramping contraction. Now you know you’re getting good
activation. Now you’re ready to get into your exercise. We’re going to do a single-arm
dumbbell preacher curl, and when doing this or when doing any bicep exercise,
really want to try to supinate your wrist as much as possible to engage your
bicep fully, but with Brodi, you know the tophi right in his wrist and
on his right hand in particular, it’s very hard for him to get that full
supination, so we’re gonna get as much range of motion as we possibly can
without overdoing it. Finally for the triceps, you also again want to get full
activation. So shoulder blades together So retracted, depressed. Get into full tricep extension here, or what you think is full tricep extension, then pull your arm
slightly behind your body. That’s really a fully shortened tricep. Once you do
that a few times get good contractions out of your tricep, then start the exercises. This right here is one of my favorite tricep exercises, and it’s super popular, but the way I actually execute them: that’s the key to the whole situation. If
you haven’t already watched my video on how to execute this exercise, again go
click that link watch it. I go through everything right there! Alright guys so
that is pretty much it for the video and the workout. Of course if you have any
questions about you know the way we selected any of the exercises, or how we
modified them, or how we execute them for Brodi’s particular situation, be sure to
leave a question in the comment section below! As always if you found a video to
be beneficial give it a thumbs up, and as usual I encourage you to subscribe to
the channel, and to also click that notification bell, so that you get a
notification for each week’s video. But, as always guys until next week’s video…
Aloha from beautiful Kaua‘i! you

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