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Hi Bert Middleton here. My journey through the pain and misery
of Gout has been full of surprises. I endured nearly fourteen years of
self-induced torture including three operations for tophi,and i’ve come
through the other side of it. And it’s because of this journey that
I’m now qualified to help you with your Gout. I’d like to be very clear with you Gout
is not my passion. However since I’ve been able to sustain
the absence of the intense pain of Gout attacks for almost two years now, I’ve become passionate about helping
others do the same. I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t
have any medical credentials, so i’m not dispensing any medical advice. Follow your doctor’s orders What I will help you with are all the
other parts of your life that will help you enhance the
effectiveness of your doctors treatments, with the ultimate goal being that he
decides you no longer need to be on pharmaceutical medications. We’ll look at what you’re eating and
your eaing habits, but more importantly will look at things like your sleep habits,
how much you travel, ways to get consistent with exercise and
movement that are well-suited for you.And a fairly long and interesting list of
others. Take advantage of my special offer below. Have you ever had anyone who knows your
pain as well as i do? I got over mine and I can help you get
over yours. Click the buy now button below, and let’s
schedule a time to talk.

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