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Gout Tips : How To Treat Gout Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 236

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today I’m going to share with you how to cure gout naturally. So we’ve had some questions here on the vita life show about curing gout. How do you do it? I’m going to share this with you. So gout usually causes pain usually in the big toe but it can be in the knee as well and this is from an increase in uric acid crystals that get into the joint, so kidney detox is important we’ll talk about that at the end of the video, but avoiding certain foods the purines in the diet is really important so make sure you’re avoiding alcohol, gravy, macro, sardines, shellfish and muscles organ meats yeast and white flour can aggravate this as well, not so having too many nuts avocados and eggs unfortunately can also rise you’re peering levels so take it easy with those. Now things to that will help with the gout in the diet something called cherry juice so cherry juice usually if you have to get it at the health food store in a pure concentrated solitary juice has natural salicylates and actually helps to flush the kidneys and help to flush out those uric acid crystals in the joint so that’s incredible. Also make sure your detoxification pro protocols or is set so something like kidney detoxification kidney cleanse is really important we have an other video on how to do kidney cleansing safely but we actually have a product that has helped a lot of people that suffer with gout is called are by the detox so you can check that out on our website will share the links at the end the video, making sure that your inflammatory response is decreased and that’s omega-3 so fish oils is really important and also magnesium helps with gout treatment. So thanks for joining me today leave your questions and comments below please subscribe to our channel so you always get our newest and latest uploads here like us on Facebook give us a thumbs up and on twitter and on instagram and pinterest were everywhere, and on our website you can actually go to section and type in your question was called ask Dr. Dowring that’s me and our vitatree experts if you have questions about your health, so please take advantage of that free service that we offer. Check out our other videos as well. Thanks for joining me today.

4 thoughts on “Gout Tips : How To Treat Gout Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 236

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  2. Hmm, it seems we are reading different interpretations when it comes to avocados and eggs, which many others consider good alternatives to gouty protein foods.

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