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#GOUT TIPS VIDEO ~ “WHAT’S THE ONE THING?” . . . You Can Do To Get Rid Of Gout?

Hey Bert Middleton . . . The Gout Killer! I wanted to take a minute today to address
a question that keeps coming up. Lots of people are asking me, “what is the
one thing that I can do to get rid of my gout?” And, I have to tell you – there is
no one thing. It ain’t pills, and it ain’t just food. I mean you gotta think about it
for minute – over the last twenty, thirty, forty, fifty
years, the way you’ve been living your life, not sleeping enough, getting too stressed
out, not exercising, eating crappy food, drinking too much, ya know, exposing yourself to all kinds of
toxic chemicals, not only and just the foods that you eat, and, and the things are go in your mouth, it’s
actually the air that you breathe, do you live in big city? You know, all of the
toxic chemicals, like I used to work construction, I was exposed to a lot of
toxic chemicals, that had a big thing to do with my gout, so . . . I just have to tell you, there were a lot
of things that you’ve done in your life, that have added up to this life of gout.
There is no “one thing” that’s going to undo it . . . it takes a focused, concentrated effort, and a plan. So . . . tune in tomorrow, and we’ll
talk more about it – haha! Thanks!

4 thoughts on “#GOUT TIPS VIDEO ~ “WHAT’S THE ONE THING?” . . . You Can Do To Get Rid Of Gout?

  1. That's really cool that you found what seems to work for you – fungus in the blood in a new one on me but what the hell! Maybe there's something to it. I've been chasing down the connection to parasites adding to the acidic load of the body for a while now, maybe there's a connection to bacteria/fungus – keep me posted – let's KILL it1

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