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Gout Treatment: Laser Therapy

Gout is no joke Get your life back! Laser therapy as a gout treatment Today, laser therapy has become popular It is used in physical therapy, sports medicine and in mainstream medicine The lasers are referred to as Low Level Lasers or cold lasers There are many different kinds of lasers on the market From very cheap continuous wave lasers, to expensive super pulsed high energy lasers Which lasers are working well for treating gout? Not, the cheap continuous wave low energy lasers used for example to treat hair loss, wrinkles, acne, and eczema These lasers are 5 mW lasers; they cannot even penetrate through the skin or the dermis These devices are made from Chinese 1.5 dollar lasers Which are often used in groups in the final device Be careful, on the market are devices for treating gout and they do use these toy lasers. For treating gout, you need Pulsed or Super Pulsed lasers transmitting high energy, having infrared or near infrared wavelengths. They penetrate deep through the dermis, reaching the cells of tendons, ligaments, joints and uric acid deposits. At The Gout Clinic, we use both types, lets look at them. The first is a 20 W super pulsed laser with a wavelength of 850 nm The second is a pulsed laser of 160 mW and wavelengths of 650 and 780 nm with a lens so the laser does not have to touch the patient This is important during a gout attack The third is a pulsed laser of 480 mW, transmitting at 650, 780 nm, also with a lens system. The last one is a Super Pulsed laser with an amazing peak power of 80 W Wavelengths are 650, 850 and 905 nm Patient and therapist have to wear protective eyeglasses. Pulsed lasers are more efficient tackling gout inflammation super pulsed lasers are more efficient in gout pain reduction They are safe, non-invasive, quick relief is obtained with no side effects The treatment itself average eight minutes per location Patients do report a pleasant feeling while receiving laser therapy Gout is no joke Get your life back!

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