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Grocery Shopping 101: Stocking Up on Healthy Food with Chris Powell and Heidi Powell

>>Alright, so transformation is all about
preparing for success. And considering that nutrition counts for
80% of your success, well, this is where it all begins. The grocery store. So let’s take a trip through the store and
prepare for another week of transformation.>>Well, first things first, I have my shopping
list ready to go, and we’re ready to rock, babe.>>And I’ve got mine, alright, let’s do this!>>So keep in mind that you might already have
some of these foods, condiments, and spices already in your home. If you do, no problem, there’s no need to
pick them up today. But when you do run out, don’t worry, they’ll
always be on your list.>>Alright, so the best technique for the grocery
store is to make sure you shop the entire perimeter first. Make a quick pass, you’re gonna’ hit all your
major sections that you need.>>First up, produce. This is the foundation of our nutrition, and
you’re gonna’ get fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, all the things you need for a
healthy diet.>>Of course, nonfat milk is great on those
high carb days, and almond milk, it’s great for any day.>>Alright, next up, eggs and dairy. So eggs are one of the best protein sources,
both full eggs and egg whites. And, they’re actually one of the cheapest
protein sources as well. You’ve got to check ’em first.>>Next, the meat and poultry section. This is where we get all of our lean meats,
like chicken, lean steak, and ground turkey. Of course, these are the foods that we grill
and bake in bulk at least two days of the week so that they’re always ready whenever
we need them. It makes it so much faster and easier and
convenient.>>Stocking up!>>Alright, so next up is the deli section. This is where we get all of our lean cold
cuts. Low sodium, of course.>>And, it’s also a really good place to get
a fast and healthy meal. Which most people, they don’t know about.>>Alright, so now that we’ve hit the perimeter
of the store, let’s make a pass through the aisles. Come on.>>Whole wheat bagels and whole wheat English
muffins, they’re allowed too!>>And these are great things for a quick fix
meal.>>Absolutely love frozen vegetables. It keeps them fresh, and it locks in the nutrients.>>And the best part about it is that it’s
cheap and crazy convenient.>>And yes, you can eat cereal and transform
too.>>Choose a high fiber cereal for best results.>>Pasta, especially whole grain pasta, is
amazing for those gourmet meals, plus, you, can also cook it up in bulk, keep it in the
refrigerator, and heat it back up and it’s still delicious.>>And then these sauces, these are amazing
to top your starches like rice, potatoes, and pastas.>>Finally, plastic containers to store those
foods once they’re prepped. This is the secret to success.>>Alright, so we are loaded up and ready to
rock.>>It’s time to transform!

62 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping 101: Stocking Up on Healthy Food with Chris Powell and Heidi Powell

  1. Good afternoon Chris and Heidi powell nice eating healthy. and, I shop like that too fruits and vegetables for healthy runner.

  2. Good afternoon Chris and Heidi powell nice eating healthy. and, I shop like that too fruits and vegetables for healthy runner.

  3. I love this video! You forgot beans though and other carbohydrates like rice and quinoa. Would like to see what you guys recommend. Could you do a video on slow burning vs fast burning carbs and how to utilize them effectively for weight loss?

  4. I'm glad I'm shopping right. Looks like my cart when I go! I avoid the snack/soda aisle like a plague. And I'm glad you said whole wheat bagels and English muffins are ok, love them!

  5. I've appreciate the fact that you guys took the time to give us some helpful tips..thank you very much, you're a great inspiration! 😊💕

  6. I will always commend the Powells for their life time of health and wellness and for ever changing people's life in a for the better. the only problem with what they are not bring to reality is Money, Time and more money. I should know because I have spent the better part of my life in the gym and I cannot tell you how that has made me a better man, husband and dad. The truth and the fact is. Eating healthy and what we in fitness or body building call clean eating is very hard. The time it's takes to plan, spend and do is why most people give up on that very important goal. So if you take most average families there is no way they can put that into their budget. I was very lucky because when I started body building I was only 16 and long before I got married and had kids I was is top shape and still I always look at it like this for my self. I am always trying to improve my self, my work outs and that is so hard to do. So because I was so much into fitness long before I met my wife I already was living a healthy life style so when you are trying to do all that right in the middle of a busy life and with a family. That's very difficult to do.But and yes there is a but. Never give up. Never believe in the word I cant. You just very much have to limit what you do intake through out the day and mostly at night and I know how hard that is. The night time with kids and you look over and your little girls are eating their snack and that thought go's thru your head. woohoo. A bag of pop-corn sounds so good and yes it does of course it does but walk away. Put it down. Don't give in and that's the hardest part to living and eating a healthy life style. Make sure that a lot of vegs are eaten. I get it. Not all of us has a personal assistant running around for us all day taking care of errands while your working on your self to be bigger and better at what ever your goals may be. Eating healthy, Protein and just trying to do the over all right thing for your self and family can and will get costly. Proteins ok people please to your home work before buying proteins. Just because a product say's 30g of protein that doesn't mean it's the right protein for you or your health. Look, research and learn before you buy. That's a big part of living a healthy life style. So many proteins have fillers in them that there is no way I personally would ever use. Again. Thank you to the Powells for all the hard work they do and the message they put out there for us all to learn. P.S. Ok Chris. Any time you want to work out, Bring it. I'm ready. Christopher

  7. I would love to see a video like this where you use vegan foods 🙂 also explaining what you can have on high and low carb days. I'm still confused about the sauces if I can have tomato purée (100% tomato) on my food for example!

  8. I watched extreme weight loss show 😆 I'm not obese but I'm overweight and I decided to change my life I didn't want to keep gaining weight and be obese 😭 thanks Chris and Heidi
    ur videos from extreme weight loss motivated me to do better in life 💪💪😚😚

  9. I loved the red crosses. I want to lose 40 pounds this year and I hope I lose at least 20. I shopped today this way mainly loading up on spices, salts and dairy and leaving out all the sugary and starchy kinds of stuff. We do get our vegetables from the market fresh.

  10. Im 11 and I'm already 125 pounds and I keep eating my aunts cooking constantly she keeps making it how do I stop ?

  11. what I do to lose my addiction in sweets, this has been with me since I was a child and today I am 19 years old and I still lose control of sweets. Because of the time I lost normal, only one day I see myself in the mirror and I am ashamed Sometimes.Ñ I am obese but I have a tendency to get engorar and I stay in this emagrace thing and it grows fat several and several times.Thanks and God bless you,Brazil love you.😄😍😁😆

  12. love you Heidi and Chris, but you failed miserably with healthy choices. I didn't see anything organic, that wheat bread wasn't the best, how much sugar was in that sauce ? and the pasta wasn't the greatest either.

  13. I'm vegan. I've been trying to lose weight but I keep gaining. My iron is level 5, which means I'm constantly tired. I cant even workout. I literally tried eating only whole foods and I ended up gaining. I have made it to my goal before. I was 160, got down to 130 in a year. But after 2 years I've gained all the weight back. It's so frustrating because I know the feeling of a flat tummy, and seeing the scale number be 30 lbs lighter. I'm so fed up.

  14. LOL LOL … This video is so funny. I love that HUGE red X that pops up on the naughty foods … I laugh each time it happens coz that's exactly where I head to lol. Great video guys. New Subscriber … thumbs up! London UK

  15. I agree to shop the perimeters…but sorry Chris and Heidi you forgot to tell people to stay away from GMO foods…to check labels for that…also a lot of produce is now irradiated people should avoid those you know they are irradiated as the sticker starts with a 3…GMO produce starts with 8, on the sticker, and more raw and less meat more vegetarian is much healthier as animals are being injected with hormones and have more cancerous germs in their bodies…there are many vegan body builders that do just find using nuts and legumes as their sources of proteins and vegan protein powders…. www.totaltruth.ca/health/ for amazing raw food recipes….

  16. I wish my local grocery store was always stocked on fruit and veggies like that. Every time I go it’s either gone or only the bad or close to it is left.

  17. Great video…gonna share this video with my family…so they too can pick up these tips….Please do more like this….
    1) How to read a nutrition label on food
    2) how to prep and portion meals for a busy work schedule
    3) How to coupon shop
    Thank you Heidi and Chris. 💪😍👍💓💗💖

  18. They are ziplock whores. How many times did they need to prominently show them at they end? I'm sure they didn't need three packs of reusable containers, they should have some. Their video was regurgitated simplistic nonsense, this was just a ziplock commercial.

  19. Gluten is poison. sorry. Thomas's English muffins? oh my god. I am a nutritionist and would NEVER allow what you recommend. Pasta? Storing it in plastic? oh my god…Have you heard of BPA?

  20. Heidi, I spent the 2018 year working on my dissertation and did not work out at all. How can I begin after a whole year of desk life? I feel lost. Help me please.

  21. For nonUS Citizes, it is very difficult to really find healthy Food, no healthy full grain bread, everything is added with sugar or Aspartam, (sweetner), Nothing that Comes Fresh is truely healthy. Everything precooked, There should be some packages with easy signs to recognize what is organic and what is free from sweetner, too much sugar or other added Things as Glutamate etc ….so much poisionong precooked Food, I really do not want to eat Food there longer then a month and i`d get tired of all the junk temptatoin, it is truly difficult, possible but difficult. I hope that farmer will fight back with real frsh vegs and fruits for totally vegan and organic Food in america in the future

  22. the more a n apple is Shining the ore wax or pesticide is on it, I truly hope that there are organic store sections from Farmers in the area each stores.soon.

  23. yes, tank you both for sharing, you are doing a great Job, if I would live there, I would have my own garden ;)lol

  24. here in Germany, I found potatoes from mexico. Fresh potatoes can you believe that?? And that was close to a landscape area close to Hamburg. ;O

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