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Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge – Merrell Twins

I don’t want any more gummies! Mm, mm, mm, mm! [Coughs] Why would you do this to a gummy? Hey guys! I’m Veronica! I’m Vanessa! And today we are doing the Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge! This was a very highly requested challenge from you guys and we’ve been putting it off, and now we’re getting ready to do it. We’re going to do it. So, before we start, make sure to subscribe to this Channel if you are not already. We post videos every single Tuesday. This is how the Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge works. Is we’re going to have two plates in front of us. One is going to be gummy, one is going to be the real food. We have to flip a coin. The coin will decide who gets the… the plate. And it’s either gonna be a gummy or real food. And sometimes gummy foods can be really disgusting. So let’s do heads or tails. Okay. So, do you wanna flip? Go ahead and flip. Oh my gosh, I’m nervous. Oh, Nessa! [Laughs] I don’t know how to… Looks like tai-tail. OK, so which one do we see what’s the tail? [Laughs] This is heads, this is tails. Oh okay, so okay… 1, 2, 3, lift! [Both exclaim] Eww! I got a burger! Ew! Bomb! No wait, ew, what that’s a… Ew! Ah! It has p… I don’t like pickles! This looks like a Krabby Patty! Ew! What are you doing? I was imitating Squidward when he tries a Krabby Patty for the first time. Okay. Ready? 1, 2, 3. [Laughs] Ew! [Laughs] Okay, I kinda like my burgers a little more plain than this. [Thump] I, I’m not gonna lie, even though this tasted good, this is disgusting, Knowing I’m just like eating full-on sugar in one bite. Do you wanna try it? Oh, it even has mayonnaise on it! Ew! Do you wanna try it? Yeah, I wanna try it! Oh my gosh, this is hard! I know right, it like hurts your gums. Like it’s almost like, as if, it’s like pushing your gums up. Like, it’s good, but like you feel disgusted, right? I feel disgusted… [Laughs] Tails. I got tails. You get this one. I’m scared! Let’s just do it, let’s just… 1, 2, 3. Ooh! Oh, I love limes! Limes are great! But, I also like candy limes. Hmm, yum! [Laughs] I can’t eat this one. It’s too… It’s too like crunchy. [Laughs] Hmm, ugh! Uh-uh! Uh-hmm, uh-hmm, hmm- hmm! Usually, I’m able to really like eat limes, but this one is so sour for some reason. Try it. Uh,uh! Try it! You just gotta eat that one first? Hm-hm. I’m Nessa’s personal translator. I love limes! Ah! Stop being a show off! [Laughs] Gosh! Well, what did it land on? Tails. So I get this one. You get the one that’s in front of you. [Exclaims] Oh, no! Ew! Ew? Ew! It’s feels like, what is this made out of? I’d like to know. I don’t like mustard! [Laughs] It won’t come off! Do you need help? I’ll help pull and I’ll push your head at the same time. [Laughs] That was an experience. Ew! I got mustard on me! [Laughs] I hate, I… who put mustard on the hotdog? Why would you do this? Cause it looks like that. Do you not love me? Spit it out honey if… No, I’m gonna eat this because I’m a big girl! And big girls don’t cry. I smell it too. [Laughs] It’s not me though! It’s the mustard. My stomach’s already feeling sick. That is so much sugar! Stop that! Your breath stinks! Well, duh! [Laughs] I need another lime. Here, help me out. Nasty, nope. Okay, next one. Before we move on, I just wanna say one thing. Make sure you subscribe to our live Channel. Where we do live broadcasts every Thursday. We’re doing one this week, So make sure you go guys subscribe so you can go watch! And we have a special guest as well. Okay, let’s flip the coin. Heads. I get what’s in front of me. 1, 2, 3. No! I don’t like sushiiiii! Yes you do! What’s wrong with you? I do like sushi, but I don’t wanna eat raw sushi right now! My stomach has to be in the mood for it! Aaaaah! That looks pretty good! I think it was made today, I think you’re good. Just do it! Okay! [Hurls] [Laughs] I’m sorry, it’s just so… [Laughs] Roni, you’ve got this. Are you okay? You’re crying. Roni is crying. There, there. I just can’t! [Hurls] Did you really just gag? [Inaudible] Ew, it’s in my hair! You got sushi all over your hair! In here. Right… How? Right here. How did I get… Ew! What is that? Okay, ready? What did it land on? [both] Heads! You get this. 1, 2, 3. Noooo! Noooo! Those look weird! They got like little pimples on them! You’re kidding me? Ugh! [Laughs] You’re kidding me! [Laughs] Ew! It tastes like a…. [Hurls] [Laughs] [Sniffs] Ew! You okay? Are you okay? [Laughs] Who would invent this? [Laughs] This time, I’m gonna catch it. I’m going to catch it this time. Nessa! I caught it! [Laughs] Tails. 1, 2, 3. Oh, yes! I love me some corn! What? It smells like corn! [Laughs] Ew! Why would someone in their right mind think that it’s okay to make a gummy corn? And you know what? Oh, let’s make it actually taste and smell like, real… corn. Ah, hot! Ah! It was like it was just taken out of a… Whatever it was in. Oh! Wait, what now, what now? [Laughs] It’s got a weird, a limey corn taste to it. Ew! I can’t eat that. You gotta eat it. I didn’t get it! I don’t have to eat it. I got this corn. Eat it! [Laughs] 1, 2, 3. A pizza? Why do I keep getting all the real food? Why do I get the gummy? My stomach’s gonna be so sick. You know what’s gonna happen? I’m gonna have super bad acne! Ew! That looks like something you threw up. [Laughs] Why does that keep happening to you? That is weird. Why would anyone buy this? Like this? [Laughs] Did you want some pizza? Here you go. Heads! You get this one. I’m scared! 1, 2, 3. Noooo! Darn, I kinda wish you would’ve gotten this. I wish I would’ve gotten it too. That’s healthy. That’s sugar! You don’t like watermelon. I would’ve taken that over… I keep getting gummies! Ooh, this one’s bomb, though! I’m gonna have terrible acne after this. I’m gonna have a huge zit! [Laughs] Let’s do our technique again. OK, I’m gonna pull and I’ll push your head. Oh, that’s a bomb! Wooh! That is good! Heads. Man I wish for the real food, I’m kinda regretting it. I know I’m gonna regret it. 1, 2, 3. Nooo! How can you regret that? Yeah, I’m not, no I’m not regretting. What even? Enjoy your chicken leg. Am I right? That’s not bad! That’s pretty good. [Inaudible] It tastes like Pepsi, with uh, fruit flavoring. Do you want a chicken leg? I got another one. Walking down the street. [Laughs] Ow, I slammed it on there like that, really hard. Ow, tails. 1, 2, 3. I’d rather have gotten the real one. Ew, why is this so on the bottom? Okay, they’re not bad, it’s not bad. How’s your egg? I’m tired of sugar. Ew, that’s not good! That is not good. Would you have rather eaten the real egg? Yeah! [Laughs] Okay. I got tails. You got the gummy probably. 1, 2, 3. Aaah! I don’t want the gummy, wait, why do you have a can opener? [Laughs] Ugh, no, I don’t like root beer. No more gummies please, I don’t want any more gummies. This tastes like Christmas. My teeth are gonna rot. I’m gonna have cavities. I’m gonna get pimples. It’s been a long day. [Laughs] [Coin drops] Heads. I get what’s in front of me. Oh, no! I’m scared. Let’s just do it. 1…
[Burps] [Laughs] 1, 2, 3. Noooo! I got more gummies, I would’ve rather had that! I hate spicy. I know. You wanna switch? No! 1, 2, 3, cheers. Is yours spicy? It’s so spicy! Why would you do this to a gummy? Well, okay, now it’s spicy. I was so confused, I thought it was a green pepper at first. Okay, you know what, I’m okay. It’s not too bad. Are you okay? Do you need water? [Coughs] Are you okay? [Coughs] I got so much gummy food! What did I get that was real? The chicken leg and the lime. Oh my gosh. My stomach. Is there a winner to this challenge? I’m not really sure. I don’t think so, but if someone won, I think you won, Conquered it together. But we don’t have the same feeling in our stomachs. You have a nice feeling and I have a sick feeling, like I ate so much sugar. I’m in a… I’m in a sugar coma.
Maybe I’m gonna get sugar high too. Woah! [Laughs] So, that was the Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge. I think we both won because we just ate it. We ate it. I think that’s how it goes. Mm, hm. Yeah! Comment down below what other challenges you would like us to do and we would like to see. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Yeah. Don’t forget to subscribe to Merrell Twins Live. Our new channel where we do live broadcast, we have a broadcast this Thursday. Check our twitter to find out what time and stuff. Also, subscribe to our other Channel we have. Which is More Merrell. Cause Roni did a make-up routine on there and we’d like to start posting more like, lifestyle, beauty stuff on there, as well with vlogs. Yes. Kind of. Yeah, go check that out. And… Thanks for watching! If you like this video give it a thumbs up! Make sure to subscribe to our Channel. Follow us on all of our social medias to keep updated with what we’re doing. Check out some of the other videos we’ve done. And we’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

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