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57 thoughts on “Gut Microbiome – Strike It Rich With Whole Grains

  1. Dr. Greger I have been eating a whole food plant based diet for the past 6 months. I hardly ever eat any processed foods and if I do it will be very rare, for example I will have a vegan pizza from the takeaway (pizza dough, tomato sauce and veggies on top… no cheese of course) and this happens maybe once a month AT THE MOST. I never eat refined sugars. I eat a spoon of flax seed every day. I take a vitamin B12 supplement every other day. I eat blueberries every day on my morning porridge (I think Americans say oatmeal) made with water. I try and eat broccoli every day. My diet is so healthy, I cook everything I can from scratch using fresh ingredients. I exercise at least 4 or 5 times a week… when I say exercise I mean I will run for 30 minutes straight and lift weights in the gym, not just a gentle walk or anything like that. But I have a problem… I have severe bloating that is persistant and I am unsure what triggers it. I have been to the doctors, they just brush it off and say it is IBS, but before I switched to a plant based diet I never suffered with any digestion issues. The cramps I am having are sometimes so painful I can't walk. My period has stopped and I don't know what to do. I never want to go back to eating meat, eggs or dairy because since reading your book and watching your videos I am aware of the health implications of doing so and of course I am against the animal cruelty that produces these products. But I just wish there was some explanation as to why my body has reacted in this way. I have not exercised for the past couple of days because the bloating is so bad… I literally look pregnant my belly expands so much! I hardly ate yesterday (I had a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast around 6am with banana, blueberries, ground flax seed and cinnamon, then i had a small bowl of butternut squash soup at about 6pm… thats all I had) and I woke up this morning with a massive bloated belly. I am wondering what might be causing it, and are there any cases you know of where peoples bodies have reacted in a similar way? I would have thought after 6 months that my body would have adjusted by now. 🙁

  2. I really liked the professionalism of the production of the video series, and I am very grateful for the information in this format, but the Dr. Gregor head popup is really a distraction. I liked the audio emphasis he's used in the past, but the video effect is jarring, distracting and only takes away from the message rather than adding to it. I really like the very professional nature of the videos… until now…

  3. So the massive amounts of legumes, sweet potatoes, bananas, nuts and seeds (including quinoa and chia) are doing nothing for my gut health? That's really disheartening. I don't eat much rice and when I do I try to stick with bismati because of its lower arsenic content. I love brown rice but it's just loaded with arsenic and my "gut" (heh) tells me that might not be the best plan. Suggestions?

  4. If i eat grains i get flare ups of Psoriasis, if i stick to fruits and veggies it clears up. Some peoples gut lining cannot handle grains.

  5. Dr Greger- I just read your book and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Thank you so so so much. It is hands down the best book I have ever read. I have made so many more changes to my diet that I am really excited about. I have been plant based for 5+ years and had so much room for improvement still! Thanks in advance for making such an impact on my long term health!

  6. There has to be a huge difference between intact whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, etc., and whole wheat rolls. Why wouldn't he remark on that?

  7. http://paleoleap.com/about-rice/ what are your thoughts on this article stating brown rice and other whole grains have inflammatory compounds built in?

  8. Humans didn't evolve to eat whole grains. We are hunter gatherers. We humans dont like to be come the hunch back of notredame

  9. Yeah, I'm minimizing whole grains and my wife, son and daughter are celiac with leaky gut. The medical establishment, of which you are a part, is responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemics by pushing whole grains.

  10. Why would we not think that eating a variety of whole grains and whole, plant foods is good for our entire bodies, gut flora included? The data is a nice reinforcement, but do we really need all this to tell us common sense based dietary info. It only makes sense that isolated fiber doesn't help the gut flora, there's no easy ways out. We have to eat well for sustained period and if so we can reap short and long-term the benefits. Most of us won't even be able to appreciate the bounty until we get old and we look around to all the sick people our age and go how many friends and family members have died prematurely. Think about the long game

  11. What about Amylopectin A in wheat and its effect on blood sugar, lectins, phytic acid and mycotoxins? It could be wise to get resistant starches from other sources. Or maybe after healing the gut, occasional grain consumption for diversity won't be as damaging.

  12. UNTIL…..NOW!!!!!!! XD I want a shirt, with your sites name, with "until now " on it. I would 100% buy it ha

  13. Question: does our fruit and veggie consumption add to gut flora/ biome. And if so does freezing the produce affect the richness they provide? Or is it the fiber content only of these foods, not destroyed by freezing? Ty

  14. There is a genetic variant in a gene called TCF7L2 that contributes to Type 2 diabetes by releasing less insulin and higher fasting glucose. That type of diabetes showed an enhanced response to grains and weight loss.
    The TCFL2 works as a signalling system that keeps track of how much body fat is available.

  15. You just pull random pages… don’t trust your sources I’ll stick with dr berg/gundry works very well for me I’m much healthier because of them

  16. “Until now” was awesome! Thank you for you great work Dr Gregor. You are a blessing to all of us. You have kept Nathan Pritikin’s work and many before him alive. Not only that, but you develop it further everyday with your brilliant gleaning of the plethora of research. How can we thank you enough:)

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