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Hair Fall Control Food – Top 8 Foods To Prevent Hair Loss – Best Diet For Hair Loss In Men & Women

foods to avoid hair fall hair fall
raisins hair growth foods list hair fall is a big problem nowadays adolescents
youngsters mature people everyone is suffering from this hidden but most
annoying problem what when you get up in the morning your pillow is full of your
own hair whatever you do what you eat here in hand oMG it’s disgusting in two
ways one is you feel irritated hair enhance in the plate secondly worry
about being bald hair plays an important role in our personality a healthy hair
line describes our status a lot let’s discuss the hair fall reasons and
different treatments of hair fall hair fall reasons there are a lot of reasons
for the hairline loss we have to learn the cause so you can acquire appropriate
care for hairline loss it’s the most significant part of human beauty so it’s
the need of the time to keep it healthy using effective or natural procedures
causes of hair fall unbalanced food making us nutrition deficient
consumption of junk food unbalanced lifestyle the hormonal imbalance in
hypothyroidism workload anxiety stress fashion trends like coloring with
chemicals straightening etcetera infections of scalp fungal infection use
of certain medicines for some specific diseases like cancer out of all these 1
the 4 most important cause that I have noticed during my practice for my
patients as a dietary deficiency and the other main factor as a fungal infection
it can be treated by using a combination of antifungal drugs diet plays an
important role to prevent hair fall let’s discuss food list to prevent hair
loss and proper growth food to avoid hair fall number one food to avoid hair
fall as vitamin b7 or biotin keratin as a simple protein that makes up our skin
hair line and nail in biotin one component of the vitamin B complex
boosts the body’s keratin level in addition biotin helps the development of
new hair line follicles it is responsible for the growth and volume of
our hair by it and nourishes the pores and prevents them from being fragile or
dull it deficiency may lead to hair fall and
dullness in today’s scenario due to eating out junk food our new generation
doesn’t understand the usefulness of veggies fruits and dairy products in the
diet so are they depriving of this and facing many problems along with hair
fall so include a considerable quantity of biotin in a diet let’s know some of
the biotin rich foods egg it’s the very best source for biotin
whole grains such as raggy oats Bhadra jawar will also be a great supply of
biotin any vegetable or any fruit can provide some amount of it number two
food to avoid hair fall as omega-3 fatty acids it helps to enhance the hydration
of our scalp and hair line this nutrient is also found in the tissues lining the
entire scalp so it’s important to bring this healthy fat to our diet plan let us
know some of the omega-3 sources add nuts such as almonds walnuts soya bean
fish avocados and wholesome seeds like pumpkin seeds and flax seeds in your
daily diet number three food to avoid hair fall as
protein the most significant element for a strong healthier hair line is protein
it’s majorly composed of amino acid that is useful to strengthen hair line thus
it’s good to consume an adequate quantity of protein on daily basis eat
the proper proteins and maintain your hair line strong have sufficient
quantities of beans pulses lentils chicken fish eggs and dairy products
like milk curd paneer soya milk tofu in the diet plan number four food to avoid
hair fall as yogurt it’s a well trusted treatment and very effective one can
apply plain yogurt in the scalp gently massage and rinse at least once a week
also the advantages of eating yogurt are that it’s the very best medication for
nourishing our hair line follicles becoming rich in vitamin b5 and calcium
it also will help to strengthen our hair line other dairy products such as low
skimmed milk cottage cheese and low carb cheese together with yogurt help enhance
the health of hair line follicles yogurt whether applied externally or taken in
food is helpful for your scalp number five food to avoid hair fall as iron a
very important element for hair line health the hair line follicle and its
roots are fed by means of nutrient-rich blood supply with the assistance of iron
because iron provides the nutrient into the cell lower levels of iron may lead
to anemia that’s a significant source of air loss iron rich food strawberries
watermelon raisins dates figs tomato dried peas dried beans lentils whole
wheat bread enriched pasta wheat products spinach sweet potatoes peas
broccoli number six food to avoid hair fall s vitamin A vitamin A acts as an
antioxidant that is responsible for the safety of our hair line follicles
against damage brought on by free radicals and other aspects the hair
includes the rapidly growing cells within the human body and vitamin A is
needed for the development of every cell some of the vitamin A rich foods are cod
liver oil eggs breakfast cereals fortified skimmed milk fortified and
orange fruits and vegetables like sweet potato carrots etc other sources of
vitamin A such as spinach and most dark green leafy vegetables the deeper the
color of a fruit or vegetable the higher will be the amount of vitamin A in it
number seven food to avoid hair fall as orange eating food full of vitamin C
will enable the absorption of iron within the body some of the sources of
vitamin C are Amla tomatoes berries oranges guava lemon green leafy veggies
etc on your diet plan number 8 food to avoid hair fall as vitamin E vitamin E
aids in constructing and repairing tissue and protects the hair from
sunlight damage and environmental contamination it is a vital nutrient in
regards to skin care and healthy scalp maintenance let’s know some vitamin e
rich foods nuts are the very best source of vitamin E therefore include almonds
walnuts pistachio and some other nuts in your diet plan olive oil avocado
sunflower oil flaxseed oil may also be excellent alternatives for vitamin e so
friends this was all about foods to avoid hair fall hair fall reasons hair
growth foods list I hope you will like this information always consider a
healthy diet in your routine life as you can see it has a direct impact on our
hair health eat healthy stay healthy stay tuned friends subscribe to the
channel right now if you like the information thanks for watching

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