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Hand & Finger Exercise Using Medicine Balls; Reduce Pain & Stress

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – Yeah, in our opinion of course, Bob. – Today, Brad, we’re gonna to talk about hand and finger exercises
using Chinese medicine balls. – Yep. – To reduce pain and stress. – Yeah, it’s a combination. It’s rather interesting
what these medicine balls can do for you, so we’re
gonna get some detail on that in just a few moments. – All right, if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to
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what’s the other one? Instagram. – Yeah, my wife would go
for the shorter version. She just can’t that much of me anymore. – Yeah, I can understand that. – Oh wow, Bob, I’m telling you. So there’s a little story, Bob. The Chinese medicine balls
that we’re going to do. – That looks like a little
music box or something. – Yeah, this is what
they come in actually, you know I used to be in
the martial arts actively for about 20, well about
17 years, I take it back. And someone gave these to me as a gift. I mean that was a long time ago. – Oh cool. – And sure enough this is
how they typically come and there they are, they usually have some nice decoration on or they got some Chinese dragons on there. – [Bob] Yeah, really nice. – And you know, there’s a
lot of history behind these. They’re made for hand exercise. Yeah. (medicine ball ringing)
– Can you hear it? – You hear that?
– Yeah. – They started off hundreds
of years ago in Chinese in the Ming Dynasty but
used it for hand exercises, and they found out also, that they could be stress
relievers and reduce anxiety. Okay? And Xen Xen, they even
said there’s some claims of it improving memory as well as improving your sleep quality. – All right, well, I
don’t know about that, but we’ll throw it in there but they make lots of claims, don’t they? – Right. Well, you know, who are we to judge, Bob? As a therapist and as shown by Liz who’s an occupational
therapist assistant how to use these. And we all agree that they’re good things for dexterity of the fingers, strengthening, range of motion. All these things that may occur after an injury or weakness of the hand, or if you have arthritic hands and fingers and you want to get those hands moving they can be used. – These are not that far off
from the new fidget spinners. – Sure. – Those are things that
people with ADD tend to use and the people I’ve talked to, I know a lot of people with ADD, they said it really does help. – Sure. – It really helps keep them focused. And it’s a device so I’m sure this would serve the same purpose. – Sure, you bet. – You know, just that this
is the thousand-year version of fidget spinners basically. – Right, exactly you know. So, I’m just gonna demonstrate. Now I have these for years and I put them in my drawer and I kinda forgot about
them for about 20 years now. So I’m not real good at them but you know, you can Google this and
you could see people that are extremely good. Now I’m just doing this with one hand. You got that in focus there? Liz, thank you. I have a really hard time
going the other direction. But I can go this direction okay. – [Bob] And same with me, that was me too. – [Brad] And you can hear the chimes in it when you get that going. The better you get, if you can do do them without touching each
other that’s advanced. – [Bob] That’s tougher.
– [Brad] Yeah, it is tougher. – [Bob] A lot tougher.
– [Brad] And if you have, the bigger the diameter of the ball it also gets a bit more
difficult to do as well. – [Bob] Makes sense to me.
– And I’m right hand dominant, if I go to my left hand I can do it but it’s clearly more difficult and I have to think harder on it and my fingers get. I tried this for about two minutes and my fingers were getting fatigued and it was clearly an exercise as well. You wanna try it, bud? – Oh yeah, for some of
our older fans here. – Viewers, Bob. – Viewers yeah, we don’t
wanna call them fans. People that just show up. You might remember the
movie “The Caine Mutiny” with Humphrey Bogart. – Humphrey Bogart, that’s dating though. – So yeah, he played Captain Queeg which, I didn’t actually see the movie but I remember he had
steel or metal balls. – If you didn’t see the
movie how could you– – I don’t know, it’s a famous movie and I remember seeing clips from it. – Oh, okay. – And you know when he was stressed out he would take the balls
and start using them. – Oh really? – So it was like a major
symbol of the movie. – Sure, sure. – So if you’re a crazy guy, you know this might help calm you down. – That’s why I’m thinking
my wife gave it to me, you should just start using these. So that’s why I’ve got them
on the last few weeks or so. – Kind of a cool thing, I mean again I think it like
predates the fidget spinners and it can give you a little workout and help calm you down
stress-wise I think. – Right.
– Keep you more focused. – Get those fingers really moving. Look at that thumb, it really works that thumb. I’ve seen videos, just people effortlessly making these things
spin like very quickly. It’s interesting. Now if you are interested, you can get these quite cheaply online but be careful, make sure
you look at the reviews. There was a warning on
getting them too cheap and they’re just not,
the quality’s not there. The ceramic falls apart– – And you like a little weight
to them too I’m sure, right? – Well they actually started out solid and then they got them hollow. It was a big thing hundreds of years ago to get hollow balls. And then they put the
little chimes in there which is a nice little addition to them so just make sure you get some good ones, don’t be afraid to spend
a few extra dollars they’re still relatively cheap. Then you get a nice little box with them, then you have a place to put them, so they don’t roll around. If you put them on a
table they’ll roll off. – It kinda reminds me of, I like to play poker.
– Yeah. – And everybody plays with their chips. And I do, I just keep. It’s kind of a stress reduction ’cause you’re trying not to
show that you’re stressed out when someone’s betting against you. So I just keep playing with my chips. – Yeah. – And they don’t know
what cards I have I think. – Can you roll them from finger to finger? – A little bit. – Because I saw that on Tombstone, Doc Holliday was good at it. – Yeah, well, they can do all five. I can’t, I can do a couple of fingers. – This is the point where
the viewers are saying “They’re starting to babble”
and they start turning it off. – Yeah, they’re way past that already. – So very good. The Baoding balls or the
Chinese medicine balls. I think they’re a good deal, it’s well priced, got some good potential. And there they are. – There we go, thanks for watching.

34 thoughts on “Hand & Finger Exercise Using Medicine Balls; Reduce Pain & Stress

  1. Oh heck yeah. Thanks Bob and Brad! I recently started dating a nice girl and on an unrelated note my fingers have been overworked and killing me. This video really helps, thanks again.

  2. Bob& Brad, please consider putting the GoFundMe me link for Liz in your new video descriptions. We can get that $$$ much higher. So far I believe it is only in that one video where you 1st mention it. Thanks for everything guys.

  3. Idk if anyone ever mentioned athlean-x as another physical therapist on the internet. Not to demean your guys channel but he just has a larger following. However he does have a wider variety content so idk if he'd count lol.

  4. These worked for me. I had two 'trigger thumbs.' I used these several times a day for a couple weeks or so, and did not have to have surgery! Two things: the first few days, my forearms got very sore. And 2: how do you measure what mm to get? I don't 'speak' mm. My first pair was bought at a festival, because they were beautiful. I didn't actually use them until my trigger thumbs appeared about 10 years later.

    Thank you both so much for your very helpful and well-explained videos!

  5. I'm 69 years old and have been using some simular to the ones you have…mine are made if brass an anti microbial/ bacterial metal…one is 2lbs the second is 2 1/8 lbs… I started to use the name and 1980 and they do relax, help with your sleep, strengthens your fingers to your shoulders…

  6. Oh…I have those with green box.. I bought in HK 20 years ago and I told my 3,4 years old nepews it has another universe inside….😅

  7. Use Chinese metal balls at work or in other situations with some stress when the cigarette is calling.

  8. B&B, i am only 42 and am starting to get slight shakes in my left hand. I dont want to be 60 and shaking all over the place. What exercises can i do to help prevent the shakes?

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