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– [Host] This week, Harrison
Ford no longer eats meat or dairy, Calvin Klein bans fur, and Joaquin Phoenix rescues
cows from a slaughterhouse. All this and more on Live Kindly’s Weekly Vegan News. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
turn on notifications, and please be sure to
like and comment below. Harrison Ford no longer
eats meat and dairy. The actor revealed his diet change on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. – You changed your diet
or something, I read. – I did.
– What are you doing now? – Practically nothing. I eat vegetables and fish. – That’s good, that’s
very healthy for you. – No dairy, no– What was the other thing? – Meat?
– That, yeah true. – Yeah, did you do it
for some kind of reason or you just decided it’s
probably better for me? – I think I just decided I was tired of eating meat. – Yeah.
– And I know it’s not really good for the planet. – No, it’s not good for the planet and you are–
– And it’s not really good for me.
– No, it’s good to not eat meat, I find. – [Host] This isn’t the
first time the Star Wars star has spoken up for the environment. Last February, while speaking
at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he said that
climate change deniers are on the wrong side of history. – But around the world,
elements of leadership, including… in my own country, to preserve their stake in the status quo, deny or denigrate science. They are on the wrong side of history. – [Host] The star also
spoke at the United Nations Climate Action Summit
in New York last year, discussing the importance
of rainforest conservation, and called on elected
officials to take action on climate change. – The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, is crucial to any climate change solution for its capacity to sequester carbon, for its biodiversity, for its fresh water, for the air we breathe, for our morality. – [Host] Los Angeles banned the use of wild and exotic animals
for entertainment purposes. The bill goes beyond just circuses, and includes any events
within city limits. The Los Angeles City
Council passed the bill with a unanimous vote. According to council member David Ryu, wild animals have been exploited at lavish house parties in
the Hollywood Hills for years. He has championed the motion since its introduction in 2016. “It is time that the city of Los Angeles “makes absolutely clear that this abuse “of wild animals is shameful, “and we will not stand for it,” he said in a press release. Coming up, Jeff Bezos makes an investment to fight climate change. Global Brands Group, an
apparel management company that licenses major brands
such as Calvin Klein, has banned fur. In addition to Calvin Klein, the Hong Kong-based group also licenses AllSaints, Juicy Couture, Spyder, Frye, Kenneth Cole, and Jones New York. This isn’t Global Brands Group’s first ban on animal-derived materials. It stopped using ostrich skin and feathers across all of its
controlled brands in 2016. In 2017 it banned angora wool. The company joins a growing
number of major apparel brands that have banned fur,
including Gucci, Burberry, the Karl Lagerfeld
Brand, Prada, and Chanel. Bill Gates believes there’s no good reason to eat meat anymore. The billionaire philanthropist
appeared in an episode of engineer Mark Rober’s YouTube Show to taste test plant-based
hamburgers and bratwurst. – What do you think?
– It’s quite good. I mean, that’s light years away from what they used to make. – Like the traditional veggie burger? – Right, you know, the quality’s
gonna keep getting better. The plant-based guys
are not done innovating. Eventually they claim you won’t be able to tell the difference. – [Host] In the video,
he also talked about the inefficiency of food production. – The agricultural sector is about 18% of overall emissions,
but livestock is about half of that 18%.
– Wow. – And almost all of that is beef. You use eight calories to feed that cow for every calorie of meat you get out, because you’re building
bone and respiration for that cow. – [Host] White Castle
is now the first major fast food chain to offer vegan cheese. – I want 30 sliders, five French fries, and four large cherry Cokes. – I want the same, except
make mine Diet Cokes, Chuck. – [Host] The chain began seeking the perfect vegan cheese last April. According to White Castle, it will trial Good Planet
Foods’ as vegan cheddar in New York City and New Jersey locations. “Our impossible slider was
an Instant Craver favorite, “but it’s about to get a new dimension “with the introduction
of dairy-free cheddar. “We are excited to bring this
new, non-dairy vegan item “to cravers in the New
York and New Jersey areas, “with the hope of taking
it to other markets “in the future,” said Jamie Richardson, Vice President of White Castle. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is
committing $10 billion to fight climate change through
the New Bezos Earth Fund. _ This is Earth. It’s the best planet in the solar system. We know that because
we’ve sent robotic probes. It’s the only good planet
in the solar system and we need to take care of it. – [Host] Bezos announced
the fund on Instagram. Climate change is the
biggest threat to our planet. “I want to work alongside others
both to amplify known ways “and to explore new ways of
fighting the devastating impact “of climate change on
this planet we all share.” – [Bezos] This global
initiative will fund scientists, activists, NGOs, any effort
that offers a real possibility to help preserve and
protect the natural world. We can save Earth. – [Host] “It’s going to
take collective action “from big companies, small companies, “nation states, global organizations, “and individuals,” Bezos wrote. The fund will begin
issuing grants this summer. Coming up, Joaquin Phoenix rescues cows from slaughter. The Spanish Government is
investing in vegan meat for the first time ever. The government-back Neotec Technology Fund is financing Barcelona-based startup Food for Tomorrow. With a 250,000 Euro investment. The brand is the creator of Spanish vegan meat brand, Heura. Neotec is managed by the
Center for the Development of Industrial Technology, a public business entity that fosters the development of Spanish companies. Started in 2017, Foods for Tomorrow aims to provide consumers
with sustainable, plant-based meat, that tastes realistic. The Spanish government has confidence in Foods for Tomorrow. The funding was awarded
following an evaluation of its potential market. It also looked at the benefits of plant-based protein in
terms of sustainability. The program will last two years and allow Foods of Tomorrow to scale and accelerate production. The Heura range includes
soy-based chicken, meatballs, and pizza. Pea and Fava bean-based
products are in development. Academy award-winner Joaquin Phoenix didn’t just talk about the atrocities of factory farming during
his Oscar’s speech. Just a few hours later, the Joker star rescued a cow and her calf
from a slaughterhouse. Earthlings director Shaun
Monson filmed the rescue. The rescue was not planned
according to Farm Sanctuary, where the cows now live. Phoenix was visiting Manning Beef, a Southern California slaughterhouse during a tour arranged
by L.A. Animal Save. – [Man] You have to understand my side how I understand yours. – I understand, but your
language is powerful. So harvest it, please. – Murdered, okay. – [Host] The slaughterhouse
CEO, Anthony Di Maria, showed Phoenix a cow
who had just given birth while in the holding area. It’s the fifth mother and child
rescued from the facility. The animals, which Phoenix
named Liberty and Indigo, will now live at Farm Sanctuary
and act in California. A former automation engineer
has created a vegan leather made from up-cycled flowers, It’s called “fleather.” – And we started talking… Why is the water polluted? We spoke about Temple, like the issues because of the camp-ill-ee-aze. We spoke about the issues
of the leather tannery. We spoke about the sewage. – [Host] Ankeet Agarwal
and research scientist, Somya Shrevestava, didn’t
start with vegan leather. – [Man] Help us clean works towards up-cycling den-blue-east. It’s most successful venture so far has been flower-cycling. – [Host] In 2018, they launched Kanpur Flower-cycling Private
Limited, the small company based in the state of
Uttar Pradesh, India, made incense from leftover Temple flowers. “One day, they noticed
a dense fibrous material “growing out of the unused flower fibers “and the texture of that
resembled that of leather “in terms of elasticity
and tencile strength “and all of that. “So that’s how the research started,” Shrevestrava told Verve magazine. Now, the company gathers
around 2.7 tons of flowers, in Kanpur daily. Flowers are sorted by
species and the petals, which are used to make the leather, are broken down by hand. The remaining green portion
is used for Vermi Composting. Like cowhide leather, the
raw material is versatile. It can be used to make handbags, shoes, apparel, and any other products. In 2019, fleather won the
U.N. Sustainability Award and caught the fashion
industry’s attention. The company already has deals with three unnamed luxury Italian brands. All three are developing complete ranges, which will be launched internationally. That’s it for today. What do you think about
Harrison Ford ditching meat? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next
week for Live Kindly’s Weekly Vegan News. (light music)

100 thoughts on “HARRISON FORD Ditches MEAT | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

  1. Sorry I love your videos totally but the title is false that he has ditched meat is FISH NOT MEAT? In my book fish is meat…

  2. Joaquin Phoenix is just a wonderful good soul and his goodness is catching Now Harrison Ford is going meat free He is a candle light in the world of Hollywood darkness

  3. I appreciate what Bill Gates is doing for ethical eating , however he is incorrect about animal agriculture's contribution to climate change it's actually 51%! See animal agriculture white paper by Dr Sailesh Rao for evidence.

  4. why are you reporting that this man has given up meat when he clearly states that he eats fish? Fish is meat, it had a mother and father, and bleeds red blood as any other meat will. Plus it's just as bad or even worse than any other kind of meat. He hasn't given up meat at all, just changed the sort.

  5. I’m just Posting this objectively:

    advocating for SBD/space between diet: vegan diet for human digestion : hopefully Government can be Scientifically Studying what optimal diet within Veganism is: ( as well for understanding what specific vegan diets animals eat )/ (what materials have the most scientific integrity for all processes/all systems: specifically):
    my best understanding of what optimal diet for humans is, is:
    Space Between Diet
    certified organic
    no wheat products
    no soy products
    no peanut products
    no coffee bean products
    vegan (plant-based) foods diet

  6. Ford forgot the word meat? If he was serious it may be an onset of some kind of mental problem , maybe a lack of oils from nuts to feed his brain or a need for vitamin B12.

  7. 5:41 “Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet”…I’m a vegan and I recognize climate change is a big threat…that said, I would argue that nuclear weapons are the biggest threat, since we have the means to immediately annihilate all of humanity at any time. Denuclearization has to be a focus of ours as well as promoting world veganism, and reducing or reversing man made climate change.

  8. Fish is still meat. So I'm glad he's transitioning to a more plant based diet but he's still adding to the demand for fish sentiments to be murdered. I watched the mother and baby rescue Mr. Phoenix carried out and tears just wonderful joyful tears. One minute in a suit giving a speech then next day jeans and a T-shirt helping a family escape to a better life. That's the real look of a hero.

  9. it's great that folks with spotlight are starting to talk about ditching meat and dairy. But yeah he still eats fish which is meat – flesh of a living being- and he didn't sound too enthusiastic about his changes… But nonetheless, good for him. Fruit is a great human food as well as veggies greens tubers etc. When you ditch meat and dairy you might just find you can eat fruit better without any issues you may have had before.

  10. I think it's good what Harrison Ford does, and I support his eating fish, but I suggest he converts to a Buddhist religion for a compassionate attitude.

  11. I eat fish, but I don't eat any dead Bodies! Fish is a vegetable!
    Usually pescatarians do more damage to the environment, other species and their own healt. Because the corpse of the fish is even more toxic…more lives are killed by fishing…and aceans are even more important for climate.
    And when we put the pescatarians on the pedestal, we also do more damage.

  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7194701/amp/Australias-vegan-lie-revealed-growing-vegetables-kills-hundreds-thousands-animals.html

  13. Wow. I bought a box of frozen white castleva few weeks ago and the meat tasted so dam old. No more meat for me. Good for Bill Gates.

  14. HF's got the right idea and he's got his heart in the right place. But that FISH bxllshxt has got to go. Still, he's got the forward momentum, and that's beautiful. VEGAN 4EVR.

  15. Harrison just needs to ditch the fish now ,i wish Ellen would've told him that fish is bad all round instead of "oh yeah fish is good for you" though.🙄

  16. All these celebrities are a bunch of hypocrites, they need to check out their lifestyle and what and how much they consume and what impact it has on the environment. Their carbon footprint could power a several villages in the UK.
    Fish is meat is meat you nimrod.
    I guess though it's a step in the right direction, I hope it influence other celebrities/people.

  17. I think Harrison Ford did well, but to me, seems is a bit late. I thought personalities like Harrison are pioneers…any how, it better late then never…

  18. Fish is not healthy and it’s also a sentient being with feelings and emotions and a family xx fish feel pain and want to live 🙏so go all of the way if you are wanting to truly save our planet Harrison, there are so many options now to replace fish in plant based form so there are no excuses ….I have faith in you to do it properly peace begins on your plate love 💓 mxxxxx

  19. I always loved Harrison Ford, and Joaquin Phoenix…funny the so called celebrities I have a good gut feeling about are all vegan or moving towards it.. Your vibe changes when you love animals.

  20. Heading the right way, it's a good start. Well done Harrison. Next step will be close to follow I'm sure, once he gets his head around not eating fish.

  21. Regarding Harrison: I'm not sure this is really a success story. To transition from land to sea animals, by eating fish, exclusively, is like a cigarette smoker quitting cigarettes for cigars, in my humble opinion.

  22. There is no science supporting any diet. Tjhere is only anecdotal evidence, Perhaps studying 1000 centenarians is your best bet.

  23. He makes it very clear that he did not stop meat and dairy out of compassion, but for environmental issues, particularly global warming. After all, fish is also meat and suffers; without considering that fishing is also predatory and interferes with the lives of other marine and terrestrial species.
    But, considering that any positive attitude to reduce or abolish slaughterhouses, I believe that the rest will follow.

  24. If Bezos really wants to do something for the climate : just shutdown Amazon. Even $100 billions will not compensate the social and environmentals it generates.

  25. Let us pray that Harrison Ford continues his research and comes to the realization eating fish is as toxic to the planet and our bodies as eating any other animal! 🙏🙏

  26. Hes gonna lose his mind( no natural b12 and synthetic B12 is very harmful)
    ..break bones …lose muscle…deteriorate…its crazy!

  27. @4:00
    Maybe he isn't that bad after all 😀
    Don't have to feel that guilty for dual booting windows next to Ubuntu 🙂

  28. All great but… making plant based meats out of wheat gluten is very bad for us. I can't believe how gluten intolerance and celiac disease has skyrocketed.

  29. We are omnivores. Nature in its perfect state is populated with either things trying to kill other things to survive, or keep from being killed by other things to survive. I am a part of that cycle, no better nor worse, and I will own it.

  30. Every time I feel the world will never change I watch LiveKindly and it gives me hope, so good to see my favorite actor Ford ditch meat hope fish is next.

  31. Interesting Bezos is now becoming interested in the environment and climate change when Amazon would have to one of the biggest CO2 and plastic waste generators in the world. Look at all those trucks and planes racing around to deliver Amazons packages.and the packing material used. But then 10 Billion should fix it all

  32. Well done to Harrison. He seems to be slowly waking up.

    Disappointed with Livekindly for clickbait title and blurb. As many others have mentioned, fish is "meat" so Harrison has definitely NOT given up meat, only land animal flesh.

    Also disappointed with Ellen for saying that eating vegetables and fish is very healthy. No effing way is that healthy! For starters, fish are full of plastic, toxins and cholesterol. All unhealthy to consume. Also, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains should feature in there as well! 😀

  33. Tried the White Castle impossible burger for the first time and it was great! They were also sold out 2 days in a row at my local WC.

  34. "WE CAN SAVE EARTH" the media push is touting? Sounds more like "KEEP MONSANTO IN BUSINESS" and create agri-biz monopolies and massive mono-crops of GMO food everywhere (which is "vegan"). So we can be like Keanu at the end of the movie A SCANNER DARKLY. Sounds like the "vegan" version of Hell to me. Why aren't any of these fucks talking about shutting down the big agri-biz companies and MONSANTO / SYNGENTA / SENOMYX (Pepsi's new 'human fetal tissue' flavors in development) etc??? Something stinks. A bunch of big talk, but most likely just leading towards the typical outcomes (more disasters, mis-handling and mis-management, misery).

  35. It’s great that he’s cutting back! Every step helps at all levels, since the earth can’t sustain meat eaters much longer

  36. Harrison looks tired, he made the wrong dietary choice. Beyond that, he's an actor, he's not an authority on science, diet, or the environment and his new diet is a testament to that.

    All those claiming "the science shows CO2 is a problem" are wrong. Science shows there is no correlation of CO2 increase and temperature increase and no correlation of CO2 decrease and temperature decrease. Without correlation, there is no causation.

    I didn't play the whole clip, but I wonder how many other things it got wrong.

  37. Congrats……🎉🎊🎶🎊🎉 with the stars the change is coming.
    I have been plant based for 6 months now and things need to change.
    Thank you for saving the animals! ❤️👍🏼

  38. Veganism is not sustainable for farming. It kills animals & soil unknowingly. Mono crops are bad for the soil, kill insects, birds, rodents, worms, bees, good bacteria, diversity, & are destroying rainforests. Sustainable Grass fed agriculture doesn't need mono crops or rainforests. It can turn desert landscape into amazing grasslands improving the soil / nutrients. Reverses climate change by carbon sequestration. Improves the whole ecosystem with more wildlife. Nature works if we embrace it. Factory farms & mono crops are destroying nature's circle of life & balance.

  39. The goal is educate both plant & meat eaters to try to start buying food that improves earth's ecosystem. On the meat side buy Sustainable Regenerative grass fed & finished ruminant animals, wild caught fish, cage free pasture raised chicken & eggs vs factory farmed. On the vegetable side buy organic bio dynamic poly & permaculture vs Monsanto Monoculture. Doing those will make humans, animals, plants, soil, environment, healthier & happier. Nature didn't get it wrong. Human greed got it wrong. But we can change it buy sharing good info.

  40. Umm fish is animal flesh (meat) or did I miss something? Good on Han Solo for making progress towards a plant based and planet friendly diet , but no need to make it more than it is, and lie to your viewers. It only diminishes your credibility. As for Ellen, she clearly knows this as a former vegan, what a joke she is saying that.

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