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Health benefits of Drumsticks or Moringa oleifera | Nutritional facts | Health Tips

Good morning everyone, and welcome once again
to a wacky Wednesday, so today I am going to present to you a fruit straight from the
rock concert, the rocking fruit, you guessed it right, it is the Drumstick, Drumstick,
is the fruit of the super tree Moringa, Moringa is the latest kid on the superfood blog, it
has taken center stage, Moringa leaves are known to have high amount of Vitamin C, much
more than oranges, High amount of Vitamin A, much more than carrots, Hight amounts of
Iron, much more than Spinach, do you know it has high amounts of calcium much more than
milk. So everybody is now queuing for the Moringa,
or as we call in Marathi sivaga. Yes, now what happens is because of the craze
to on the superfood, we are taking out the village of Moringa plant and not letting these
wonder fruits grow, let me tell you as much as leaves grow of a Moringa plant healthy,
they can help beat Diabetes, they help with constipation, they are great to fight cancer,
they are great for lactation and mind you every Indian mom, feeds Moringa leaves vegetable
to her daughter whenever she comes for confinement, it is an essential part of the lactating mother
food in India, but equally good is the drumstick or Moringa fruit, and I tell you this is,
most the yummiest part, of a Moringa plant. This fruit is a wonder fruit, because normally
vitamin C is destroyed with cooking, but the shell or the covering of a Moringa fruit protects
the Vitamin C even during cooking, so when you eat Moringa fruit or the Drumstick you
get tons of Vitamin C, inside the fruit or the Moringa seeds, these seeds have very good
oil, which helps hair, and skin, and it is the key to longevity and looking young. Way even your when you age progresses, well….
there is a way in which Moringa Drumsticks are peeled before cooking, so put in your
knife, and you peel out this thick outer covering, you see, this is the way to go, now those
of my Indian friends who are watching this thing, this is simple, but recently i have
an non- Indian patient of mine, who needed to use this, because, steaming with calcium,
and therefore one of the good remedies for people suffering from Austro Arthritis and
Dermato Arthritis, but didn’t know how to use it, didn’t know how to cook it, so here
I am, showing you how to peel a Moringa fruit or a Drum Stick, you can add it to your soups,
you can add to your dhal, you can add it to your curries, you can add to your sambar,
growing up my mom would add to the fish curry, I loved it, that time I was non-vegetarian,
today I am a Vegetarian, so today morning I cooked a dhal, with Drum sticks, ahhh….
the smell just Devine, now, there is the sophisticated way of eating the Drum stick, you can take
a fork, and open the drum stick, and there is Drum stick seeds, steaming with the healthy
oil, and the inside pulp which is full of soluble and non – soluble fiber, which off
course help reduce cholesterol and helps to beat constipation, and of course vitamin C
intact, after cooking, but there is rustic way of eating, which is to take this, and
let your teach do the work, now i tell you the benefits of eating this, let me just enjoy
this bit of my drum stick, then you take the whole thing, and chew… kind of on like you
chew on your chewing gum and stuck out the juice, when you do this your exercising you
jaws, you are exercising your teeth, you see our modern food is too mushy, too soft so
our teach and jaws do not get enough exercise, so most of us we get temporomandibular or
TM pain, or we have bad teeth, this is the great way of exercising your teeth and exercising
your jaws, while enjoying you yummy juice, inside the Drum stick, not only that the skin
or the bark of the Drum stick, has lots of micro nutrients, when you chew on it, it release
this micro nutrients into your body, what we are forgetting it is not just the Moringa
leaves which are the super food, it is the whole Moringa tree, which is a super tree,
the roots are healthy, the leaves are healthy, the bark is healthy, the fruits are healthy
and dried seeds are healthy and even the flowers are healthy, growing up my mom made yummy,
yummy dry vegetable from the flowers, yes…. we forget this and, in our craze, to eat more
of the super food, we make capsules from the leaves, these capsules we can go on injecting
and take the big whole in our pocket, but we have got it out of context, yes…. we
really don’t know how much of that is going to be absorbed, so if we are living in the
tropical zone, if you are living, anywhere in south east Asia or India, or any part of
the world which has tropical climate, Moringa can grow naturally, Moringa is an evergreen,
doesn’t need a lot of care, in can go in aired and semi-aired grounds, it doesn’t
need a lot of water logging, in fact it hates it, Moringa was an essential part of backyard
gardens, in India and south east Asia, and it used to be planted at the corner of the
garden on the out ring, do you know why? because as much as we love Moringa so do the caterpillars,
so if you grow Moringa in your backyard, please learn from the wise ancients, and plant it
right at the end, by the way, Moringa can also grow in pots, big pots, but remember
to keep it out in your balcony and it is not an indoor plant and enjoy the health benefits
of its tender leaves, of its tender fruit, of its solid seeds and even its flowers on
that point Moringa has been used in the villages of India today to beat the mal nutrients,
because it gives growing up kids a lot of calcium, a lot of iron and a lot of vitamin
c and it is the key player in making the world diabetes free, so have Moringa enjoy every
bit of the Drumstick its leaves and its flowers, thank you.

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