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100 thoughts on “Healthier KFC Zinger Burger – 3 ways!

  1. If you'd like to give this recipe a try, head here for the method and ingredients for the 3 different options https://barrylewis.net/recipe/healthy-kfc-zinger-burger/ I absolutely loved this!

  2. At the beginning of this video i briefly considered running the oven cleaning mode……not happening now.

    That chicken looks amazing I'm totally making that soon

  3. Raw mushrooms not bad, cooked – no thank you – slime texture – eeew. Wish I could like them as they are pretty much in every vegetarian dish when I go out to eat… ☹️

  4. It was going so well until the mushrooms came on the screen… 🤢
    Your face said it all when you ate the zinger in a bun. No competition really. Definitely making that for dinner tomorrow… Minus the 🤢 though. 😂

  5. Happy new year Barry, great video as ever. Just to let you know your not alone in your love of mushrooms, I love them, I would have mushrooms with everything if I could lol.

  6. I heard of people having a lot of issues with that mode. I even know someone, nearby where I lived, that had to call the fire department because of excessive smoke. Always be extra careful when using that mode. I would just hand wash it. Safer than burning your house down or breaking it, like you did.

    As, for mushrooms, I hate them, and my GF is meh about them. She doesn't love, nor hate them.

  7. Hello Barry;

    I’m a fan of yours although I’m a little old and decrepit for most of your recipes I need to buy a rolling stool is high enough for me to still reach the controls on the stove and other kitchen equipment. I had a plan to verbally thump you about the use of burgers with anything other than a meat patty. My plan included using the Oxford dictionary as a gotcha, unfortunately, ended up gotcha-ing me instead. It does say a burger is generally considered a minced meat patty but it also said it could be almost anything else too. By the way, your pronunciation of burger is much too close to the American version than that espoused by the Oxford dictionary with sounded very upper-class or I think as you would say posh. I have recently wanted to learn how to speak posh English when actually what I wanted to learn was the type used by Cary Grant/Archibald Leach who was trained in the mid-Atlantic dialect which sounds something like a mix between upper-class or Harvard/Yale/Cambridge/Oxford mixture of American English. They used to train all American actors who want to sound educated and well-spoken in that accent for decades. But they stopped doing that some time ago. I don’t know exactly when and I might be just too old to learn a new accent. I speak across of my hometown Port Huron in Michigan which is at the foot of Lake Huron and Grand Rapids, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio which is at the West End of Lake Erie and is literally at the bottom of Eastside of Michigan. I have no idea how I obtained that accent I’m one of the few members of my family there was actually born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan. My younger twin sisters were born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada but they generally were raised in Port Huron which is simply 1 mile across the St. Clair River which is the river or straight that Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan drain into on their way to Niagara Falls. Actually, that just tells you where I live Michigan itself is approximately half the size of Great Britain in landmass however the three Great Lakes that I mentioned would put Great Britain about 90 feet underwater which would pretty much leave only a few mountaintops/hills as islands although to be honest the articles I read did mention the hills or mountains I think they were just referring to the depth of the water if water could be contoured to the land not paying attention to elevations. Sometimes facts are misleading. By the way and this is important personally I very much do like your YouTube channels and I enjoy your videos very much if I wasn’t stuck with a rather small pension and Social Security income I would like to have supported you financially. Instead, I have to lurk.

  8. I like mushrooms….. there are a lot of things I like mushrooms in….. that includes burgers…. but mate…..
    Not as buns! I can hear the squeal coming off your teeth as you eat that before I've seen it!

  9. All hail the Portobello Mushroom! I'd go for that every time. I love all sorts of edible fungus. I very often eat mushrooms raw, like sweets, and never store them in plastic bags, always paper – that stops them going slimy. Chanterelles are the best, and Ceps and The Parasol Mushroom close behind. One of the few I have not tried, is the Giant Puffball. Mushrooms of all sorts are so good for you – B vitamins and minerals. I bet that some of the people out there who profess to hate mushrooms, do eat Quorn. Guess what? That's mushroom based.
    You should do some mushroom-based recipes, Barry.
    It's midnight. Do I have either lettuce or 'Shrooms in the house? I do not. There are rolls, but rather elderly ones. I'll have to wait. Blast!

  10. The second one , I would just do itas a lettuce wrap. I do my BLT that way, lettuce bit of garlic mayo , tomato and pepper bacon.

  11. Mushrooms automatically make every meal 1000% better …

    And if I don’t want to use the tortilla chips what could I substitute them with ?

  12. I find it sad about how many people hate mushrooms. i am watching this while eating strait sauteed mushrooms, yum.

  13. Just stumbled upon this video, still yet to check out some more but first impressions are; Massive Jamie Oliver ressemblance & I feel like you have the characteristics of a professional and deserve to have your own show!
    Keep it up👌🏼👊🏼

  14. There's nothing healthy there mate. Mushrooms is a grand idea but for me I don't care for mushrooms because of texture, so if you could sort that out it would be lovely. The lettuce idea looks lovely.

  15. We have a different recipes for different countries, we have compressed thigh fillets which are pretty gross – I remember them as breast fillets in the UK, but yeah, we have a kind of spicy paste inside the crispy coating and it’s served with a lime mayo – which is much better than the UK. Give it a try!

  16. Barry, Is your oven a Whirlpool or Kitchinaid? Mine did the same and they replaced it for free! I know the Dir of Product Safety. If not call the manufacturer and say it's a safety issue.

  17. Our oven did exactly the same thing TWICE… luckily both times the kitchen was empty. First time it happened I was home alone, it was very loud and upsetting. They replaced the door and it worked ok until we tried the self clean feature again, my husband assured me that the door must have been faulty,no way would it happen again… he was VERY wrong. Luckily he was home the day it happened again. They replaced the entire oven this time, but I too terrified to ever try to use that feature again.

    Out of interest what is the make of your oven? Ours is hotpoint… I’d be interesting to know whether this happened to anyone else and what the brand of theirs is.

  18. YES! PLEEEEEEASE do more of these Barry!!! I havent had carbs in over a month so I'd add pork rinds instead of tortilla chips but OMG I need more inspo

  19. You made Art! All three look and sound delicious! There is no such thing as too many/much mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!

  20. I am part of that 80%, but its surprisingly not a texture thing with me!

    For some reason ever since i was really young thinking about touching a mushroom always made my skin crawl, my brain basically screams that im getting spores on myself. So yea, irrational fears man

  21. A healthy version of the crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell would be awesome! I'm pregnant and have been craving Taco Bell frequently, between episodes of nausea.

    BTW, I love mushrooms. That sandwich looked amazing. 👍😋

  22. Never met a mushroom I didn’t like, cooked or raw! What a genius idea, I’m going to try it! But I liked the kfc burger where there were 2 chicken burgers as the bread, and there was smoked bacon and cheese between them! Could totally do that with this too with a halved and flattened chicken breast! 🤤

  23. KFC has never apologised for being unhealthy. Some of the family meals have 32,000kj (kilojoules is used in Australia) which is enough to feed several people for a day each. I used to get a boxed meal and split it into the main meal of each day. When I moved there was an entire drawer full of KFC refresher towels and cutlery.

  24. Isn't using spices, sauce and chips and mayo beats the whole "it's healthier" thing? Sorry I've got gastritis and pancreatitis, so stuff like that really bothers me =D

  25. I like using the mushrooms and replacing a burger with it. It's a good change from a greasy burger once in a while.

  26. ever seen an oven that can self shatter? well I have not so far. someone contact the guy who made that thing, my german gens are revolting over this marvelous feed of engineering

  27. Was your house on the chilly side when you cleaned the oven? In the trailer I grew up in, the house was on the cold side and I decided to put dinner in the oven. When I took the food out and shut the oven door, the glass on the door shattered, leaving just the metal framing of the door. Mommy said Screw it; the oven still works as needed. So we never fixed it. I think that's what happened to your oven door.

  28. I'm in the mushroom (and Marmite) lovers camps. I think it's a generational thing as most of the people I work with are under 30 and won't go anywhere near a mushroom or fish, in the same way that I wouldn't eat offal although the generation before me loved the stuff.

  29. Normal burger yeah, lettuce one YAAAS, mushrooms, hell to the NO!!! I just can´t eat mushrooms….tastes like funky dirt and the texture….uggh….granted, I am sensitive to textures since I´m Autistic….but I´ve learned to eat a lot of other things over the years that I never thought I would, so I´m not gonna say never to mushrooms…but it´s not something I´m able to eat today.

  30. Any chance of you taking a shot at the Vegan 'chicken' burger KFC are doing for Veganuary Barry? Have tried to replicate it myself but it's not turned out great each time.

  31. I've had my oven glass shatter twice once the inner glass the second time the actual door! Not much fun did two weeks with no oven!

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