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Healthy Cookie Butter Recipe – vegan + gluten free

hi hope you like this recipe for healthy
cookie butter it’s kind of based off trying to emulate the taste of the
Trader Joe’s cookie butter or the Italian brand the bisque off cookie
butter though those are not plant-based and they’re full of refined sugar palm
oil refined palm oil and wheat flour and obviously this being a plant-based
healthy recipe site there’s none other than that so try to emulate the same
kind of cookie butter taste but without any those it’s difficult to get it
exactly the same consistency I mean it’s not going to be a really smooth peanut
butter type consistentsy but it is something that
you can spread and tastes like a bit like a cookie so I’m satisfied with
calling this a cookie butter spread you could call this sunflower seed
caramel spread with basically just the sunflower seeds and the maple syrup or
any other sweetener you prefer to use instead but it wouldn’t wouldn’t sound
as good and it probably wouldn’t taste good and subliminally I think people
will think it tastes a lot better if you call it a cookie butter spread as
opposed to a sunflower seed maple syrup spread you can make this without sunflower seeds and with cashew nuts if you prefer it does give a different taste
it’s also a great taste but I’m using sunflower seeds here because I want to make
more nut free recipes because lots of people do have nut allergies and some
plus sunflower seeds are a lot a lot cheaper so it’s way more inexpensive to make it using
sunflower seeds you can adapt this to be choclately flavor by just adding two heaped
tablespoons of cacao powder or cocoa powder and then just stir it in and the
final step and then you’ve got a kind of a chocolate cookie butter spread I’m
using buck wheat just lightly toasted I think you can buy it pre done toasted
I think it begin something with a K I think in some Eastern European shops have seen
it but it’s simple enough to just toast the buckwheat yourself but also remember
when you’re toasting seeds especially the sunflower seeds or the buckwheat
because buckwheat is technically seed just to keep your eye on it like a hawk
because once it’s burnt there’s there’s nothing you can do it just a little bit
of burn from the seed and that means the whole batch done so just never leave
your oven while you’re toasting seeds it’s not quite as difficult when you’re
toasting pine nuts where it takes seconds to go from
not toast enough to burnt be definitely don’t leave them at all because it’s so
easy to burn them if you don’t have any buckwheat you can use oats this I
definitely recommend toasting your oats because just like the buckwheat they’re
just even those are only a small amount this recipe a few bits of toasted oats
or buckwheat really help to give that biscuity flavor to it don’t do what I do
and put your buckwheat in last a you do want to grind it just very quickly for
putting it in I’m using a one horse blender to make this which is quite
powerful but unfortunately for seed things like this you’re blending seeds
in the butter you do need something quite powerful it is really worthwhile
investing in a good blender because it will last your lifetime the bowls won’t
last your lifetime with the actual blender well if you get a good brand and
it does seem very expensive than them but if you buy a good brand the motor
can see for 20 years or so you can make this either raw or normal cooked if
you’re doing this war you want soak all your seeds and then place them a
dehydrator overnight to dry just soak them for probably 12 hours rinse them
drain them put them on the dehydratior sheets and dehydrate under 110
Fahrenheit overnight again kind of maybe mixing a bit in between to make sure
they will dried properly you don’t have a dehydrator this is great raw but would
still recommend soaking soaking and splashing your seeds as they’re much
easier to digest to digest in this video aren’t that great this was a
recipe I was doing quite last-minute oh well I was try to develop recipes for
my book to have a few exclusive ones I didn’t think it was good enough I
thought it’s quite good but it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted because
it’s not super smooth so I didn’t think of it this isn’t going to get many hits
this isn’t gonna go viral if people see it’s quite lumpy but I’m releasing it
now anyway as you you never know and as I say it was from my book that was not
healthy or easy to do on my own but I’m glad it’s out there and there’s not many
copies in the world so pick one up if you want this is the page for my cookie
butter spread is easy I’ve tried to add both the chocolate one as well this just
and I filled it with pictures and I made it quite easy to read so it’s good for
when you’re cooking along with and every recipe has at least one photo and
full-size photo and a good description with some information at the bottom
there’s over hundred recipes in this book so try them below if you’d like it
anyway let me know if you enjoyed this recipe please do give me a thumbs up and
subscribe if you enjoyed it it really helps you out and see you for more
recipes like this soon

4 thoughts on “Healthy Cookie Butter Recipe – vegan + gluten free

  1. I wonder if using dates instead of (or replace half) the maple syrup might increase the spreadability and replace some of the more intense sugar high from the syrup…
    I will try this but I will add dates, I think! Hah..

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