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Healthy Corn Chowder | #10HealthyMeals | Donal Skehan

Hi Guys, Donal here. I have a brilliant quick, simple and healthy little recipe to keep you warm during these colder winter months It’s a corn chowder, it’s very, very easy to make and best of all It is luscious, creamy and sweet It starts off with cutting up, some celery and some onion If you’re looking for the recipe, it is on JamieOliver.com, so head over and check it out Once you have that celery and onion chopped up. Get a little drop of Olive Oil into a large pot. Little drop goes in and once that’s nice and warm, get your celery and your onion straight in there. You want to fry this off until it’s nice, soft and tender but the extra dimension of flavour I’m going to add in here, is a little drop bit of Pine Leaves. and this will give you the most beautiful, aromatic flavour and just really build the base flavours of this soup It only takes a few ingredients to make something very, very simple, very healthy and totally declious While that’s frying off, I’m going to chop up my potato, now you can use a waxy or floury potato here It depends how you like the finish on your soup. But I’m using one that has a nice combination of the two. So i’m going to peel that up and give it a quick peel on the outside and then just chop into cubes In terms of size of the little cubes you’re going to make, you just want small enough bite size pieces, that make this a very hearty chowder, very nice. I’ve checked on my onion and my celery and it is looking and smelling very good So at this point it’s time to make the creamy element of this wonderful soup In with a little bit of plain flour and essentially this is going to help to thicken this soup and give you a really kinda creamy and rich chowder So stir that straight through. Now I’m using low fat milk… add that in. and the flour and the milk are going to act together and give you this wonderful rich and creamy finish to the soup Once that’s nicely combined, grab up your potatoes and just chuck them straight in You want to cook these potatoes for about 12 minutes, but you want them to be tender but not mushy they need to be holding their shape My potatoes are nearly cooked, so now it’s time to chop up some spring onions nice and fine Straight into the pot It adds brilliant colour in through white mixture and then for our lovely sweetness… a bit of sweetcorn Give that all a good stir through and it is time to taste So grab up a little bit of sweetcorn, a little potato, some spring onion in there and give it a taste. What is absolutely brilliant about this recipe is, that you’re taking just a few key little ingredients that are Full of flavour, making something that is really healthy and it results in the most delicious Hearty chowder that is sweet and luscious and creamy. All the things you want it to be It is very, very easy to make So now I’m going to serve it up into a bowl Finish it off with some chopped chive and little parmesan crisps for a bit of bite It is a really simple and healthy recipe and if you want to check it out in the box below Head over to JamieOliver.com. You’ll find lots of delicious healthy recipes. And if you want more healthy recipe videos, subscribe to Food Tube, there’s lot’s of lovely things going on And click subscribe to my channel, we’ve got lots of brilliant recipes over there as well. I hope you give this recipe a go, so leave me a big comment in the box below and I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “Healthy Corn Chowder | #10HealthyMeals | Donal Skehan

  1. Such a nice recipe!^^ And the best thing is that soups are always easy to modify! I just might leave out the celery if I try making it 🙂

  2. What a great recipe. I've been looking for corn chowder for quite a while. And your video is the firth thing I saw in the morning. And this is definitely the recipe, gonna try it today. Like your new hair 🙂 what happened to the fish on the fridge, it is a map now instead? lol

  3. Great recipe!! Really simple and quick as well. Do you still need salt
    and pepper to taste? Or are the flavours of those ingredients enough??

  4. Donal is amazing. It is always such a pleasure to watch his videos ,I'm waiting for them even more,than Jamie's ones. He is really positive and I love his voice so much. I'm going cook this dish right now)

  5. Not sure a milk-based soup qualifies as "healthy" – but it seems that the term is becoming more and more relative on this channel.

  6. You made me want to try this dish. Seems very comforting… That's what I need right now. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

  7. Looks really good and warming for the bod! We need good comfort food like this right now. It's cold! TFS and have a great week! 🙂

  8. This looks amazing as a side, but I wonder if I could add some protein to make it an entree?  I'm thinking poaching a salmon in the chowder for several minutes then flaking it apart would make for one helluva main course.  Just wouldn't want to microwave it the next day…

  9. Is there a particular dairy-free milk option you'd recommend for this? I'm partial to almond milk, personally, but would that be weird with this?

  10. It look amazing! I'll subscribe your channel as well immediatly! I think to try that soon and I will post a picture somewhere! 🙂

  11. What if I don't have Chives? any other similar ingredient I can replace it with? (i think chives arent sold in my country). Also, those corns are from a can, right?

  12. I am gluten and lactose intolerant, but I love corn! Could I substitute rice flour for the flour and coconut milk for the milk? Thanks in advance!

  13. Brilliant! It's 34º Celsius here and Im still considering cooking that for dinner tomorrow! Cheers from Brazil matte!

  14. This recipe is brilliant ill substitute the unsweetened almond milk and give it a go its been -13 at night here in the states this would make a great dinner

  15. Throw in some crawfish and cayenne for a twist.  I'm from Louisiana, so I love a little spice.  I've been making a less than healthy crawfish and corn chowder for years.  I really must try this lighter version.   

  16. Has anyone tried freezing this? Just wondering if it's the sort of dish that could be bulk cooked and frozen in portions…….

  17. I'm sorry, but this is not a healthy recipe. 

    Potato: high in carbs
    Corn: high in carbs
    Milk: a lot of things, do a search for yourself. 

    Besides that, a lack of proteins and good fats makes this recipe not only non-nutritiional but also unhealthy. 

  18. I don't eat celery outside of this type of recipe; however, you can't buy just a few stalks (at least here) – I always end up throwing away half to 3/4ths of what I buy. Any tips for  extending the shelf life of celery?

  19. +Donal Skehan +Jamie Oliver I made this tonight and it came out so good, really easy to make. I used unsweetened almond milk instead and included rosemary leek and chopped asparagus ! Love it!

  20. So easy and quick to make.
    Made this for my friends with some garlic bread on the side when they randomly showed up at my place.
    Its amazing !

  21. YUM! This looks like an amazing recipe!!! I love chowders so I will have to try this because they are usually not very healthy but yours it! 🙂

  22. Finally tried this one out, and substituted all purpose gluten-free flour for the plain flour and coconut milk for the semi-skimmed milk. Still came out okay but was on the sweet side. Will keep tweaking it until I get the right combinations!

  23. what does it taste like? is it sweet? were going to cook this in school for a cooking contest,but my classmate said that this soup might be too sweet…

  24. hi I love love all these type of creamy types of foods they are my favorite but I just recently found out my husband has become lactose intolerant. what can I do? when all these yummy recipes call for milk or whole milk. would it be the same with any other animal milk we are both new to this whole lactose intolerance thing.

  25. I just tried out this recipe! However, I used lactose-free milk which is a little sweeter than normal milk so it turned out a bit different. I also added a VERY generous amount of salt and pepper, and I used fresh corn off the cob which I tossed in at the same time as the potatoes. Thank you, Donal!

  26. Who still uses milk in the year 2018? By now everyone should know how unhealthy milk is and that it makes cancer cells grow rapidly. shakes head Now I remember why I have never cooked any Jamie Oliver recipes in my life.

  27. Boil what takes longest. Then add what takes the next longest. And on and on until everything is safe to eat. Pour off the water. Immediately add milk and cook only until it comes to a boil. Add stick of margarine or butter until melted. Atom heart mother. Loving life and grateful dead.

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