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Healthy Eating: Does portion control mean small portions?

Does portion control have to mean
tiny meals? -Hi. I’m Gemma.
-And I’m Ros. Are you confused by
what a healthy portion size should look like? If you get the balance right,
you can probably eat more than you think, because a balanced plate has the food groups
in the right proportions to give you the nutrients and energy
you need out of your day. The biggest and most important component
of your plate should be vegetables. When plating up, try to get half of
that plate full of those vegetables. The other half can then be
equal proportions of carbohydrates and protein. As part of a broader healthy diet, try to get in some fruit,
dairy and healthy fats as well. To put into perspective
how much more variety you can get, here side by side are two plates
that contain the same amount of energy. So around about the same amount
of calories or kilojoules. And, as you can see, one meal,
you get so much more on your plate. With the white schnitzel sandwich, we’ve got a lot more fat,
more refined carbohydrates, not very many vegetables and a lot less fibre. On the other hand, we’ve got
a wholegrain bread sandwich – more fibre in the wholegrains, we’ve got lean chicken,
so much less fat, and lots more veg. And as you can see, you can even then enjoy yoghurt
and a pear on the side as well. Also keep in mind
it takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal
from the stomach that we’re full. So there are two things to remember – slow down when you’re eating
and increase the veg on your plate. For more healthy tips like this,
visit us at the Bupa Blue Room.

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