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Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating: Sodium & Potassium

I’d like to talk to you about sodium and potassium.
This is a very important aspect of a healthy diet. We have a real problem right now with
our modern diet in that it contains far too much sodium and not enough potassium. Just
the opposite of what our ancestors ate. And you might think well I don’t have high blood
pressure, I’m not salt sensitive, I don’t need to watch my salt. Not so. Too much salt
in the diet has many implications for our health. Everyone should be watching their
sodium intake. High sodium intake has been linked to osteoporosis, stomach cancer, all
sorts of diseases. So this is very important. The sodium potassium ratio effects how nutrients
move back and forth across cell membranes. That’s why it’s so important. And believe
it or not most of the salt in our diet doesn’t come from the salt shaker, it comes from fast
foods. Fast foods are notorious for high sodium. Packaged and processed foods. If you’re not
eating fresh foods you have to compensate in these products by adding a lot of salt
and sugar. For example I was looking at one frozen dinner and it had about five thousand
milligrams of sodium in this large frozen dinner. Which is about twice our recommended
intake of sodium. Recommendation is about 2400 milligrams of sodium per day. What you
would find in about a teaspoon of salt. So it’s not coming so much from the salt shaker
but coming from fast foods. Coming from canned foods. Canned soups. Canned vegetables you’ve
got to be careful about. A lot of condiments, too. And a lot of times it’s not so much,
not just the sodium quantity but the lack of potassium. There’s sort of a seesaw balance
between these two minerals. And if you keep your potassium level high that’s going to
bring down, help to bring down the sodium level. And where do we get the potassium?
Well again, that’s the vegetables and fruits. If you’re getting your quota of at least two
fruit, at least three vegetable a day that’s where you’re getting the potassium. But I
would shoot for the higher amount. I would try and go for four servings of fruit and
five of the vegetable. Sometimes people ask me, well can I take a potassium supplement.
Sure you can but the best potassium supplement would be a glass of tomato juice or vegetable
juice. Which would give you about 400 milligrams of potassium versus maybe 99 milligrams in
a potassium supplement. Bananas also. Very high in potassium. Several hundred milligrams.
But all the vegetables and fruits. Good sources of potassium. And if you do that there is
room for some salt in your diet. Hopefully a healthy salt. And this is a good choice
here. This is called Celtic or sometimes called Celtic sea salt. And you can tell that it’s
very nutritious by this gray color versus the white salt. It’s like the difference between
whole grain bread and white refined bread. This has minerals in here that account for
that gray color. So a little bit of healthy salt in your diet is fine if you’re getting
lots of vegetables and fruits. Here’s another one. This is called Pink salt. This is Himalayan
salt. And the pink color is from the iron and other minerals in there. So that’s the
deal on sodium potassium. Make sure you’re getting your quota for vegetables and fruits
every day. Hold down the fast foods and the convenient foods to avoid sodium.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating: Sodium & Potassium

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  2. Since I eat NO fast foods or Processed foods, packaged or canned I have to make sure I add salt to my diet. I use the Celtic Sea Salt which still has the minerals in it, we need it to create stomach acid. Most of you probably need to cut back.

  3. Maybe you should distinguish table salt from natural salt. Two different animals. Sodium from greens, etc. are very important. 

  4. we can not live without salt our tears are salty we sweat out salt and we poop and pee out salt and we also breath out salt… so we need the right kinda salt

  5. Here's my issue, i started eating healthy. I find it hard to get adequate salt and potassium with blowing one of my other micros.

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