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Healthy Eating Tips to Slash Added Sugars from Your Diet

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well we all enjoy sweet treats once in a while, it’s important to limit the amount of added sugars in our diets Most of the sugar we eat should come from sugars naturally found in nutritious foods
like whole fruits. For a healthy amount of Avoid or limit added sugars found in
processed foods such as sugar-sweetened drinks and candy.
Added sugars are empty calories, meaning there is no nutritional value other than the calories. Taking in too many calories can lead to storing
extra body fat. Having too much body fat increases the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. So what can you do to limit the added sugars in your
diet? But still enjoy food and drinks that taste great? We’re going to show you some healthy eating tips to slash the sugar in your diet For many people, the biggest single source of added sugars in their diet is sugar-sweetened drinks. This includes pop, vitamin water, juice and energy drinks. Try making your own flavoured water by filling water pitchers with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and with herbs such as mint. You can also try this with sparkling water. Do you treat yourself to specialty coffees? Well those coffees are usually made with added syrups that are loaded in sugar. Skip the syrup in your coffee, and add instead flavor it with things like ground cinnamon, nutmeg or cocoa powder If you love ice cream and frozen desserts as much as we do, you’ll love this sugar slashing tip.You can make your own quick and easy frozen dessert by blending frozen fruit with milk or any milk alternative. Like in this recipe for a coconut and banana ice cream Many people buy flavoured yogurt thinking they are making a healthy choice without realizing how much sugar is usually added to it. Buy
plain, unflavoured yogurt and add your own fruit and flavour with vanilla extract or
a citrus zest. You can also had a touch of sweetness with maple syrup or honey. By adding your own sweetener, you can control the amount and the type of sugar that’s added Maple syrup and honey contain
nutrients and are lower on the glycemic index than table sugar Do you eat cereal bars for a breakfast on the go? Try making your own cereal bars to control the amount of added sugar. Use ingredients like mashed bananas, pureed dates or prunes,
even apple sauce Try our recipe for Blueberry Granola
Bars and Quinoa Almond Butter protein bars! Many breakfast cereals look healthy, but can
contain up to 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving Make your own muesli by mixing oats with nuts,
seeds, and dried fruit. You can also make your own hot cereal using steelcut oats, quinoa or millet. And mix in some fruit or pack in the flavour with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg Use these healthy eating tips we shared and you’ll slash the added sugars in your diet every day! If you have any food or nutrition tips
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