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Healthy Food Choices

Healthy food choices. All of us were
infants at some point in time ,we grew up to be happy active children and then
into healthy adults. So what did our parent’s feed us? Well most of us in our growing
up years were not fed with tinned baby food or packaged food like chips and
chocolate. Neither were we fed with junk food like
burgers and pizza’s. Ready-made food was rarely brought home.
Instead we were fed with homemade goodies, fresh fruits and juices.
Our parents chose to buy fresh vegetables from the local market and cooked them at
home. A balanced nutritious meal was freshly made every day.Recipes
which were made from whole grains, lentils and pulses were passed on from
generation to generation. Children love junk food these foods are either frozen
or packaged they are loaded with either salt or sugar or preservatives. And not to
forget the colas and the soft drink’s. But is this good for your child?
Childhood obesity is an exploding nightmare, sugary foods have a bad effect
on children’s development and behaviour. Heart ailments are increasing among young
adults. Let’s take a look at simple solution, remember Healthy Food habits
develop at home. At least one meal should be had with the family parents and other
others should set an example. Practice what you preach! Avoid bringing
packaged food ready-made food and sugary drinks.
Lastly don’t store unhealthy food at home or in your refrigerator.
We hope you as parents will make this change and make a difference in your
child’s life. Visit our website at www.allaboutchild.com to view all our new videos first. Thank
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