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Healthy Food Diet Chart for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients | Diet in CKD (Hindi)

Friends the world is full of healthy things.
Few super foods provide multiple benefits by boosting the physical
and mental health. But talking of kidney diseases, then you have to pick food cautiously. No matter if the type of food is healthy
for you but if you are a kidney disease patient then you have to maintain a healthy renal
diet. That is why we constantly tell you
about food items that you should not eat during this
period. Let us proceed with the video and
talk about the foods that are healthy for a normal body but not for a kidney patient, they can be harmful for them. First is Almond In Indian culture, Almond is considered a
holy fruit It is rich in Vitamin E, copper, magnesium
and protein it is also a great source of antioxidant
and boost mental health it prevents inflammation in the body
and keep the heart health strong But because of the high contents of phosphorus
and potassium is not a beneficial fruit
for kidney patients. If you consume only 200 gms of Almonds then
you will be consuming 150 mg potassium and 100 mg phosphorus along. Potassium and
phosphorus are restricted during kidney diseases. Now
let us talk about jaggery, it is considered as a healthy alternative
for sugar as it is rich in iron and low in calories and highly-enriched in different nutrients.
Only in 3 gms of jaggery you will find 100 mg iron but the disadvantage
is that it will boost the glucose levels in the blood. So, you should avoid having jaggery in your renal diet no
matter how healthy it is. Let us talk about one more seasonal food
“Sattu” but can a kidney patient consume it? The answer is “No” It is rich
in protein and calorie is high Only in 22 gms of Sattu contains 100 mg Proteins.
It is considered a nutritious food and keep maintains the healthy & hydrated
in summers It helps in controlling diabetes too. It
comes in the form of a powder and you can make Laddoos, Chapatis & Lithi-chaukha and can be consumed as a beverage too. But
the disadvantage of having Sattu is that the Sattu made up of chickpeas contain
high amounts of potassium and you have to strictly avoid its consumption.
Let us talk about Green Leafy Vegetables You must have heard since your childhood
that these vegetables are beneficial for health as it is rich in Vitamin
A, Vitamin D Vitamin E, Vitamin K and several types of
Vitamin B these are also rich in iron, potassium, calcium
and magnesium it also provides with adequate amounts of
fiber in the body. It also prevents the problem of constipation
and keeps the body healthy during diabetes. But again the disadvantage of these vegetables
is that they are loaded with potassium. Only a bowl of leafy vegetable will provide
you with 800 mg of potassium which is considered a high amount. It
can obstruct the the filtration process of kidneys and will get
accumulated in the body only. So did you see how even the healthy things
can be a poison for your diseased health condition.
Only because these vegetables are loaded with minerals
that are not allowed during kidney diseases And because of the same reason, you won’t
be able to utilize their benefits and if you consume then it will help in the progression
of kidney diseases. What to eat and avoid,
the list never-ending. So you would need to get up with healthy kidneys soon. Where Karma Ayurvedic’ Ayurvedic knowledge can help you. Here, Dr. Puneet Dhawan cure the problems of numerous kidney patients
daily Let us meet one such patient. Namaskar Friends! Today we have Mr. Shravan
Dutta Where are you from? Mr. Shravan: From Tripura sir. What were the problems before visiting Karma
Ayurveda Mr. Shravan: I had swelling in legs and creatinine
was 9.53 mg/dl and had problems in eating and urea almost
reached the level of 200 mg/dl (approx) Then we got to know about you from your YouTube
channel Dr. Puneet Dhawan: You dealt with a lot of problems back then? Right? and the problems were a bit serious? What did the doctors of Tripura say? Mr. Shravan: Actually, I visited doctors
in Delhi where they advised me for transplant
and dialysis so I was not convinced for it and then I saw your videos and decided to come
here to take medicines. and now I am better than before. Dr. Puneet
Dhawan: Please tell us everyone clearly… Mr. Sharavan: I had problems like couldn’t
eat properly and had swelling but now everything
is normal and feeling much better now. Dr. Puneet Dhawan: Creatinine was high with a range of 9.5 mg/dl. The reports are from Dr. Lal Path lab as on 2nd May 2019, the
urea is 220 mg/dl and uric acid was 13.80, you must have been advised
dialysis, what did they say? Mr. Shravan: They said that get on dialysis
at the earliest. Dr. Puneet Dhawan: Phosphorus
8.1, sodium, potassium and chloride are high with the reference of Dr. Lal Path
Lab’s reports as on 2nd May 2019 It is a trusted lab and after that they have
conducted another test on 19th May 2019 from SRL Diagnostic Lab, another
trusted laboratory. according to this report the creatinine was
reduced to 7.65 mg/dl and all the parameters have reduced too. and the improvements are visible in all the
parameters. nowhere is the latest report as on 4th August
2019 creatinine is 5.52 mg/dl and urea is 77 mg/dl I will scan and attach the reports along
this video and you can see the difference. Who recommended you to get the test done from here? Mr. Shravan: No one, these labs are nearby.
Dr. Puneet Dhawan: So, these are nearby labs.
Earlier the creatinine level was 9.3 mg/dl and now the creatinine has reduced to 5.5
mg/dl and the urea was 202 mg/dl now reduced to 77 mg/dl. Uric acid was 13.8
to 7.40 If we observe all these parameters then we
can see the improvements in them without dialysis. He didn’t need dialysis
and now is totally out of the protocol of
dialysis. These reports can tell the story of the recovery
of the patient not only on physical levels but as per the
reports too. What message would you like
to give to the viewers? to the patients dealing with the same problems Mr. Shravan: There is no treatment for kidney
diseases in alloapthy you can get the benefit from Karma Ayurveda.
I am observing improvements from the past
three months since I am taking medicines from here. Now
I am physically fit and out of all the problems. I would only recommend
all of them to visit here and seek treatment
for once trust the medicines and follow the guidelines
as provided by Dr. Puneet Dhawan Dr. Puneet Dhawan: Now you must out of danger.
He is now out of the scientific protocol and has been proved that if you follow the
guidelines of Ayurvedic treatment then you will observe the changes in your
condition. (So did you see how the Ayurvedic
knowledge of Karma Ayurveda has cured this patients’ problem of kidney diseases. We hope that you liked our video If you did then like, share and subscribe to our channel. Let us meet in the next video till then stay healthy and happy. if you
are undergoing dialysis and want to escape from this painful procedure
then you can contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Our Address is
G-20 NDM 1 Plot no B 2,3,4 Opposite NIMS Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura New Delhi 110034 Our Phone numbers are 09871712050 011-4264-4274 Our email id is [email protected] For more information
log on to www.karmaayurveda.com

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