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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

HEALTHY FOOD! DIET OF LIFE AND YOUTH! Excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner! Vitaliy Ostrovskiy

Today we’re going to talk about
the blood circulatory system. Because a lot of people ask
me “How do I eat right?” I’ve decided to show it,
rather than explain. Look! An antitumor diet which
supports our immune system. Here we have the system created by oncology
specialist Laskin, which is a little, I’d say, “improved”, because there’s been
15 years since then, but the basics, the idea, of course,
belong to him. What’s the point of it? Look! If you are
healthy, you can eat whatever you want. If we are healthy. If you have some health issues, you can
fast or keep a diet for some time. The first thing you need
to do is to reach out to the Lord, for he is the only
doctor that can cure you. You have to get rid of negativity and keep
saying: “Thank God. Thank God. Thank God”. And stay away from stress, stress,
there mustn’t be any stress! Or else your immune system
weakens for 7 days. Do you really need
to be stressed? No stress – no problems. So, it’s the first tip. No stress, no showdowns –
that must be 1000% excluded. Or else the tumor
will keep growing. Right, that’s because every person has
microtumors in a latent, sleeping state. And they’re waiting for
their time to grow. And they’re waiting for the
moment you stress out. So, no stress – that’s
the first thing! Secondly: diet. This is buckwheat.
Regular buckwheat. It is a plant preparation. That is, a product which
contains anticancer molecules. And here you have quercetin. It is
a compound which makes the tumor commit suicide within 2-3 weeks. Quercetin penetrates the exogenous
cells on the molecular level and creates the environment which
is unbearable for the tumor. It is as if someone put a
locomotive on your neck. The second thing is buckwheat.
Now, it has spices which act as immunomodulators. They
intensify the properties of buckwheat. This is jeera. It
contains a lot of iodine. Then black pepper and turmeric. We add these spices to the pilaw while
cooking. A so-called buckwheat pilaw. Now, I also use rosehip flour. “Flour of life”,
as doctor Laskin called it. See? We take one full
tablespoon of ground rosehip 30 minutes before the meal. Here, sometimes you can add a spoon
of honey in it (if you’re healthy). See? This is honey. If you’re sick, I doubt
that you need it. So you add a spoon of honey to the
rosehip, then stir it. Delicious! Yeah. And you can eat this mixture
30-40 minutes before the meal. Full tablespoon of
rosehip with honey. It contains quercetin. Rosehip is also
a plant preparation which provides a huge amount of
useful elements. It improves your health,
it is nutritious. It nourishes the immune system, thus
the tumor commits apoptosis (suicide). As I said before, it’s as if
a giant sat on your neck. That’s the first thing. We eat rosehip
half an hour before the meal. Then we eat buckwheat,
slowly, with relish. You can eat buckwheat 3 times
a day during several years. Therefore your life will be peaceful,
and you won’t get sick at all. And people with arthritis, or inflammation, or any other disease –
they suffer from it due to unhealthy diet. Look! Here’s salad as well.
It’s a plant preparation! This is regular radish. We also eat garlic, raw, as usual,
finely grated in tiny pieces. This is a tomato, cut
into small pieces. Dungan pepper is sure to be added to
the gravy prepared for the buckwheat. Gravy consists of
garlic, tomatoes, then turmeric, black
pepper and Dungan pepper. Stew all of this for 10 minutes
and that’s it! Even 5 minutes. And it’s very tasty. Sea salt,
rock salt, Himalayan salt. Everything creates a wonderful combination
of products which are properly digestible. It is the right
combination of products. What’s more, all of them
are plant preparations. Meaning they are anticancer
elements, which make our blood resistant to diseases. Now I want you to
understand one more thing. In the end, doctor Laskin suggested
a cup of tea, but we won’t do that. This is celandine. This is celandine. And we won’t
wash down the food, but later we can drink a glass
of celandine. How to prepare it? Take a tablespoon
to a glass of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes, and
then drink one tablespoon. Begin with a teaspoon. And then gradually move to half a glass.
Drink half the glass for 45 days, or maybe
even 145, we shall see. Right, all of this is mentioned
on the page 6. Page 6. Clearance with the help of
nature’s offerings. Page 6. Diet. And celandine again. Page 34: “What is the right
way to use celandine?” How long should you drink it?
How long should you boil it? There are also the antiparasitic program
and macrobiotic eating on page 44. You should know all
of that by heart. Hence you won’t
have any problems. This is relevant for the young people, who
suffer from protrusion, whose spines ache. And everyone who suffers from autoimmune diseases. All
of this will make our immune system work to its fullest. That’s why it’s so
important to feel it out. To get a feel of this diet. I’m not
saying you have to eat like that, no. It is a source of information
to increase your awareness. You have to be aware
of what a disease is. Disease is the consequence
of malnutrition. Start a diary: what food
makes you feel bad. And what food makes
you feel good. I don’t think that a raw salad with
buckwheat can make anyone feel bad. See you next time!

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  1. Excellent lecture. It is useful for everyone who concerns about healthy living and longevity. Read, Study and Apply and you will be healthy!

  2. Totally agree with Emilia:) If you, guys, translate the books in English – that would be superb. I would buy them for my husband and for my yoga class as well – about 30 people. Pity that there is no books in English – that is what my husband said just now as he is watching at the moment one of the videos:)

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