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High Energy Protein Balls | Danielle Hayley

Hi Food Tube. I’m Danielle from Drinks Tube. Over there I do loads of healthy drink
recipes, but today I have my favourite post
workout snack. High-energy protein balls. So I usually make a batch of these to leave in the fridge for a few days, making it really really simple and easy for on the go. It’s packed full of protein which is great for replenishing all your lost mineral, and nutrients. So what exactly is
in this recipe? We have nuts, we have seeds, we have fruit, but we also have some specialty ingredients. Maca powder, and
spirulina powder. Which for me make this the ultimate snack. So the first thing I’m gonna put in my recipe is 250 grams of cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are super super high in calcium, which is
great for keeping our bones and teeth nice and strong. So next up I have 250 grams of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of unsaturated fat and protein. Pumpkin seeds are also really, really high in iron which helps our red blood cells transport oxygen around the body. So I want the nuts and seeds to combine first. So I’m gonna give it a quick whizz. Ok. So what I’m looking for, is the nuts and seeds to be completely broken down, and in a nice powdery form. This is perfect. Right so now I’m going to throw in the oats.
We have ninety grams of gluten free oats. Oats are super, super high in fiber and it’s
great to chuck them into recipes whenever you can. This recipe usually makes me about 20 balls. You can add more or less, giving to
whatever you need. Next up we’re going to add in our powders. We have here the spirulina. They may seem like like specialty powders, but you can definitely find them at your local health shop. Spirulina is really, really high in protein, which is great for muscle repair and muscle-building as well. So here I have two tablespoons. So next up we have our maca powder. We are using two tablespoons of this.
Maca powder it’s super, super high in calcium which is great for our bones
and teeth. but I have a little secret for you. It’s also nature’s viagra. Right, let’s give it a quick blitz to
combine everything, before I chuck in the rest of the ingredients. Right so that’s all blended up. The next thing that we’re going to put in our mixture is seven pitted dates. Dates are super high in copper. Which helps our body in many different
forms, but most importantly it helps to support our organs. So now I’m going to add one banana.
The banana will help to combine all the ingredients together. Great. So next up we’re going to put in two tablesoons of coconut oil. The coconut oil is gonna give it a really nice rich and creamy texture. The last ingredient that I have is 250
milliliters of almond milk. I’m going to add this gradually, just to see how the consistency goes, whilst we mix it. Right, so that’s all set. So for me that’s absolutely perfect. You can see that all
the ingredients are blended together quite well. It’s still creamy, but hard enough to shape into the balls. So, I’m going to take a spoon to grab enough of the mixture. Before
we start rolling them out with our hands, we want to dab in a little bit of water. This way the mixture is not going to stick to our hands. You could also use gloves. So this is the size that you want. It’s about the size of a golf ball. Now, I have 20 of these to make. I’m going to get on. So these high-energy protein balls are
the perfect post-workout snack. They help to replace your vitamins and minerals that you may have lost throughout your workout. They’re also really easy to make, and perfect for on the go. Now I want to point out the most
important thing about your protein intake. If you are exercising you want to
make sure that you get your protein in within 30 minutes, to help repair muscle damage and help your muscles grow. Right now let’s give it a taste. Now I’m gonna try this fresh, but usually
I put them in the fridge just to firm up. So we’ll try around maybe 15-20 minutes. These taste absolutely delicious. they have a really nice firm body from the oats, and you have a really sticky and sweet flavour from the banana and the dates. The best thing about these things is that you’ve made them. You know exactly what’s going into them.
Now if you’re looking for some more tips on how to keep hydrated post-workout click here. This link is gonna take you to
my coconut and grape juice recipe over on Drinks Tube. Obviously guys, make sure that you subscribe to Food Tube. It’s free! And if you want me to make any other
recipe for you leave a comment in the box below. Cheers!

100 thoughts on “High Energy Protein Balls | Danielle Hayley

  1. this girl is seriously one of the hottest girls ive seen. Cant even pay attention to what shes saying.

  2. The more she says plebeian "super super", the less keen I am to make this. Do these protein balls hamper neurological function?

  3. Is it safe to eat raw oats? I've read some articles saying even when soaked they're still harmful.
    Post work out meals and high protein meals would be nice ideas, Danielle.

  4. These make me think of its always sunny in Philadelphia with charlies energy balls, clearly these will be a bit more healthy though haha

  5. That looks like a wonderful snack! I love spirulina. I hope Danielle makes more videos! I really like her healthy lifestyle smoothies!

  6. I'm surprised they weren't rolled in anything like coconut flakes to make them less sticky and easier to handle.

  7. Just did those! Didn't have dates, replaced with double bananas. Not that sweet, but not bad, I'd add less oats though next time.

  8. Although nutritious, it looks very disgusting to eat. I would make one and eat it if it has at least a consistency of a mochi.

  9. Hallo everyone
    I did the math for those balls regarding their approximate nutritional value & caloric count !
    Each ball will have respectively;
    1) protein : 6.27g
    2) carp. : 18.7g
    3) fat : 8.73
    4) calories :~ 178.5

  10. You're getting more fats and carbs than protein. So eating is the same as eating a delicious chocolate bar (calorie for calorie). Its just more micronutrient dense.

  11. these look a little gnarly – hmm – maybe she should have waited for them to firm up in the fridge before she took it off the cutting board – looked like it was already digested but I would try them going by what she put in them

  12. The happy pear make nicer protein balls that look and taste more appetising than these things…. The spirulina will only make the thing taste like seaweed (I only use a teaspoon of it in my smoothies, it's very overpowering)! Best of all….. They don't cost a small fortune to make! That is a serious amount of macha and spirulina……. Both quite expensive in health food shops (Holland and Barrett do a 125g pouch of macha for like £19, the same size pouch of spirulina is about £10)! No wonder she's like a skeleton!

  13. I made these and I thought they were yummy :3 But instead of rolling them into a ball I just poured my mixture into a shallow brownie dish and smoothed it out after I first lined it with wax paper. I then covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer till hard. When I pulled it out I just grabbed the sides of the wax paper and it came out very easily while still on top of the wax paper I cut it into 20 small squares which definitely looks more appealing then balls. The mixture was just too soft and I think even if I did take the time to roll it into balls it would of just melted back into globs or pancakes of mush on what ever surface I put them on. I think the brownie pan is less time consuming less mess and clean up and nicer to look at an eat. Over all I stick to this method instead of the balls but I did love the recipe and will definitely make these again and again.

  14. It's very good mixture: It inspires lots of combination of food sources at the desired level of minerals (Y)

  15. can you write the things down you put in. i am not nativ english so its hard to understand what that green powder real is. also the following stuff you put in.

  16. the funny thing is she thinks there so appetising but they really aren't. also she thinks she is so cool and that everyone will like them. lol x

  17. jesus
    I mean, all those ingredients are indeed healthy, but they don't need to be consumed together like this. It is better to incorporate them in one's diet routine than put them all on a blender and eat the mess that comes out of there D:

  18. Bet these taste way better than they look, will try this one out!

    Also I can't place her accent, its like an American/British amalgamation, cool but unusual 🙂

  19. How the hell can i watch the preparation when her biiig lovely boobs stare at me all time??! And those eyes too… :/ ;(

  20. Its against the law to eat balls, while having a fully erected beard! I used the same recipe but made the shape into triangles. it takes more time, but that's what it takes to be a law abiding citizen!

  21. Well I suppose it must be hard to cook food that actually looks appetizing when you've got to keep reaching around those massive fake tits.

  22. spirulina powder is fishy af, really how can anybody eat that with banana? if u make them with spirulina u could add it ANYTHING and u wouldn't feel the flavour

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