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High Protein Zero “0” Carb – Makanan sehat Tinggi Protein Rendah Karbohidrat di NOSH Citywalk

Let’s do it. Hello friends, welcome back with me Putra, In Indonesian Cuisine. In this time I will review the food (Indonesian Cuisine). I am at Nosh Restaurant today. Nosh’s restaurant is in Jakarta. It’s called Nosh Restaurant. So I became promote the Nosh restaurant. I just finished from Gym. Then I immediately search for a high protein meal, of course. So that it can recover my damaged muscles. So I need high-protein foods. This food is very healthy. This food is called “High Protein Zero (0) Carb”. You can find this food at Nosh Restaurant. If you want to see, the food is like this. Here are Two Chicken Breast. Two pieces of chicken breast. Here are 5 Egg White. Only the Egg White. 5 Egg White. Here are vegetables. Here is Broccoli, Carrot, Mushroom, Then what else? Here are cucumber vegetables. It’s Like Cucumber Vegetables. There are 2 chicken breasts. 5 Egg White. These vegetables have broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms. This food is very healthy. Because I just finished Fitness, so I must to eat high-protein foods. I’ll try the food first. Starting from the Egg White. It feels definitely bargained. This is healthy food. This is really delicious. This food is really good if you want to healthy. This is the food if you want to healthy. (High Protein Zero “0” Carbs). (Healthy Foods High in Protein Low in Carbohydrates). Now I will try to eat the Vegetables. This is Carrot. The carrots are also delicious. All the vegetables are fresh here. Fresh carrots. This time I will try the core menu. Chicken breast. This is the Chicken Chest. The chicken breast is really tender. This food is really healthy. You have to try this food. This food is really good. And this food is very healthy. Okay my friends, I will continue to finish this food. Don’t forget, if you like this video, click Like. And Subscribe to My Channel. I will continue to update about culinary delights in Indonesia. See you in the next video. Thank you for watching.

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