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Hitler Was a Vegetarian/I Once Met a Mean Vegan

Don’t you know that HItler was a vegetarian and I once met a vegan who wasn’t very nice to me, so that’s why I can’t go vegan. Of all the excuses people use, this is perhaps the most absurd, or some of the most absurd ones that we hear as vegans. Now let’s address the Hitler side of the argument first, now there is some evidence that suggests that Hitler was a vegetarian, but there’s also evidence that suggests he wasn’t a vegetarian, and in fact that it was just propaganda. But either way, let’s say he was a vegetarian – what difference does that make? This argument seeks to align veganism with Hitler and it suggests that people who go vegan, or at the very least just go vegetarian are somehow aligning themselves with Nazi ideology. But if we think about it, even if Hitler was a vegetarian, there were many more dictators that have existed throughout history that weren’t vegetarian and ate animals, people like Mussolini and Stalin. These people certainly weren’t vegetarian and they definitely weren’t vegan. So if the excuse is ‘we shouldn’t go vegan because Hitler was a vegetarian’ then we also shouldn’t be non-vegan because Mussolini and Stalin were both non-vegan. So if we move the argument onto the next part, which is: ‘I once met a vegan who wasn’t very nice to me therefore I’m never going to go vegan’ or ‘I can’t go vegan and therefore I’m somehow morally justified to pay for animals to suffer and die.’ Now we’ve all met people that aren’t very nice, and just because a non-vegan once met a vegan who wasn’t very nice to them doesn’t mean they get to disregard veganism as an ethical and moral way of living. And it definitely doesn’t mean that that non-vegan is morally justified to pay for someone else to butcher, mutilate and kill an animal on their behalf. Now as I said, we’ve all met people who aren’t very nice in the past. I once met a woman in New York who was very nasty to me and said some horrible things but that doesn’t mean that I’m therefore morally justified to dislike all New Yorkers, or indeed all women just because a woman who was from New York was nasty to me. Likewise, I once had a ticket inspector on a train who mistakenly thought I bought the wrong ticket. Again, he wasn’t very nice to me – does this mean I’m morally justified to dislike all ticket inspectors, or indeed all men just because a male ticket inspector was once not very nice to me? So I think the reality is, when a vegan isn’t very nice to a non-vegan, it’s normally because the non-vegan is justifying, or trying to justify killing and eating animals for no necessary reason. Vegans get offended when non-vegans try to justify killing an animal because we see these animals as individuals. We see these beings as individuals who suffer and want to live. So when someone tries to justify taking the life of an animal when they don’t have to, it upsets us. I think what we have to do is get some perspective. The things that we do to animals – we forcibly impregnate them; when we mutilate them; when we butcher them; when we exploit them; when we enslave them and when we take them to slaughterhouses to kill them – is far worse than anything a vegan could ever say to offend someone, is far worse than words, is far worse than conversations and disagreements and arguments we have to get some perspective and understand that even if a vegan says something to you that wasn’t very nice and even if it was genuinely nasty and uncalled for, that still doesn’t justify causing so much suffering and pain onto an animal who has never done anything wrong and only wants to live their life in peace, harmony and tranquility. So even if someone was nasty to you, it still doesn’t provide justification for you to inflict pain, suffering and death onto an animal that had no part in that conversation and just wants to live their life.

100 thoughts on “Hitler Was a Vegetarian/I Once Met a Mean Vegan

  1. Didn't you know man, eating soy brings out the inner Nazi within you. Wow what absurdity do people actually use this logic to try and refute veganism, talk about clutching at straws…

  2. When your own arguments are shit and you have to use Hitler, Godwin's law is true. Hitler drank water, hence I cannot drink water cuz he used to drink water? Who and where are those stupid people you keep encountering, Ed?

  3. But he wasn't tho lol his favorite dish (written in his chefs book) was a meat dish… he said he was vegetarian to make it look like he was a nice guy

  4. I actually had someone at a AV cube of truth say that he was vegetarian and catholic and seems to be behind him as he sent me a documentary of him on Instagram

  5. Joe Rogan and Jamie Oliver should watch this video. Their reason to not consider veganism seems to be: vegans are mean

  6. Also vegetarianism was looked down upon in Nazi germany because not eating meat was seen as some kind of “weakness” and that did not fit into the Nazi ideology. Btw love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  7. You should keep making these even after the 30 days please!!!!! These are convincing the rest of my family step by step !!!!!

  8. Another reason vegans get pissed – at least in my case – is that it doesn't make sense to not be vegan otherwise. I'm super analytical and like to think of myself as a free thinker/ critically minded. So I do a ton of research and find answers to things. What pisses me off is that given the overwhelming facts for the health and environment side of veganism that people only come back with either hypotheticals or just that fact that they "would die without cheese". That blows my mind cause it's insanely irrational. Just my two-cents. Great vid as always

  9. The Health Ranger's most recent video really disappoints me. He admits that animals are conscious beings, but still promotes eating meat. Even goes on to say that science has proven that animals are conscious. He uses protein as an excuse to eat meat. He said that at one time, he was even a vegan. In one of his recent videos, he didn't know the difference between a vegetarian & a vegan.

  10. Hi Ed, got a new one for you.
    If humans are naturally herbivores why do the majority of the worlds population consume meat. Natural herbivores will not consume meat. Try getting a giraffe to eat a turkey drumstick

  11. Jeffrey Dahmer drank water and he killed people. I shouldn’t drink water. People who drink water are psycho murderers.

  12. Exactly, I've seen a lot of comments here on YT about "yeah I wanna be vegan but vegans are so rude! I almost became one but then they got all pushy and stuff"🤔

  13. Hey beautiful infinite beings, Im a vegan who makes spiritual rap music and released my first mixtape today. It would mean the world to me if you heard it (:

  14. Well don't use the argument that if you couldn't harm an animal then you couldn't harm a human, which you did use in your video about animal rights

  15. But the thing is you preached in one of your previous videos, how if we gave animals the same rights as humans and changing our mindsets to not hurting animals then effectively we are giving these same rights to humans, and I quote 'if you couldn't harm an animal then you couldn't harm a human',
    your arguments are pointless, you only delve into areas that are convenient for you

  16. You're brilliant. I've been waiting for someone to address this. I remember Gary Yurofsky (I can't remember how to spell it sorry) straight out said that people called Hitler vegetarian so that he could be compared to Ghandi at the time, but I was wondering about the evidence still

  17. I call your B-S, Ed. This animal 'rights' morality is based on a racist dogma. No vegans in black communities. No vegans in First Nations and Inuit communities. No vegans in aboriginal communities of Australia and the South Pacific. No coincidence.

  18. Hitler was a vegetarian and a mass murderer. I can't be a Vegan because of Hitler was evil but I'll support the meat industry because my next neighbor was nice to me at the cookout. The human mind was never made to think so stop doing it and feel the pain, suffering, and trama inflicted upon the innocent not as other but as yourself. Then think.

  19. Stop right there. This argument is not germane. Like saying my neighbor is a vegan but he's a "pedo" so all vegan's are bad. Throw this "excuse" out doesn't count.

  20. What OTHER PEOPLE say and do has NOTHING to do with YOU doing the right thing and standing up for what is right and just. Be vegan.

  21. I haven't heard anyone saying they can't go vegetarian because Hitler was supposedly one. If anyone is using it, it truly is the worst excuse ever.
    However I have seen people saying Hitler was actually a good person because he was vegeterian and stopped animal testing … probably because he was testing on humans instead.
    Well I guess some people are just insane..

  22. there is a book somewhere with hitlers fave meat recipes. he was no vego. it was just propaganda as there was an idea at that time in history already that vegos were healthy and they wanted him to appear as such. and his actions show what and who he really was. good riddance.

  23. German Chef Dione Lucas wrote about Hitler's meat-eating in her Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook, published in 1964

  24. Rynn Berry's Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover describes how Goebbels, The Third Reich's propaganda minister, tried to sell Hitler as a vegetarian to make him seem as peaceful as Gandhi

  25. Just subscribed to your channel. Saw you on Plant Based News. You are very well spoken and I'm really enjoying your content.

  26. I'm tired of seeing car commercials. They aren't freedom. Freedom to destroy the planet with the search for more oil? With lies like Volkswagon?

  27. Even if he was a vegetarian and spared many animal lives, he cancelled out all his progress by killing millions of people.

  28. hahahahahahahahahahahaha which of the 7 hitlers?

    you realy dont have a fucking clue what you are talking about!

    low energy eyes too… but I understand where that comes from

  29. “Hitler was a vegetarian”. I also think that’s that’s a very hasty generalisation.

    That doesn’t mean ALL nazis are cunts.

  30. It’s the same as people saying that hitler loves children. It’s just a propaganda to brainwash his people that hitler was a kind and nice person.

  31. So you have given your argument in this video and I will give mine
    Do lions eat zebras yes they do y because it’s their way of living now just as well zebras don’t eat animals but this is the circle of life we as the animal kingdom have naturally agreed upon living like this and this has been going on for centuries and probably hundreds of years to come now granted if you think about it like a human being it’s seen as wrong but they are not humans they are chickens or cows or pigs or whatever meat you eat and don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to say this is my justification for killing animals nor am I saying ur way of life is wrong I am just a controversial person who saw a challenge and accepted it. But for real this is a way of life for some people who think it’s ok me being one of them and don’t get me wrong unno I have thought about this but in all this is just my opinion. Sorry it’s so long

  32. what happens when you meet larger group of people from a particular group before making a judgement ? 😀 i was conned few times by women and black people, black women, or black males ? how should i adjust my trust rating sampling?

  33. It's not about, if Hitler was a vegetarian that it makes all vegetarians and vegans bad, it just shows that being a vegetarian or vegan does not make you morally superior to people that eat meat.

  34. You know that animals eat each other in very savage and violent ways, right? It’s the essence of nature. I’m not saying that being vegan is bad, busy just don’t use silly nature arguments.

  35. Not only was Hitler NOT a vegetarian, he also banned vegetarian publications and vegetarian organizations. In fact, the Nazi SS would actually confiscate and destroy vegetarian publications and shut down the publishers and imprison the editors. And Hitler still ate liver dumplings even after his "conversion".

  36. hmmmmm so your not supposed to judge vegans based on 1 vegetarian being evil, i agree. remember to do that when one farm does something evil to not cast that out on all farms and claim that happens on every farm.

  37. Stalin wasn't a dictator though. The Soviet government was oppressive, but Stalin had less political power than FDR or Churchill and was democratically elected. Hitler and Mussolini weren't elected.

  38. let say hitler was a vegetarian  I would never support him  as I am Jewish, & we know hitler view on us Jewish people.

  39. I am sorry that you consider Stalin a dictator and put on a par with Hitler and Mussolini.
    If it were not for Stalin, then perhaps Western civilization was not what it is now.
    According to your who ended the second world war?

  40. "Hitler was vegan/vegetarian"
    And Hitler was a white man. So are white men cruel, by that logic? Or do we Cherry pick something that we don't relate to and try to make a case from it? Those people are weird.

  41. I have met many vegans and all but one or two were hateful and flakey. They also tend to act superior..I will eat what I want. I don't subscribe to vegan morels. I also value human lives over animal lives. Nothing a vegan has said will change my moral compass.. I don't like pushy people and alot of vegans are mouthy and pushy.

    What vegans don't realize is the more aggressive you are the more aggressive I become. I don't mind the diet. I mind the attitude of vegans and it gurantees I will continue to eat meat with zeal. I don't need a vegans permission to eat meat I've got God's. You don't believe in Gods word. Guess what I do. God exists prove me wrong. You don't believe in man's Dominion over animals. Tb you run nothing and have zero authority. You think Christianity's outdated all the more reason I dislike you.

  42. OMG this argument is annoying !

    Appeal to Hitler.
    Hitler was an atheist.
    Hitler was a vegan.
    Hitler was a…

    Using this argument will make me tune out.

  43. 1)https://youtu.be/wXXP7Cbvodw
    2)https://youtu.be/1BUL78hbkLA here is a good debate on why veganism is not good.

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