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How Do Vegans Get Calcium?

I know vegans won’t eat meat or animal products
like milk and cheese. How do vegans get calcium? You can get calcium from green leafy vegetables
like broccoli and kale. Not spinach, though. If I want to be kind to animals, I’ll let
them eat those salad greens. I can’t stand them, not even with honey mustard dressing. Your next choice is soy milk or almond milk
enriched with calcium to be as good as cow’s milk. That’s a possibility. What other options
do I have? Calcium set tofu has more calcium than conventional
calcium. Or you go find white flour that has had calcium added. I remember when they started adding folate
to bread to reduce neural tube defects like spina bifida. I didn’t know they were adding
calcium, too. Yeah, the spina bifida rate went down 20%
or 30%. Another option is eating other fruits and vegetables rich in calcium like figs,
almonds, currants or chickpeas. Great! An excuse to eat fig newtons all day. No, those aren’t really healthy or have
much of the fig’s nutrition. But you could get vegan calcium supplements. A lot of vegans take supplements. B12 is pretty
much universal. That’s because you only get B12 from meat
or animal products. The alternative is severe anemia. Many vegans have anemia, low bone density
and other deficits because they don’t plan their nutritional needs. Living lightly on
the planet doesn’t require lousy health. Or I could load up on blackstrap molasses
on whole grain pancakes for breakfast most mornings. The whole grain and the molasses
are rich in calcium. Or eat several cups of tempeh or kale each
day to get enough calcium. There are only so many sacrifices I can make
for the planet. And eating those bitter salad greens every day is among them.

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