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How I  Really Feel About KC Connections | She’s Unbrothered So Why Are You

hey Pacey one thing tasty mukbang tasty
must be tasty mukbang tasty must be tasty my thing tasty mother tasty my
face tasty my face tasty my face tasty my thing
tasty my face tasty mummy tasty my face they see my face everybody welcome
welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasty mcvane tasty mukbang eats y’all how is
y’all doing today welcome welcome welcome to tasty McBaine y’all I am here today I have some spring
rolls and some crunchy spring rolls and some sweet mini peppers sweet mini bell
peppers with the sauce that comes with the sweet rolls there to go can’t see
you can’t see that and the crunchy rolls I’ll take a bite so we are here today I
got tea in my cup I am live on my channel right now and everybody took a
vote I asked them if they want to see me eat pizza or spring rolls and they say
it’s spring rolls so I am like they’re watching me but they can’t hear me
and they also wanted me to drink some sweet tea so I have some tea here we’re
gonna say our grace ain’t get it father God has will come to you today we
thank you for your love your kindness your mercy and your grace we thank you
for all your provisions that you have made up on my life in Jesus name we pray
a man so today y’all the topic of conversation today is going to be the wonderful the beautiful the talented Casey connection oh yeah yeah I’m gonna
do 30 days okay Cece connection and here’s the thing I just want to set the
record straight cuz sometimes subscribers make things
worse than they were they are and this is just from my perspective I know y’all seen the videos I made
about Casey connection I know 15 million Oh y’all got a problem with it I’ve
heard what you have to say and I am unbothered but I’m here to let y’all
know that a lot of Galla saying how are you trying to hurt a black woman how you
trying to tell a black woman down yo I ain’t trying to hurt nobody I ain’t
trying to tell nobody down I keep telling y’all just because I speak out
about something or someone doesn’t mean I don’t like them I don’t mean I don’t
love them I like Casey connection I’ve been like
in case of connection for a very long time she has a gift this tea a sweet she has a gift number one she is
beautiful y’all I got a friend of mine that tells me I have the gift of gab and that saying reminds me of Casey
connection she has the gift of gab like her conversations just flow it’s
beautiful to me so let me tell you guys one thing that I am NOT I am NOT a hater
this shit let’s set the record straight I’m not a hater
I don’t hate I congratulate just cuz I got a problem
with something somebody did don’t mean I’m hey team
I don’t hate Casey connection next y’all say I’m
jealous of her let me tell y’all something I do not have a jealous bone
in my body I have never been jealous of anyone in my whole life
I don’t feel like you can be jealous of a person and get peace or be happy like
you’re not a happy person if you walk around jealous of other people number two I mean that was number two
number three y’all talk about this cloud chasing nonsense let me tell you
something I have been subscribed to KC connection for years I’ve been watching
her I don’t like always watch her
consistently but I do watch her pretty regularly I always leave a comment I
always give her a thumbs up I think she’s a beautiful person I’ve caught her
live before I have been in her live don’t have a problem with her not
jealous ever and I’m definitely not cloud chasing if I was cloud chasing you
guys let me tell you something there is not one person on the face of this earth
that I need to call chase behind I am NOT starstruck by people I am NOT
impressed by things success or money and status those things don’t press me
impress me they don’t move me I feel like whatever it is that I want in life it’s available to me through hard work
and dedication and so that’s what I’ve been about my whole life so it’s nothing that nobody has that I
have to cover the Bible says not to cover your neighbor’s Goods it’s nothing
that nobody have that I want or need I don’t I don’t have this big necessity to
get to a certain number of subscribers by a certain time I’m just not driven by numbers only and
by views only that is not me however I’m passionate about everything
everything that I care about I’m passionate about so when I feel strong about something I’m
gonna go hard sometimes to a fault from other people’s perspective will I
ever do things that I regret yeah sometimes will I be too proud to admit it nope
I know some of y’all I’m saying tasty you’re gonna be crying in a week
you’re gonna be asking us to forgive you don’t wait on it some situations maybe and functions awaits another note like when I’m going hard for what’s right nobody can convince me otherwise
and you guys coming at me calling me names up my name every name in the book yeah I know yeah I say I’ll be calling
people out their name I know y’all say it I call people I use the word
I don’t really curse and sometimes when I express myself it’s out of fun and
funny and comedy I’ll say heifer even my mod all my cards just watching this
video leave a comment down below if Alan called you a heifer we call each other
heifer it’s like a term of endearment it’s like we being silly I think I’ll
take so much of what I say and do so serious and because you do not know me
and you don’t know my sense of humor you think that everything I do is say you
find something wrong with it and then when I don’t respond like you
want me to or I don’t really care about what you’re saying
do you think I’m just downright evil but it’s because I don’t feel the need to
respond to something if I know my intent if I know I’m just playing I’m just
joking I’m just having fun and I told you that and you just don’t want to hear
me then what is it that I need to explain to you I’m not gonna get through
to you cuz you’re not listening so I’m getting fooled y’all oh my
goodness I know I call people here first the
words that you might hear me use you guys and these I just be playing Helfer
trout mouth troll or trot mouth trick that’s just you know I don’t really
curse but this yeah cuz I believe I keep telling y’all I believe that you could
be funny I believe that you could express yourself in the video without
being just respectful or without using profanity and so those are my words
those are my things and they’re funny trout mouth trick you trap my trick you
trap my troll that’s funny top my fricking top maestro just make me
laugh I’ve been saying that for years you guys like I’ll tell it to real
people that I know in real life you trot my treat you trot my patrol and you help
her like that is just a term of endearment and it’s intended to be funny
oh if I was really mad at somebody I would not say try mouth tricking
trunk-mount oh I promise you Jim words would not come out of my mouth
those are only words that’s reserved for like fun and you know just
lightheartedness fun so when y’all hear me say try my trick trot Montreux or or
heifer I am joking like lay off the boo and then so when you hear me say trot my
trick trot maestro or heifer you say I’m calling people out of their name and
being you turn around and talk about my I you turn around and talk about my
ballhead you turn around and talk about my vehicle the number of subscribers I
have the number of views that I’m getting on my video you turn around and
start attacking me and telling me that I’m not a Christian that I’m evil that I
am the devil that I am the devil you just need to be my thumbnail you
turn around until me that I am the devil and you tell me I need to let God handle
it I need to let God do this and I need to let God do that and then y’all
proceeded to leave a hundred comments and my message in one day from one
person 50 comments in my comments for one day from one person and you’re
telling me that I’m hateful I’m wicked I’m evil and I need Jesus and you’re
telling me that I’m bitter you’re telling me that I’m jealous
and you’re doing the very same thing and worse than what you accused me of I
haven’t called anybody out they name I may have said heifer or trot my trick or
trot maestro and again I’m telling you those are my playing gesture words if I
was gonna really tell somebody off for telling a piece of a minor
I was angry or mad I would not say heifer I would not say trot maestro and
I would not say trot my trick even though I don’t really curse I will not
use them words I have to promise you that
so for y’all to come and talk about my I talk about my mental state that I’m
crazy that I need to be locked up in the same asylum do you really know what
crazy look like and if crazy look like me baby I want you to know that crazy
looks because after all that I have been
through in life if this is what crazy look like because I know some people
that have been through less than me and they on the streets they smoking crack
they doing drugs they prostituting they look a hot mess and if y’all think this
over here look a hot mess you better take a double take
cuz this could look a whole lot worse from all the stuff that I have been
through so no I am NOT crazy I don’t do drugs I have never done any kind of
drugs in my whole life I don’t do drugs I am NOT a drinker I don’t do drugs
I don’t drink I don’t go out to the club I don’t bother nobody
I stay to myself I mind my own business however if you come for me if you hurt
me if you offend me if you do something to me I’m gonna cut you to the white
meat somebody always over here talking about my daddy I say my daddy is dead
thank you very much he died this year on January the 18th or 2019 and yeah I’m
just like him pretty much maybe worse cuz he probably will cut you to the
white meat but imma cut you to the bone cuz I just don’t play I got a little
tolerance for nonsense when I got a point the proof I go in and
you going back in on me as subscribers it’s not gonna make me scared it’s not
gonna make me it’s not gonna intimidate me it’s not gonna make me chill out it’s
going to add fuel to the fire cuz you gonna make me dig my heels all the way
down up in the ground and I ain’t budge until I’m ready so I just want to
let y’all know I love Casey connection i watch her videos I continue to watch her
videos she’s a beautiful woman I love her inspiration motivational and
encouraging videos I’m never gonna stop watching her y’all now gonna make me
hate her and you could make her hate me if you want to I don’t care I said what
I said about what I said that is how I felt I made videos and I
will continue to make them if I want to respect that
and you can come and tell me what you want to tell me but you need to do it in
a respectful manner don’t do the same thing to me that you claim that I’m
doing don’t be saying I’m wicked I’m evil I mean I’m nasty I’m a psycho I
need medical attention and all this stuff and you don’t want talking about
my eye talking about my eye hanging out my head talking about my crooked talking
about the doctors wanting to take my eye out of my head talking about my ball
head and all of this stuff what does that make you like Michael Jackson say
take a look at the man in the mirror what does that make you if you I am a
black woman you telling me not to destroy a black woman but I am a black
woman you’re wishing bad on my channel you’re wishing all of my subscribers
would go away like you doing the same thing to me that you’re accusing me of
doing that I’m not doing under stuff that you’re doing
I’m not attacking nobody I’m not going on nobody I’m not sending my subscribers
to anyone’s channel I tell my subscribers and my supporters and my
mods when somebody do something to me piss me off or say something to me or
say something about me or make a video about me I tell my
do not go to their channel and leave no comments do not defend me you defend me
over here in my comments in the story and that’s it so I don’t have nothing
else to say I just got through watching Casey’s connection video of the for
today I think it’s beautiful she was talking about beast mode
I haven’t had a chance to watch that video beast mode and his wife I guess
they just got a new vehicle and she’s talking about you know other people’s
channels and giving them plugs and putting in the comments yeah I get it
y’all say she’s a nice person that she’s not like that well I still feel she
dropped the ball that is my opinion and my prerogative she is a nice person I
like her I enjoy watching her I still feel she dropped the ball
that’s not opinion I’m not a hater but if y’all want to come over here hit me
come on cuz I got something for you I got something for you I can roll with
the big boys I can roll with the big boys don’t come over here and expect me
to play nice and you’re not playing nice because I personally feel like you guys
are so bothered about something that Casey is not bothered about she is
unbothered and since you’re saying I’m bothered I’m not bothered because I
choose to do something about or say something about what I felt like I
needed to say something about it doesn’t make me bothered she’s not bothered do
she need you to defend her do she need you to attack somebody on her behalf do
she need you to go talk about some woman’s eye
that has been blind in her eye since she was 12 years old and the doctors want to
remove my eye is that what she wants you to do and since you’re bringing up God
is that what God wants you to do don’t two wrongs don’t make a right so
if you think I’m wrong you don’t want me you you saying will tasty what she did
might have been wrong so but why are you gonna go and do something wrong and then
you come and because of what you think I’m doing wrong you do wrong to me two
wrongs don’t make a right that’s what you’re saying so why are you doing wrong
if you think I am ungodly if you think I’m evil if you think I’m wicked do like
I do and turn people over to God turn me over to God pray for me let God deal
with me it’s not your responsibility to come over in my comments and leave a
hundred comments you ain’t gonna do number hurt yourself because leaving the
country comments on my channel if I choose to report them all will mean that
you have left an excessive amount of unnecessary comments on my channel that
are derogatory that are evil that are wicked that are talking about my eye you
could get your channel closed down where you won’t be able to comment on any
persons channel so I’m just trying to help you out if I was so wicked and evil
y’all say I’m doing things for cloud I’m doing things for money okay since that’s
what you say then that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make what you say be true
I failed Tessa’s on purpose don’t back me up against the wall because I’m gonna
become what it is you claim I am I’m gonna become the big bad wolf or the
devil whoever you is you say I am I’m gonna become him and I’m gonna show you
what it is to be him that’s all I got to say about that I love y’all I love
everybody like my Marsalis girl she said I love everybody I love every
i T even ‘y’all trolls who have been coming for me I love y’all I ain’t no
bad person I just had a point to prove and I ain’t scared to pull it prove it
like one of my other subscribers say tasty ain’t no ain’t scared when you say
jump I say how high when you say run I say how far when you
say crazy I say how much cuz the eyes be crazy
y’all talkin about my laughs you might not like my laugh but a whole bunch of
people like it that’s me that’s who I am I’m not trying to be anyone else you
guys either you like me you love me or you hate me you don’t have to like me
and you should love hate me but you got to love me because God say look
everybody so I even love y’all trolls drop my
clothes that’s all I got to say today thank you guys so much for watching and
tuning in today I wanted to bring like because when I listened to Casey’s
videos like she’s very encouraging and motivational so I might come with like
the quote of the day from Casey connection what I’ve learned from her
video what I took away from her video of that day
that’s what I won’t do don’t come for me cuz that’s what I wanna do okay so I’m
about to go thumbs up the video if you like the video thumbs up the video if
you didn’t like the video thumbs down the video is still a thumbs up to me
just turnt up side down like I told y’all before since
y’all wanna call me cross-eyed it when I look at y’all thumbs up this is high
look to me okay so yeah thumbs up the video subscribe to the channel turn on a
notification bill hit always and please make sure make sure
come back for another video yeah I think my color is a little off I need to
figure out yeah I messed up my settings on my camera a little minute ago I’ve
been trying to get my settings back right and I ain’t got a mic right yet I
think I might appear to be a little orange in this video so I need to figure
that out let me know what you think about the color is everything okay to
you or like what do you think is off do you think I’m a little orange little
purple a little brute blue a little green I know something I’m a little
green with envy but I don’t have a reason to envy anybody so this is my
first meal of the day I know I’m okay I love ya thanks for watching it’s my birthday it’s my birthday it’s
my birthday tasty mother Bane eats it’s my birthday
it’s my birthday it’s my birthday it’s my birthday
tasty mukbang eats yo it’s my birthday on December the 25th Christmas Day it
will be my birth today I am having a birthday party I am
having a birthday bash I am having a birthday party and you are invited I am
having a birthday party you guys on December 25th which is my birthday I’m
gonna go live on December 25th if you want to celebrate my birthday with me
you could come I am going to be opening my birthday gifts on my if you got
something you want to see me here is my people box where you could stab me
something I’m gonna open it up oh my and you don’t have to see me nothing if you
don’t want to if you don’t love me and you don’t like me you don’t have to but
if you love me and you like me and you want to you can and even if you can’t
afford to you could just send me a postcard and I am gonna open it up and
read it on the air if you can’t afford number two pack a bubblegum and you want
to say to me okay you can do whatever you want to do y’all be there or be
square even if you can’t see me nothing it
don’t matter I’m gonna be live on Christmas Day on December the 25th and I
just one child – no okay I don’t know what time I’m gonna be live it might be
an all-day thing or just uh you know a half a day thing I like to be by myself
on my birthday you guys I don’t like to go nowhere I don’t like to go nowhere
and eat nothing I’m probably gonna do a seafood boil oh my birthday I’m probably
gonna have some king crab y’all don’t know what I’m gonna do I
don’t know what I’m gonna do I just want try to know that I’m gonna
be I think I’m gonna be 52 years old I don’t remember I stopped counting y’all
when I was 30 I don’t know how old I am all I know is I’m oldest dirt okay
that’s oh that we’re now really old is there I’m like halfway old
is dirt because I know somebody that’s older than me he like 86 years old
that’s almost older than dirt right yeah is my birthday kiss my birthday tasty my
bank eats December 25th yeah I’m a Christmas baby and I always been
deprived of gifts my whole life I didn’t get him so if you want to help me make
up for the childhood trauma today ssin it was done to me if y’all wanna help me
get over the childhood traumatization it was done to me as a child i used to
didn’t get birthday gifts or Christmas gifts cuz people will forget that it was
my birthday cuz it was Christmas Day y’all know it’s a long story but the
short story of the story is is that I didn’t get no gifts people usually
assume that is because you born on Christmas Day you got more gifts for two
years I did you know didn’t have no birthday party and nothing nobody
celebrated my birthday or gave me a birthday party because it was Christmas
Day already and they would just say oh by the way it’s tasty mukbang eats
birthday is Vanessa birthday so guess what y’all just let’s say her a happy
birthday Indian by that time it was dark everybody was gone everybody was drunk
everybody was wasted everybody was fooled oh okay yeah it’s my birthday on
a serious note be there or be square okay

35 thoughts on “How I Really Feel About KC Connections | She’s Unbrothered So Why Are You

  1. Girl you a stalker omg how you make these many videos of this lady over a challenge you didn’t even start! Smh you know if you put KC in your title you will get views smh! But l give it to you that’s a good marketing scam! Cause you been getting views using her name! Sis let it go it’s not that serious you crossing the line into cyber bullying now! Damn what do you want from her she not paying attention to you sis! This creepy and stalker like behavior! You hella bothered and she not!

  2. I remember you doing this to another mukbanger… you really kicked her when she was down… even after the matter was squashed. You would not lleave it alone. You reap what you sow

  3. Stop hating on my friend Vanessa real talk she's a great person she funny down Earth she good cooker y'all leave my friend Vanessa I love u my friend keep make great videos on youtube don't worried about them hates God bless my friend ☺❤🙏💯🔥

  4. Vanessa, you want views? Drag Bethany. Drag her like the filth she is. Be the one to go against the grain. KC ain’t studying you Chile. Bethany ain’t do a collab with you, she ain’t giving you no money or nothing. Drag her Tasty. And that intro was weird and those chicks sounds kinda flat to me.

  5. Tasty…just speak the truth about what’s truly happening in the mukbang community. You will be more prosperous if you keep it real and stop chasing clout. You’re too old for this shit.

  6. The video seem a little dark the camera cit off part of your head. But the color didn't look bad to me other than the contrast seemed dark.

  7. What a horrible thing to say about your Dad, I lost my Dad that is awful for someone to go that Low, also about your eye! People have to stoop that low! But they threw stones at Jesus too!!!!

  8. Y'all Need To Stop All This Hatin Life Is To Short , Y'all Better Repent And Ask God To Forgive Y'all Of Your Sins Before It's To Late Jesus Is Coming Back Soon Are Y'all Ready ????

  9. I Think It's Wrong For People To Be Hatin On You For Tryin To Just Get The Respect And Acknowledgement For Your Challage That You Had Did

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