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How Motive Affects Weight Loss | Gwen Shamblin Lara | Weigh Down

Praise God! Praise You, God! I am so excited
about this episode because today, this is going to be about questions that you have
that we are going to answer for you. This isn�t about weight loss if you�re
just tuning in; this is about glorifying God and making sure that God is getting what He
deserves. You�re watching the you can overcome show; you will overcome show; we�re all
going to overcome show. I�ve got a couple of things I was reading
on Facebook�this is so exciting. There are hundreds of comments, but two of them jumped
out at me. Carol from Facebook says, �My clothes are bigger, my rings are looser, my
relationship with God is tighter!� I thought that was darling — that is precious! Carol,
praise God for that! Dawn in Ohio is a college student, and she has lost 7 pounds in the
first two weeks of Weigh Down. Things like these just keep coming in!
America is getting thinner, thank You, God! Thanks to God�s program, a program that
takes you back to doing things His way. With no further delay�I have two co-hosts
with me today, Tedd Anger and also Regina Smith. So come on up, guys, and join me and
the audience. Let�s have a seat, we can start with Regina.
Regina and Tedd work together at Weigh Down and do a lot of counsel. Since we are doing
questions today I thought this would be great. We�ll start with Regina�s testimony — we
go way back! This is a dear friend; she�s not just dear because I know her from Weigh
Down. Regina is someone that I highly respect in everything that she does. I want the world
to know who you are, Regina. So, let�s start with your testimony.
REGINA SMITH: Praise God! What an honor to be here. I would say that my story is like
a lot of people�s; I was a dieter into my thirties, and very miserable after twenty
years of dieting. I was a thin eater as a teenager, so I did know at least what that
would like, but I didn�t know how to get back to that.
By the time I found Weigh Down, I was hopeless and depressed, and dieted all the time. At
first, the draw was the Weigh Down Diet, so I thought I was going to do another diet,
but after the orientation I was weeping because what I saw instead was this relationship that
you had inside with God. I had never made that connection before. So I began to put
those rules into practice, and I lost a good portion of my weight. I ended up losing eighty
to eighty-five pounds, but my first chunk of that was a fifty pound weight loss. That
was amazing. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Do we have some good before
pictures of you? (Photos shown on screen.) Oh, yes!
REGINA SMITH: I think I had lost some weight by then; you�ll notice
I had my shirt tucked in. (Laughter) TEDD ANGER: You knew you looked good at that
point! REGINA SMITH: Anyway, after that there were
two impactful times that I can remember in particular. The first was in losing that first
fifty pounds. Because of that dieting mentality, I was so happy to hear the good news that
I would never have to walk down the dietetic food aisle again; I wouldn�t have to do
mandatory exercise (you�ve always taught us to be led by God through normal activity),
so I wouldn�t have to control that. That was very good news! I put all those guidelines
into practice and immediately lost weight; lost weight during week one, lost weight during
week two, and lost weight during week three. There is something that happens in week three,
and obviously the Spirit of God has shown you that because you address it on the videos
and audios. By the time I got to week three �I had been doing so great with Weigh Down
� a thought came into my mind: �Well, you�re doing so great with Weigh Down, what
if you add that other weight loss program, or what about the Metabolife pills that you
have in the cabinet?� GWEN SHAMBLIN: Oh yeah, �Let�s mix it
and speed it up.� REGINA SMITH: Yes. Well, anyway, that was
back in the day of cassettes. I always kept my cassettes plugged in, so when I�d turn
on the car, a cassette was playing. I went to my car at lunchtime thinking I�d just
go home and look for those Metabolife pills, and add those in with Weigh Down. Then I thought
I�d just add up the points that I�d had that day. I was just curious, I thought. Anyway,
I got into the car and turned the ignition on, and the cassette was cued perfectly and
I heard, �Oh, so you want to go back to Egypt.�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Yeah, that was God! REGINA SMITH: Yes! Those were your words;
the first words! You know, I�m in the car about to back-out and I�m thinking, �No!
I don�t want to go back to Egypt! What am I thinking?� So I did go home — I�ve
testified to this before and it�s on the Change Series — but I got rid of all that
stuff instead of trying to work it all in. I put it all in a bag and got rid of it.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Good for you! REGINA SMITH: So, not mixing the message was
key, but there is a temptation to do it. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Sure.
REGINA SMITH: Obviously, the Spirit of God moved on you to put that in at that point,
at about the third or fourth week, when you want to get in there and mix it.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: I can tell you where that comes from — for other people that want to go back
into dieting — that temptation is coming from the wrong motive for wanting to lose
weight. You�re doing it to get thin, and that is why I told you at the beginning of
the show that this isn�t about weight loss. This is about glorifying God. We can�t mix
it; you think dieting is going to speed up the weight loss. But the irony is that when
you mix in man-made rules, it increases the sensual indulgence and the desire to overeat
comes back in. So you have this battle going on and then in week four, you gain the weight
back that you lost! So you think, �What�s wrong with me, what�s wrong with me?�
Wrong motive! If everybody would just stop it and start living for God�and that�s
all you lived for; you just lived for God alone.
The only way to avoid killing your body is to wait for hunger all the time. You can do
it; start embracing this. It�s beautiful. Regina, how much weight did you lose, by the
way? REGINA SMITH: It fluctuates between eighty
to eighty-three pounds. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Well, let�s give her a hand
for turning to God. I praise God for you, Regina.
Okay, we�ve got questions coming in and there are already calls in the queue. So,
Tedd, let�s go to the positive comments that you�ve had already. This is my favorite
part of the show, after all! TEDD ANGER: Yes, we�ve got a couple here;
these are pretty much from the last week. Cheryl from Virginia writes, �Two weeks
from doing it God�s way; two weeks of joy and peace. My heart feels one-hundred pounds
lighter and my body is seven pounds lighter.� GWEN SHAMBLIN: I love it! �My heart feels
one hundred pounds lighter!� Yes! TEDD ANGER: That is the truth. Lisa from Facebook:
�I am so thankful for this ministry! I have reached my forty pound mark and now I crave
the Word of God instead of food. I was borderline diabetic and now I am free!� Awesome!
GWEN SHAMBLIN: It does help with diabetes! Read one more�
TEDD ANGER: Christina from Tennessee: �I just joined a class and I am so excited. I
am ready to lay everything down and to be totally obedient to God.� Beautiful, these
comments that are coming in are amazing. GWEN SHAMBLIN: All of this is from the TV
show, if you�re just tuning in. People are tuning into the show and it is making a difference.
This is what we�re hearing from everywhere, so I�m glad you�re watching.
I see a comment from Anna�read that one. TEDD ANGER: Of course. Anna in Ohio: �I
was watching last week�s episode when I received the call of my dad�s passing. I
find it quite ironic that my testing came at the exact time that I was watching this.
I had been embracing cross-suffering without even finishing the episode and during this
sad time, I kept replaying the beginning of the episode, and Gwen�s message in my head,
and reaching for God�s comfort instead of food even though I have been surrounded by
tons of food that has been brought in. I am relying on 1 Peter 4 that Gwen shared. Thank
you, God, and Weigh Down.� That�s huge! GWEN SHAMBLIN: Okay so picking up from that;
this is someone who�s just gotten a very serious phone call. I want you to know, Anna,
that we�re very, very sympathetic, and I am thankful that you�ve turned to God and
embraced that suffering. Last week, the whole show was about embracing that cross and we�ve
got a lot of comments already. So please post those comments on Facebook or on the TV show,
either place. It�s wonderful that we have a Father that cares, and that you can go to
Him for comfort instead of the refrigerator in times of suffering. It�s one of the things
that we�re going to have to learn — to go to God and embrace that suffering.
All right, this week we�ve got experts here to answer questions from everyone, so let�s
start with the first caller. TEDD ANGER: Do you want remind them of the
number to call in? GWEN SHAMBLIN: Yes, please!
TEDD ANGER: It is 615-538-0106, so if anyone wants to call in right now, that�s the number
— 615-538-0106. GWEN SHAMBLIN: It would be helpful if we can
put the number on the screen so no one has to memorize it.
TEDD ANGER: We have a caller right now. I believe it is Patsy from Texas.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Patsy from Texas, you�re on�
CALLER: Okay, my question is: once you�re all the way down, do you get hungry more often?
Are you able to eat larger portions, or should you keep it small?
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Definitely, but I can tell you that when you�re small, you�re small.
And the older you get — which is something I�m experiencing — you�re going to be
eating less food, because your cells atrophy just because you�re not using them like
you used to, and your muscle-cells need the most energy. So as those cells atrophy, you
don�t have to eat as much. It�s a positive instead of a disappointment. That�s the
way you have to look at it. You actually have time to do something else instead of having
to go eat because you�re hungry. I did see that on the questions that are coming
in, people are asking about portion sizes (thank you for the questions; we�ll continue
to answer those). As your weight is coming down, and you finally reach that hunger, a
small amount of food will do. So, small portion sizes should be on a small saucer. That�s
where people are messing up; they�re going back to larger portion sizes.
You need to remember that this is not about you and you�ve eaten enough for five lifetimes,
so let someone else have the food. Make the food for someone else this Christmas. Eat
on a small plate and keep portions small; eat small bites; sip your drink between bites,
so you can get your mindset around a small saucer. It just doesn�t take much and it
really is helpful to serve yourself American style and pretend like it�s the platters
going by you instead of a plate in front of you. It�s a resource, so put your food on
a small saucer. Also, interpose a delay in the middle of your meal, and if you still
feel a little bit of hunger, you can have a little something more. Isn�t that right,
Regina? REGINA SMITH: That is perfect, that�s what
I�ve personally experienced also. I don�t think I mentioned that I started Weigh Down
twelve years ago. I did notice that over time my portion sizes grew because I kind of relaxed
with that, and even though I�d lost all my excess weight, the pounds started coming
back on. So I�ve experienced exactly what Gwen is talking about. Now, ten years later,
I do need less food. I love something you said in the Basic class — I love Basics by
the way, and every other class. I stay in them all.
TEDD ANGER: Basics is the place to start, it is the foundation of everything that we�ve
learned from you. GWEN SHAMBLIN: It�s so essential, and because
we know that it is (and we�re here to help), we don�t want you to take another class
until you�ve taken Basics. TEDD ANGER: It�s the foundational things
that we still talk about today; the ways of escape, the jewels�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: You can�t run until you walk. REGINA SMITH: Those things are the things
that I keep in practice. I love what you say in that series; come to peace with the amount
of food that God has allowed for your body. Just stop fighting that. If it�s small,
it�s small, and that�s fine. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Get over it!
REGINA SMITH: Just say, oh, I can come to peace with that. I have found personally that
it is small, and I�m fine with that. TEDD ANGER: Plus you felt so much better when
you were losing the weight. I�m a man whose almost 6�4�, and because I was living
in New York, I�d walk to work, I�d walk for work, and then I�d walk home; I�d
probably walk three or four miles a day. When my weight was coming down, a cup of soup was
enough. Honestly that feels best now anyway. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Honestly, Tedd, when I eat
with you I am convicted! I don�t see how you keep your 6�4� body alive! When you
eat it is so small. TEDD ANGER: It feels great, and like Regina
said, you don�t want to go back, you don�t even come close to what you used to eat, and
you feel so much better! GWEN SHAMBLIN: I will say there is a readjustment
time. Don�t let it shock you, but small is small, and then after you�ve adjusted
to it, it looks big. In Weigh Down Basics, I had my grandchildren on some of those videos
(I�ve got all those babies as you saw last week), I still watch them eat. So I think,
I want to see how much of that bagel they eat (they call it circle toast when they come
over in the morning). (Photos on screen) Oh, there�s my babies! You can get me out
of that picture. Anyway I watch Gloria — who has just turned
two, so she�s just a toddler — but I see her just eat a bite or two of something and
then she�s ready to go. It�s so small. Frequency, though�Tedd, how many times a
day do you eat? TEDD ANGER: Twice. After being all the way
down, I don�t really get hungry in the morning. I�ll have a cup of coffee in the morning,
a small lunch and then a regular dinner. But when my weight was coming down those dinners
were small, but I felt great. I was thinking that I was going to feel better.
Less is more. So I would try that, and see how much I needed, and I woke up in the morning
and felt incredible. I had more energy and realized I was feeling better and better,
and feeling as though I had more energy than a fifteen year old. At the time I was in the
class I was in my thirties, and it still feels that way. So it�s a lifestyle.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: I will reiterate what was said last week, and we both conferred, you wake
up in the morning and you�re happier that you did what was right. So get rid of the
night eating. Okay, we�ve got several more calls in the
queue. Whose next, Tedd? TEDD ANGER: Mark Gillum from Florida
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Mark? Go ahead� CALLER: I�m a minister and I don�t really
know what this is about. I had a concerned member of my congregation ask me to call and
ask a certain question about this program. Is this the Weigh Down program? Is that right?
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Yes, the Weigh Down program. You�re on�what is your question?
CALLER: She was concerned because evidently, although I don�t know much about it, her
daughter got involved in this program, and again, I don�t know much about it, but it
kind of drew her daughter away from the church. So she wanted me to find out what this program
is all about, essentially. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Well, Mark, my suggestion is
that you should go to the Remnant website, then go to the Weigh Down website and read
all of the testimonies. It�s as Eleanor Roosevelt said; whenever you do something,
there�s always going to be someone complaining. But, you�ve got to do what you know in your
heart is right, and we know it�s right because we�re teaching people how to turn to God
instead of the refrigerator, and so they are laying their idols down. They�re laying
down their love for drugs; we have so many people coming off drugs. Everything that Christ
wanted us to do, and that is picking up your cross daily. So they�re laying down unneeded
food; laying down anger, and marriages are coming back together. We�re so excited we
can�t stand it. You�re always going to have antagonists, and I�m sorry that someone
had a bad experience — but at the same time — if you�re a minister, you have seen that
happen at your own church. So what you need to know is that very positive things are going
on. Thank you for your phone call. I�m glad you called; but please, keep looking.
We have other questions while we are waiting for other callers. Some of those questions
have been on nutrients, such as: �If you eat less food, aren�t you going to be missing
some nutrients?� That question was from Facebook.
The fact is that I am healthy. Overeating is what�s killing this country; the hospitals
are full and Medicare/Medicaid cannot pay for
the medical care. Back in the 1940s and 1950s,
people were thinner. People were thinner back in the Great Depression, and even in the 1800s.
There has never been a time in history when there�s been this much obesity, so we are
in need to get the greed back under control. There is only one answer to greed and that
is our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. There wasn�t one ounce of greed
in Christ; and think of our God; things He could be doing, yet He gives and gives and
gives. That He even lets six billion people live�and then He is there to meet their
needs. That is generous, that is so generous. Always giving�there is no greed in God or
Christ. Let�s look at Ephesians 5:5 and put that
on the screen, if we can. This is such an essential scripture that everyone coming into
Weigh Down needs to learn. Ephesians 5:5 �Of this you can be sure, no greedy, no immoral
or impure person — for such a man is an idolater — has any inheritance in the kingdom of God
and of Christ.� Let�s reread that because it says greed is idolatry. �Of this you
can be sure, no immoral, impure or greedy person — for such a man is an idolater — has
any inheritance in the kingdom of God and Christ.� So please know that God is trying
to get through to us, and Christ is trying to get through to us. We�ve got to lay down
the greed to even enter the kingdom
of God. TEDD ANGER: Lauren from Franklin writes, �You�ve
made mention of mourning for idols, how does one stop doing that in your mind?�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Yes, that�s from Ezekiel 8. It�s really a matter of just realizing
that God has asked this of us, and we don�t need it. It�s a combination of God filling
you up and at the same time, you�re learning that you can do more.
I think we�re spoiled. We�re only thinking of what we want, and we don�t want to deny
ourselves and pick up our cross. That�s the test, isn�t it? You have to have faith
that there is an afterlife. Otherwise you wouldn�t suffer now.
TEDD ANGER: You always said that food is a terrible god. To mourn over losing what was
going on in my body�I�m shedding a tear for the time I�ve missed and for what I
did to my body at that time. Also, Sue from California asks, �Is it okay
to fast? Is it best to do a juice fast? What about fasting from all foods except fruits
and vegetables?� So this is just a general fast question.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Okay, Sue. Let�s talk about fasting. Fasting is the neatest thing in the
world; I probably have some scriptures, audios or videos on Truthstream regarding fasting.
But I�m not talking about a juice, or fruits and vegetables fast. Try skipping a meal,
and then work your way up. It�s also a way of getting rid of the mourning.
You can do this, but it is a heart issue; people are afraid of a little bit of pain.
People are afraid to go to the doctor and get a shot, but just as you teach small children,
there will be pain for a few minutes, and then it goes away. Understand that with stomach
hunger or getting empty or denying yourself what you want, the pain will go away in a
few minutes. Going back to the lesson last week � I do
recommend that everyone go back and watch the suffering episode on YouTube or the Remnant
TV website. TEDD ANGER: It�swww.remnantfellowship.tv
and it�s under previous episodes. Just click on �previous episodes� and you�ll see
all seven episodes in their entirety so you can watch all of them.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Sue, write me back and tell me how you�re doing on your fast, even if
you start denying yourself a little bit, then see how far you can go with it. If you have
a lot of weight to lose, fasting is very comfortable. It is only uncomfortable in your mind, but
the body loves it. You�ll feel good and feel light and have energy. If you�ve lost
all the weight your body wants to, then fasting will be something that is God-led, so you�ll
want to be careful with it in
that case. But it can definitely be done. It is definitely a deeper suffering. It�s
a gnawing almost the entire day of the fast. If the phone lines are busy, you can call
us at 800-844-5208. TEDD ANGER: The questions are still coming
in: Mary from New York and Carol from Massachusetts ask for tips on losing the last ten pounds.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Okay, does someone else want to answer this? Go ahead, Regina.
REGINA SMITH: Well, I definitely have personal experience with losing the last ten pounds.
For me, it took getting back into the Basics class. I had to look at areas that I could
tweak a little more in giving up more and denying myself more. Also, at your recommendation
that is in every one of the lessons, I found someone to be accountable to, someone that
will walk with you on that journey. It�s just a matter of experiencing this together;
asking another set of eyes to look at how much food you are consuming, because I couldn�t
really see what I needed to see. It�s a matter of putting into practice �less�;
loving the food less. Denying yourself is everything. If you�ll do that, it won�t
take a long time for those last ten pounds to come right off. Make a choice; make a determined
decision that you�re going to put everything into practice. Gwen, you�ve said that you
wait for a growl every time. That is a question that still comes in a lot, and you addressed
that in week three of this Overcoming series. GWEN SHAMBLIN: There could be a blue-moon
occasion, but for the most part, you need to wait for a growl. It needs to be that way.
You need to get empty. You need to embrace the empty feeling more often.
REGINA SMITH: That goes back to what you said about waking up in the morning and feeling
great. That�s when you�re floating. You feel lighter. So suffering produces such peace,
and joy! You are so happy! TEDD ANGER: Total peace with God. Gwen, as
you explained it in the Basics class, experiment with it. If your body doesn�t need food,
it won�t growl. If I didn�t get a growl the night before, I didn�t eat, and when
I woke up the next morning I was totally at peace knowing that I�d done what God wanted.
I knew that I was in His boundaries, and my weight just landed where it was supposed to
be. REGINA SMITH: There have been questions about
knowing where your body needs to be. How do you know?
GWEN SHAMBLIN: How do you know when you�re at your right weight? Well, you stop losing.
Now, people can stop losing when they still have five pounds to lose. I have no doubt
about that, but look at children who are thin-eaters, or men who are thin-eaters; generally, look
at thin people and their body types. Look at the populations of the world in places
where eating has never been an issue, such as the France or across Europe, maybe China,
or wherever. There are some body types that appear super-thin,
such as someone who might be hired as a model. There are different bone structures, and I
know of people who have large bone structures that just keep practice the principles I�m
teaching, and they lose more weight as time goes on.
There is something about losing those last ten pounds or so that lets you know that God
is trying to get a hold of you. You need to ask yourself if there is something else in
your life that you are not doing, or are you doing something that you shouldn�t be doing?
This is about giving God your attention because you may not have paid any attention to God
at all had it not been for those last ten pounds. Maybe you haven�t stayed in the
program, or you�re not getting on Truthstream or in the Word of God. You need to know there
is a real purpose behind all of this. Do we have more questions?
TEDD ANGER: Yes, we do. A lot of the questions that are coming into our Outreach section
have to do with the kinds of foods, such as getting enough fiber or enough vegetables.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: This is kind of getting back into the nutrient question. Again your body
is over-nutrified. You�ve got nutrients everywhere; you�ve got too much stored in
your body. So if are still overweight you�ve got a long time before you have to worry about
that. TEDD ANGER: Along those same lines, we get
questions about organic and healthy food choices. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Your body will cue you to want
a variety, and that is the healthiest thing you can get. Just make sure that over a two-day
period that you�re getting a variety of food. Don�t leave out a food group; don�t
leave out breads. People seem to do that; they think of a low carbohydrate diet, or
they will leave out meats. It�s one thing if you have an allergy. If you think of the
one thing that people live off of, it�s carbohydrates, which is breads, plus fruits
and vegetables as your body calls for it. To me, the experiments that were done in the
1990s only frightened people out of their minds; they were afraid they were missing
a nutrient. Suddenly, people are dying in larger numbers from cancer, diabetes, and
heart disease because we�re so overweight. We�re not increasing life expectancy right
now. In fact, they are saying life expectancy is getting shorter because of the amount obesity.
Our children are expected to live a shorter life than our generation because of obesity.
You will know you�re in good health when you keep portions small and choose a variety
of foods. Your body will do that naturally; if you had eggs and bacon with a biscuit for
breakfast you won�t want that for lunch, and whatever you had for lunch you won�t
want for supper. There is a strong biological feedback inside your body that is going to
cue you to choose a variety, inside one day even. It�s very strong.
Children eat this way. If you ask them what, they are cued to choose a variety. They may
want cucumbers and tomatoes and orange juice, or something similar.
It�s all organic; that�s the craziest thing. Organic simply means it contains carbon,
which is in every food. What does organic mean to you? It doesn�t have a specific
definition. Does it mean that it�s something grown in a field using no pesticides, or something
like that? Well, I doubt it. The fact is that there is mass production going on with �organic�
food; they�re probably killing a beetle somewhere.
I would suggest that everyone wash your fruits and vegetables. Any kind of spray that is
on food is in a broken-down form, so if you eat it and your body doesn�t want it, you�ll
regurgitate it. If it enters the small intestine, it won�t be absorbed into the wall of the
intestine if it isn�t something you�re supposed to eat. It is trapped and eliminated
from the body. If it happens to enter the circulatory system, it will go through the
liver, which acts as a filter and pulls out substances it doesn�t want in the bloodstream,
so it will be trapped in the liver and broken down. Think of it as a garbage can. The liver
is essentially a chemical factory; it remakes the nutrients your body wants and shoots it
into the portal vein to the heart, and then the heart pumps it to all over the body. By
this time, your body has taken whatever you�ve eaten and turned it into glucose. You don�t
even have to worry about it. So stop worrying about your health when it
comes to minutia! These are microscopic things, and vitamins are in all the foods; foods are
fortified. What I would like you to worry about is spiritual
minutia; things that God wants. Life is so short and then it�s over. Don�t waste
time worrying about the wrong stuff; worry about the right things. Are you greedy? Are
you angry? Do you have the right mindset for this season? Are you depressed? You cannot
go around depressed; God has asked us to be joyful. If you are constantly thinking and
worrying about yourself � you�re going to be in trouble!
I have a question here from Kendell, who writes, �Hi Gwen. Hello to God�s followers. I�ve
tried Weigh Down before but I am troubled. Once I reach a certain weight I seem to go
back to old eating habits and now my eating is completely out of control. I know that
if I turn to God and Weigh Down eating techniques, I can be free, but I can�t even seem to
commit to doing this program. I avoid the classes even after I�ve paid for them. Even
though, in my heart, I want to be better, I feel captured by my own greed, loneliness,
sadness and depression. I�ve been praying and asking God to help me out of this situation
as I seem to be unable to do it on my own, yet I am still not doing it right. Gwen, what
can I, and what should I do? I feel almost hopeless. I am sure you can understand that
it is especially difficult to love myself and others when I look and feel fat. Help,
I feel trapped!� GWEN SHAMBLIN: Bless your heart, Kendell!
Let me tell you, Kendell, you are not alone. A lot of people feel this way. When we don�t
do what God wants us to do, we hurt inside; it�s hard to lift your arms and head to
get out of bed in the morning. I understand that, but the only way to get out is to do
what is right. It doesn�t mean that you have to have all your excess weight off, it
means: for this hour, do what is right, and the next hour — do what is right. The joy
returns when you do what is right. Can man hurt you? Satan will always try to
take jabs at you through mankind. They were always after Jesus, always after Paul, and
all the prophets. In fact, men hated Jesus so much that they killed Him. So that is one
kind of depression, from pain due to man hurting you. But this is how you get out of that:
realize that if they hated Jesus first and you are His follower, you will have hate thrown
at you. So you will just learn to deal with that and do what is right; go with your heart
and get over that depression We are here to help you out of the depression or suffering
from doing wrong. To all the �Kendells� out there: I want
to give you hope. I want to give you hope! That is why we have counselors and coordinators
here — to help you. It is unbelievable the amount of help that is here. We can help the
Kendells; we do it every day. Call us at 800-844-5208 and let us know if you are feeling depressed.
I promise you that we�ll get you an accountability partner to help you. If you�ll do what is
right every day, guess what? You�ll get happier and happier! You�ll be coming out
of your shoes because you�re so happy! You�ll be so excited and then you�ll want to spread
the news to someone else, and God will have used this time of depression.
I want to thank everyone for their questions. Before we go, do we have one last question?
REGINA SMITH: Yes, Gwen. We have a question from Nan in Pennsylvania. With the holidays
here, she wanted you to talk about eating and drinking during the holidays. Specifically;
how should we treat alcohol along with eating? GWEN SHAMBLIN: We�ll be talking about that
next week. That is a great question, Nan, so tune in next week and we�ll talk more
on that. Because the holidays are here, I have one last tip before we go: be careful
with the alcohol. Don�t think just because of the holidays that you can let loose on
this. You�ll feel better and alcohol makes you sleepy anyway. It is a vasodilator, which
means your veins are so relaxed that it is hard to get blood up to your heart, so you
just want to lie down; you really want to go to sleep. You�ll feel better if you get
a cup of coffee and have a good time at the party. Enjoy people, and enjoy life. You�ll
get much more enjoyment out of moderation with alcohol, and food. Don�t think that
you�ll never see the holiday food again; you will. I see the same holiday food at every
party; I see it every year. Trust me, it will come back around, so don�t panic.
Instead, panic about not getting it right with God. This is about obeying God; this
isn�t about losing weight. Get right with God. Isn�t that right, Tedd?
TEDD ANGER: Amen! GWEN SHAMBLIN: One last word from you, Tedd�?
TEDD ANGER: Just as Gwen said, take all that focus and worry about your life, and worry
about obeying God and having a relationship with Him. The peace will come back and it
won�t matter that you�ll have a little less food, maybe a little less money or a
little less praise of man. Don�t worry about people thinking you�re the greatest person
in the world. You want God to think you�re the greatest person in the world because you�re
running after Him. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Regina, do you have a last
word or amen? REGINA SMITH: Yes, amen to running after Him
and focusing up during this season, no more looking horizontally; always looking to Him
for everything. It�s in every, every part of my life.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: So, we look to God for fun, we look to God for His Praise, for guidance
on how much to eat, how much to lose, what small is. Look to God for Comfort for your
depression. Isn�t the answer to everything to always look to God and Jesus Christ as
the perfect example? He came to us to give us the example and the love of God here, and
He asks us to follow in His footsteps. How fun is this? It is so wonderful to read
your comments. Thank you so much for calling in and praise
God for all of those who are out there seeking to glorify Him, to do it for Him. Bless God�s
Heart! He�s looking for people to say it�s all about Him, and He�s got the answer.
After all, He�s everything to us, our doctor, attorney, comfort, husband, maker, creator,
provider. He�s everything, so if He is everything, let�s look to Him. If you do that, you will
overcome. Until next week, thank you for joining us. 1

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