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How much fatty fish should you eat?

Chris, are there diminishing returns in the
amount of fish in a weekly diet? I know you mentioned eating fish about twice
a week. I’ve been trying to eat salmon once a day. Is there an ideal ratio of fish to non-fish
protein you should aim for? There’s not a lot of data backing that up
and the data we have is pretty poor quality. But I’m of the mind that the diminishing returns
come after one or two servings of fatty fish per week. I think if you’re talking about white fish
it’s different. But I mean like salmon or mackerel I think
once a week or twice a week is good. I think diminishing returns occur after that. I think you’re talking about white fish, it’s
not as different from meat as you might think, the real big difference in my view is there
are some different, like there’s selenium and iodine and things are different, but the
big difference in salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish, versus lean fish versus meat,
it’s mainly the fish fat that I’m concerned about.

10 thoughts on “How much fatty fish should you eat?

  1. I eat fatty fish most days, why is it diminishing returns after twice a week? I thought too much omega 3 isn't an issue? Thanks

  2. Can u Chris make a vid about this?: Let's say u eat clean but u r invited to dinner. What would u eat just before to minimize unhealthy fats & food toxins? Would things like chitosan, cilantro etc help? R there studies about such a scenario?

  3. I eat wild caught cod every day. Wild caught lobsters every few days. And 1-2 oysters with each of my cod meals for the zinc. Don’t really eat fatty fish, but love the white fish and shellfish.

  4. What do you mean with a serving? My serving size for mackerel is 300 grams, you suggest i take one and a half pound of mackerel a week?

    By the way, where is the full length version of this video?

  5. Dr Ray Peat says you should not have too much fatty fish because the omega 3 polyunsaturated fats from cold water fish become rancid inside the warm body of humans. Agree or disagree?

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