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100 thoughts on “How Not To Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers

  1. I have been vegan for eight years and I can attest to the miraculous advantages of veganism. Dr Greger and his indisputable facts cannot be argued with and yet people continue their old worn out tired excuses for meat eating and a crappy diet all the way around. There are so many sick people now in the not too distant future there will be no healthy people left to pay for all the medical intervention. Just do the simple math.

  2. You're an amazing individual! Thank you for breaking the conventional medicine mindset with well studied facts and empowering people to stand up and take control of their health and their lives !

  3. How is Dr. Greger 46 years old but looks like he's in his 60's? I look at how the Dr looks or person giving his advice because proof is in how you look. I don't think Dr. Greger is climbing a mountain anytime soon.

  4. With the Internet, more people have easy access to information. That includes information like this. Nobody has any excuse. They should not expect sympathy if their stupidity causes them harm.

  5. 43:49 Is the only way to avoid the bacteria to never touch the chicken in first place? Could being in the same room result in infection?

  6. Thank you so much Dr Micheal Greger you have helped so many return their health including me. I'm just curious is there a canadian equivalent of your work? Or is there any way for a average person like myself to find out how the Canadian system works? Does Canada follow the FDA's lead?

  7. there is a difference between absorption and intake. soil quality is 10x less nutrient dense than it was 100 years ago. processed food is the enemy. nature raised meat is more nutritious than any whole food.

  8. Uganda, Uganda, Uganda!!! The U.S. is #31 for life expectancy. Uganda is #154. Why have clean arteries and die at age 50?

  9. Recently i discovered some studies showing what happenned on a low/no carb diet and also some other studies showing significant improvement on ppl switching to a 100% carnivore diet (59 ppl on 60 have seen their health GREATLY improved), and i am now kind of lost….

    Plant based diet seems to work but a 100 % animal products diet seems to work too…. this recent research made me lost… and i dont know what to follow anymore. I would love to see a video of Dr Greger about this

    For the record, i was vegan for 2 years but with my job, it's hard to be 100% vegan in france, so i still do my best but those recent findings confused me…

  10. Show me a plant based diet that is practical and fills you up.
    Wheat is bad due to gluten. White of anything is bad. Vegetables and fruits do not satisfy you. Beans and grains cause leaky guts. Any plant based diets that can really be followed and practicals? Anyone please?

  11. I appreciate your fabulous work!! However if there is no way For practitioners to make any money from teaching or coaching this information then it will remain in the background in our current social and cultural situation. Someone will figure out how to do it ethically and effectively. Keep up the great work!

    How do you make a living if you give away all your profits?

  12. Some people can't tolerate fiber. As with other things, too much fiber is bad. I've seen testimonials for the carnivore diet too, and there are many that swear by it, as many swear by veganism.

  13. very few could present such important scientific studies and medical information in a way the lay person can understand, remember, and enjoy. The humor is rich, the information vital. Your dedication is admirable. You made a difference for me!

  14. My Blood Pressure is sometimes quite low like my Granpas, who lived to be 105! Recently, my blood pressure was 91/54. And I'm 52 and a mostly, Raw Vegan! 💚💚💚 Vegan 4ever… #govegan

  15. Thank you for all your hard work. You really are inspiring.
    I’m going to try this way of life because my cholesterol levels are (and always were) way out of control and I really don’t want to take the prescribed medication with all those horrible side effects. Also, I’m going to try this to encourage my father to follow me in this path. He suffers from emphysema and his arteries are clogging according to his last tomography. He’s having a hard time breathing normally. The thing is, he’s 65 a heavy meat eater and kind of stubborn… But I’m going to do my best because I want him to live. Hopefully I’ll succeed and he’ll have a longer and better quality of life.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  16. Hi Dr Greger, just arrived to your great channel. Hoping to order your latest book. Can you advise on all meat & no carbs diet, as I started this diet in the later half of 2018 and found it to be good obtaining a happy weight, I have more energy and feel younger, healthier & fit than previous years, my psoriasis condition is clearing well and I have better results at the dentist with low plaque levels. Would like your expert opinion on no carbs diet/meat only diet. I have reduced some forms of exercise just to see the benefits of a 'meat only diet'.

  17. My meat eating friends will never accept this, including those who have adult onset diabetes and others who have heart disease and have had heart attacks. So conditioned to eat meat and their doctors don't promote plant-based diets…and yes, those doctors want to make it more palatable to their patients. Very sad state of affairs.

  18. How not to die! Eat your way to eternity RIGHT! Sounds like a diet of fear LOL & spend your life on a tread wheel like a rat!

  19. I listen to all these experts and they all contradict eachother. Harvard came out recently and said "cocnut oil is poison". We now have scientists coming out saying that Harvard needs to retract this, as it's pure bunkum! They all cite studies and all say differently! I have learned moderation in all things!

  20. If you go vegetarian ( keeping eggs and cheese ) do you see these kinds of benefits? Or does it only exist if vegan?

  21. I know this is older, but I just want to say that I’m going to be traveling to Italy soon, and as the only teenage vegan from a family of 4 with a gluten intolerance, I’m going to have to choose my poisons sometimes. In the land of pasta, I think it will be very hard to find meals that are dairy free, egg free, meat free, as well as gluten free. So I’ve chosen to let it slide if there r eggs or fish, but I refuse to eat the gluten, other meat, and preferably dairy. Watching this video, it’s nice to know that my body can naturally heal after I will kind of start killing it on my lenient vacation 🙈😂. I will definitely be on a raw vegan ride after I come back

  22. What if you don't eat that much. I'm struggling to get all that food in. Somedays it seems that I'm not getting half of it in. And Dr. Greger says that's the minimum. And I don't eat a lot of nuts or foods high in fat. Somedays not even beans. Is there some substitution that I can do to make sure I get all of the nutrients I need? A food, maybe that may be more nutritious or nutritionally balanced so I can try to make sure I get all the nutrients I need in a day. I would rather not have to take supplements and I never have before, so I just feel that I really shouldn't have to on a vegan diet. I'm on no medication except b12 and never have been. I'm in my mid 40's, so I am really looking into staying as healthy as I can through these years and I've always eaten slightly more healthy than others around me, yet still consumed meats, dairy, and eggs, so I can't really say it was vegetarian or vegan by no means. To get even more personal, my normal weight is 97lbs. and have always been told that was just too skinny, but try as I might, I can't gain weight. I never really understood how I did it except that I did consume a lot of vegetables. But not nearly like Dr. Gregar says needs to be. So, I dont want to gain weight, I feel great at my weight, I just want to make sure that I get all the nutrients that I need without becoming malnourished or something and still stay healthy, if its possible. I was a smoker and quit a year ago.

  23. Why did my hip joints die ? Had both replaced then i awoke, reptilian response, what i've been doing ain't working, got off va blood thinners by going vegan with garlic, amla, and Hawthorne berry dried fruit, been wfpb for 14 months, wish i had started this 30 years ago or more.

  24. Dr Greger, you've helped me to get off of blood pressure meds. THANK YOU!!!
    Hopefully you can now help me to help my 12 year old autistic son. I've been given him the broccoli sprouts based on one of your videos. It really does help! 😊
    But he still has so many issues…do you have any more advice on helping autistic children? My son throws violent tantrums, his school and pediatrician is pressuring me to put him on meds. PLEASE HELP US?

  25. What about nonfat milk, yogurt, etc. (organic kind)? If it is the animal fat that is harmful, then it seems that nonfat dairy varieties that are organic are ok! Also, is bread ok if it is wholegrain (actual wholegrains, organic) without added crap or is whole wheat flour also bad?

  26. Doctor, thank you so much for your video, your work, your compassion for wanting to help people with all your research and info. I am 54 years old, need a heart transplant, having cancer twice, and am insulin dependent diabetic. Never smoked, never drank, never did drugs, supposedly my diabetes and family history was the reason. Was given two years left to live without a heart transplant, told that in 2013. Here it is 2019, still here. Just now seen this video. Starting this diet now. Thank you, God bless you. Ps – My sister who has cholangiocarcinoma just sent me this email. She is excited about this to help her heal too.
    We have been praying for God to heal us, but as I believe in God, in prayer, in healing, I believe God wants us to do our part too.

  27. Dr Gregor I wish you were my Dr sadly due to money and location I have to suffer the unenlightened Dr’s who look at you blankly 😐 with a side head tilt 😭😭

  28. He may have a good message, but his gigantic ego just seems to be the main thing he is projecting in this presentation.

  29. Perdón me equivoqué, pero eso de los vegetales es bien interesante porque Dios desde el principio nos dijo que comiéramos vegetales, Dios lo bendiga

  30. amazing speach,i have been on a vegan plant based for a year now and my blood tests are perfect,doctor said wow,can't believe it,so it's the proof that this is the way to eat,stil learning about health but it's going well,takeing b12 too.Thanks to Dr Gregger

  31. As of Yesterday, I've changed my diet. My goal is to reverse cardiovascular disease, claudication, arthritis, and COPD. Hopefully there will be progress to report soon. My body and mind like this concept although it will be hard to give up eggs, cheese, and milk. Even then, I am expecting positive outcomes.

  32. So enjoyed your presentation and your admiration and love of your grandmother to further your convictions for the greater cause. Many thanks and so happy to have found you.

  33. What "kind" of plant based diet? I am assuming there were variations in what was used from one research/study to the next… For the shorter studies, was there an analysis to see if the effect on immune response in the "dropped blood" comparisons was similar when compared to long term? (In a measurable way?) …what about B-12 & B-1, and Stomach Acid levels/capacity in the participants? Also hypothyroid and iodine? Were they supplementing vs. Non supplementing & blood level vs. Serum level? ….and finally were there any differences between GMO/Glyphosate/Round-up vs. Organic? I loved the information presented here. I ask – as I have "suffered" immediate and chronic "ill health" while under various plant based diets… obviously there are many individuals that have "individual complicating factors" or have reached a state of poor health that makes the route to better health a very winding path. I am doing better now, but to reach the ideals presented here is still not working out…

  34. Does anyone have expertise in or able to answer a question regarding: The comparison of Tuna as representative of what "meat does" may have been a really bad / near sighted comparison… Tuna is a very high "Histamine" meat … meaning that prior to cooking even a slight increase in temperature cause the dead-tissue to produce high levels of Histamine = histamine is NOT broken down upon cooking … there are a Lot of people that are undiagnosed as being on a spectrum of histamine-intolerant… meaning they will of course have an immune reaction and digestion will be inhibited shortly thereafter when the body begins to release adrenaline and cortisol (Sympathetic Nervous System stimulation) which inhibits digestion & more/inhibits parasympathetic nervous system… …still though his presentation is very good and is very eye opening & informative.

  35. Given that most of the cultures/epidemiological studies were of countries that use very little to no herbicides/pesticides/glyphosate-roundup … is it reasonable or is there any comparison that shows a better response to plant based diet that organic or well-crafted plant source?

  36. Another question: plant consumption in the U.S.A. would initially tend to be preserved/canned/frozen or just highly processed and that's not counting all the herbicides/pesticides residues … in these other countries that were examples it would seem reasonable to assume that most or majority would be eating fresh and "unprocessed" sources? Does anyone know if he mentioned a comparison or do you know of any studies showing differences?
    I have heard of people that have gluten issues that travel to Europe and are able to eat gluten containing foods without issue until they return to the U.S.A. – it is often said that the lack of processed foods in general & amount of fresh whole foods culturally that are eaten play a significant role as well as the lack of GMO ( which means a lot less herbicides & pesticides – since that is the only purpose to majority of GMO)

  37. Another question that comes to mind: When Dr Dean Ornish's Study was done , what was the blood levels of glyphosate in people eating plant based versus now? Would it be demonstrable to show a need to eat Organic plant based? Let alone just the need to eat Organic period… regardless… also since imported foods labeled as Organic have little or No oversight and have on occasion been shown to not actually be Organic…

  38. Glyphosate –
    BT toxin –
    Other herbicides –
    Other pesticides –

    I would love to hear if / where he addresses some of these… if you know of any links?

  39. Thank you SO much Dr Greger. I wish I could get my loved ones to listen to these… they refuse 🙁 even though their diets are killing them! How can we help them?

  40. I just recalled the one bit of "nutrition education" I received growing up
    There was usually a box of "AllBran" in the house and I was taught that was mum's.
    That was echoed by a food scientist I briefly worked for in a chocolate factory in the 70s. As we parted on my last day he impressed on me the importance of bathroom regularity – though not the way Kellogg meant it ….
    Thankfully, a few years later I shared a house with a hippy who introduced me to veggies and wholegrain and I never looked back.
    Frighteningly ithat was it until I watched Michael Greger's "40 Year Vegan" video 35 years later !
    Thankfully I wasn't too far off course, but I owe him a great deal. 🙂

  41. Yes! NutritionFacts.org has changed my life. The other life changer has been wearing a 20 lb weighted vest around the house. I've even (gradually…very, very gradually) worked up to wearing 2 20 ob weighted vests (one on top of the other, kept cinched in with neoprene stretchy belts [from the exercise department of a big box store] for a more comfortable fit. When walking a mile around the neighborhood I also now carry a 20 pounds weight, so I walk with 60 pounds of weights total. I no longer have osteopenia and migraines, and have lost 20 pounds without changing my diet. I started wearing the weights 10 years ago. About 3 years ago I started following a WFPB SOS-free as recommended by Dr. Greger and all the other plant based heroes like Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Klapper, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Denis Burkitt, T. Colin Campbell, etc. I no longer have cholesterol problems, sciatica, hyper pigmentation, facial puffiness, peripheral artery disease, etc. and I feel great. Also, since including more leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, I no longer have any food cravings (Thanks to Chef AJ for that helpful tip.)

  42. Great Doctors & humanitarians. "The food of the future will be fruit and grains. The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural food is that which grows out of the ground." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha'i Faith

  43. I've been a vegetarian for years and have benefited tremendously from a plant based diet. However, I am still not able to convince nor convert my loved ones suffering from a multitude of preventable diseases who can not live through several hours with meat, dairy, eggs or oil. That I find is the most difficult task.

  44. I have experimented with keto using test strips to test my ketones, and my body will only go into ketogenesis if I have less than 10g of carbs a day. The 5% carbs used in that study would be waaaaayyyy more than that. Sort of keto is not keto at all. I'm pretty sure vegan is the healthiest diet in general, but wanted to point out that most of these so called "keto" diets are in no way ketogenic.

  45. You are trying to make both sides feel stupid and not even answer your own questions. You are a joke now. I don't eat animals but I do not condone lying for any cause.

  46. Brilliant doctor Gregor 'i asked to half my drug simvastatin 'and was told my Cholesterol would go way up' i insisted 'then got my blood checked after i think 2 or 3 weeks it was the same 'so ( half the drug intake) and it didn't go up' the medical professionals would have left me on twice as much probably forevermore 'please put more on say Facebook etc .

  47. Corporate shill. Agent of death. Look at that guy's rat face. Listen to his voice.
    The Oiling Of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-69y9aRydUM

  48. Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept appearing here on different youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my friend follow it, and finally lost tons of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

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