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8 thoughts on “How One Mom Tricked Her Kids with Placebos

  1. Placebo really works and it's amazing. It works for everything, whether it's the belief in the supernatural, to healing incurable diseases.

  2. I don’t agree with this. I believe that kids should be listened to, if they tell you something is wrong with them, at least get them looked at. THEN address what it really is, whether it’s diet, lack of sleep, whatever. I don’t think kids should be given placebos. My experience with placebos, when I was a kid I despised reading. Not because I didn’t like story, but because it seemed like the letters were moving around and there was a lot of strain in my eyes. I was taken to the eye doctor, who said my eyes were in perfect condition. Still hated reading. It wasn’t until later in life that my Mom admitted it was a placebo the whole time. I went to the eye doctor again as an adult, who (again) said there was nothing wrong. He didn’t catch this, an employee did. Turns out all the symptoms I explained were of stigmatism, and I finally got the prescription. I feel like that doctor wasn’t listening to me very well, if the employee hadn’t caught that, letters would still be moving for me, things would still be a bit fuzzy, and I would still be holding my head for up to 30 minutes from eye strain. Now I can not only read without pain, but I can write too. Listen to your kids

  3. It's a form of manipulation for the child instead of building up their self-esteem and just being open and honest. Kids or adults really don't need medicine they just need to eat the right proper healthy food. The medicine is in the food if you live a high vibration lifestyle.

  4. And when they get into their teenage years and are exposed to drugs and/or alcohol, the idea of magic feel-good to solve the “problem” will attract them like a magnet to drugs.

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