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How to Avoid Eating Junk Food : How to Prepare Nuts for Baking

First, I’m just taking the leftover melted
butter that I had, and I’m just brushing down this pan for the granola. I just say better
safe than sorry. I hate when food sticks to the bottom of the pan. I feel like I’m wasting
food because it’s on the pan and not in my stomach and that just irritates me. I mean,
I went through the effort to go get it and then make it, and I want to eat it and it’s
stuck to the pan. That’s just annoying. You don’t have to brush a lot. It’s not even going
to be in the oven very long. But this is just so I can sleep better tonight, have a clear
conscious. Okay, that’s just enough butter. Really, you just kind of throw stuff into
the pan. I’m going to just throw my almonds in here. Again, as much or little of what
you like. I love almonds. We have cashews. Beautiful! You can use any size pan you like,
actually. This is just the size that I had handy. Depending on the size of the pan and
the width and the length and how many ingredients you put in here, will determine how thick
or thin your nut mixture/granola situation is going to be. Next, we have our pistachios.
Actually, I have got to shell these, so they take a little bit more effort, but that’s
okay. I’ll just keep doing that. I’m going to continue that in just a second. I’m going
to put in these sesame seeds as well. And this is just to kind of…just a little…I’m
actually going to put a few more on top later. This is just to get some into the mixture.
We have our sesame seeds, our almonds, our cashews. I’m going to start working on these
pistachios. You can see their so easy, they’re already cracked open for you. They’re really
simple, just to pop right out. I’m going to work on this and get this all assembled together,
and then I’ll show you how we use our honey-lemon juice.

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