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How to Avoid Eating Junk Food : Ingredients for Yam Chips

Ok, we’re going to start on our first healthy
snack today. This is one great way to be prepared, even at home, just to have something right
and healthy on hand. I’m going to make some yam chips. Instead of potato chips we’re having
yam chips. That probably doesn’t sound very exciting. That probably sounds very hippy
and very far too out there and healthy. But I promise you, they’re fantastic. I’m from
the south and I grew up on sweet potatoes and yams and I love these. And we use butter
and salt. We make them yummy and tasty so trust me it’s not as scary and cardboard as
it sounds. All you need is how ever many yams you want to use. I purposely bought long,
kind of skinny ones, because I want to slice them very thin, like potato chips. And they’re
as thin as I want to get them to be by doing this by hand. So, I purposely chose this shape,
and this size, but you know, if you only have big fat ones you can make that work too. They’ll
just be larger pieces. If you need to cut them in half also, that’s ok too. Not a big
deal. I have just a couple tablespoons of butter here, about two tablespoons. You really
don’t need a lot. What we’re going to do, we’re going to melt that down and once we
have them sliced up we’re going to brush some butter on them. So, you know, you may use
three tablespoons or if you really like butter you may use a stick and pour it on there.
Whatever you like. And I have some sea salt as well. Once we brush on the butter on our
yam chips, we’re going to sprinkle a thin amount of sea salt on those and then we’re
going to pop them in the oven to bake, and get nice and crispy. Trust me, you will, you’ll
be surprised how good these are. So, let’s get to slicing these up.

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  1. Also, similarly, normal potatoes can be cut thin and placed on a cookie sheet. We spread some cayenne pepper and seasoned salt and bake very high (approx 450 degrees) for about ten minutes (flip them half way through). You can get them as crisp as you want…very good and healthy!

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