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How to Avoid Weight Gain at College : How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Hi! I’m Kristen Bryda here for Expert Village.
I’m a dietetic intern at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and I’m here to today to talk
to you about the freshman 15. Alright, so what are ways you can avoid the freshman 15?
First of all, don’t cut down too many calories. This will decrease your metabolism, which
means your body is going to try to conserve its energy by not burning as many calories
during the day. Also, don’t skip meals to try cut calories. This is going to cause you
to have increased hunger and then eat more later. What you want to do is surround yourself
with healthy snacks and foods such as dried fruit, healthy cereals, yogurt, raisins, and
water, or flavored water if you want the feeling of juice or soda. Also, you want to try to
increase your activity. Take a long walk to class, go to the gym, run with friends. Don’t
just sit around and snack while you’re studying. Try to keep healthy things around you and
plan your day. The next day, you want to think about what you’re going to have for breakfast.
Try to pack your lunch so you’re not buying impulse buys like candy and junk food. You
don’t want to be tempted by vending machines. Also, when you go into the dining hall, watch
your portion sizes. Simply fill one plate with healthy foods and watch your portions
when you serve yourself. Then put your meal card away so you’re not tempted to go back
and get seconds. Doing all of these things like decreasing your calories by watching
your portion sizes, increasing your activity, and surrounding your dorm room with healthy
snacks will help you avoid the freshman 15.

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