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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

How to bring up low levels of arachidonic acid.

Anonymous attendee says I have arachidonic
acid level of 189 in the low zone on ION with an AA/EPA ratio… I don’t I don’t care about the AA/EPA ratio. I do care about the arachidonic acid level. Should I supplement with 250 milligrams? What brand is there from well-known company? You want 250 milligrams of arachidonic acid,
eat an egg. Like I don’t know anything about arachidonic
acid supplements yet except that they exist because you can eat eggs and you’ll get plenty. Do you want to try the supplement? Yeah you can. You eat two eggs a day already so eat four. The oxidative stress and inflammation will
dry, will consume the arachidonic acid, so look at that, but if you’re just talking about
a supplement sure, add a supplement or eat more eggs.

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