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How To Conquer Depression Through Diet | Dr. Drew Ramsey

For about ten years we’ve had very strong
correlational data showing that, for example, when you eat poorly your risk of depression
and illnesses like depression just go up 70/80 percent. And when you eat a more traditional diet like
a Mediterranean diet or Japanese diet your risk of an illness like depression can go
down by as much as 50 percent. And so that’s now led to the first clinical
trial that is just being reported showing that a Mediterranean diet augmented with some
red meat actually can treat clinical depression, major depression disorder. And it’s a very exciting moment for nutritional
psychiatry. It’s a time when we have more science that
tells us food should really be part of the conversation when it comes to our mental health. We are facing an incredible mental health
academic. I’ve been in New York as a psychiatrist now
for 16 years and the amount of distress and the amount of mortality that we’re seeing
is like levels we’ve never seen before and we need as many tools in our toolbox and food
is very much there, both from just common sense. We all know that to feel right we need to
eat right, but then also backed up by now an incredible amount of science showing that
a core set of nutrients actually have very clear data that can help in the prevention
and the treatment of illnesses, again, like depression and dementia. So we want to encourage people to eat those
foods that have most of these nutrients and then help them do that is really part of a
mental health care plan. We think about a lot of illnesses when we
eat, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and it’s always struck me that really the illness you
should be worried about or the organ you should be worried about when you’re eating is your
brain because that is by far your biggest asset. It consumes more of your energy in your food
than any other organ you have. And so focusing on the nutrients your brain
needs guide you to a slightly different set of foods that if you focus on just things
like calories or saturated fat or preventing something like cancer. And so it’s an exciting moment as the data
begins to catch up with common sense. The diets that seem to do the best in terms
of brain health are traditional diets. So, for example, the most science is about
the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet is a plant-based diet. You’re going to see lots and lots of nuts
and seeds, whole grains, you’re going to see seafood, you going to see meat and dairy treated
differently. I mean it’s interesting that all Mediterranean
diets, Greek yogurt, for example, they have some dairy and fermented dairy products and
meat, but they’re used more as flavorings. You don’t see what we see in a western diet
of a giant steak and a baked potato. You see a lot more spices in the Mediterranean
diet and fresh herbs, these are very, very powerful medicine that have always been used
to treat illness. And so one of my favorite interventions is
helping people do like even a little herb pot on their fire is scape or in their front
yard because you can just walk out in the morning, grab some chives, grab some basil,
chop it up, have it with yours scrambled eggs. You’ve just increased the nutrient density
of that meal and you’ve made it a little bit more like the Mediterranean diet. What you’re going to see is in the Mediterranean
diets mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. You’re going to see, again, a lot of crunchy
vegetables, a lot of rainbows on those plates and lots and lots of seafood. I mean that’s really one of the main differences
if you look at a Spanish diet, all those tapas with little anchovies and a little bit of
squid and a little bit of octopus where we’re getting these very, very nutrient dense seafoods
that, again, we know how these molecules that are so important for brain health.

100 thoughts on “How To Conquer Depression Through Diet | Dr. Drew Ramsey

  1. Polyunsaturated fats for the LOSE. Go ahead and gorge on the if you want oxidative damage in the membranes of all the cells in your body.

  2. Elephant in the room to me seems to be whether correlation is causation. If anything I would imagine mental health would have a larger impact on diet than diet would have on mental health. I haven't read any papers on it though so I hope this has been addressed

  3. I think there are too many people in the world. If there was some sort of international agreement accepting volunteers for mass suicide to be commenced at a specific number that accurately results in a sustainable population, I'd be down…but I don't want my death to be in vain. LET'S DO IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD, GUY'S! Who's with me?!

  4. The reason depression is such an epidemic in America is because we are bombarded constantly by media telling us how inadequate we are and how shitty our lives are. We live in the greatest time in the history of man, yet turn on the TV, radio, internet, or newspaper and we are given detailed description of all the motherfucking shit that could potentially murder us.
    Wanna combat depression?? Unplug yourself from the matrix. Leave the fucking phone at home and take a walk on the beach or park or wherever else you can be in nature.
    Eating lots of chocolate also helps.

  5. this is one of those things that is just common sense. It amazes me that scientists are forced to waste time proving stuff that has been known for 1000s of years.

  6. Why didnt you talk about the HCLF VEGAN DIET? That is the ultimate diet to conquer depression and the most healthy diet in the world.

  7. I find his voice rather soothing, in all the right ways.

    Even if he really didn't say a whole lot in this talk.

  8. Lies lies and more lies, you atheists can go to hell. No, the Japanese diet can't do anything to improve your mental health. You need to get off of pills. Get off of liberal globalist indoctrination, follow Christ, and repent. Give up that HFCS, unfermented soy, and BPA. Be cautious about PVC contamination and GMOs. Live your life for Christ for he gave you life, TWICE! ENOUGH OF THESE FOOLISH AND WICKED ATHEISTS. I'm a former atheist and let me tell you, there's no better doctor than the one who made you.

  9. thanks man eating this diet totally made me forget that everyone i care about will die one day and no one i care about will ever understand my inner life in a way i will find meaningful.

  10. correlation does not imply causation; there are likely many more factors involved. it is also worth noting that a depressed person is less likely to care about their diet, which may give rise to the aforementioned correlation.

  11. Depression is caused by selfishness.
    Deal with selfishness and depression will go away GUARANTEED.
    You can start by getting a job at a nursing home. Works like a charm.

  12. …And then in another video they tell you to not eat too much fish because of the mercury. Seriously, this whole "Eat this, not that" schtick is getting kind of ridiculous.

  13. Food does not fix depression, if you eat and are no longer depressed you were not depressed you were sulking like a child. Most people who say they are depressed are just bored sulking or pitying themselves. Actual depression the kind that comes from physical pain or a mental condition is not going to be cured by food. And it pisses me off you would imply it can.

  14. I wish I liked fish more. I don't really like the taste of most types of fish (I have a strong sense of smell), but maybe it'll improve if I eat it more often? I've already started eating less meat and sugar though.

  15. "Conquer"; maybe sanguine, sensationalist, or hyperbole, but not a reasonable claim. Appreciate the broader perspective regardless.

  16. Many people would benefit from being vegan at home, and eating whatever they like in restaurants. It's easy at home because there are delicious alternatives to meat and dairy, but there's no social pressure from friends.

  17. of course. that's what I've been doing wrong, not eating the right kind of food.
    guess why i wasn't eating right ? here's a clue, it rhymes with repression !

  18. It just lessens the severity but if the conditions that helped instigate are STILL there and one cannot escape them, you're still fucked but less prone to shoot yourself in the head and instead stay happily miserable to spread to others.

  19. Food is the only conversation that should be in mental health besides situation. What you freaks do with your drugs, should be done with food. Instead of trying to "find the right drug and dosage for you" usually killing the patient in the process, try finding the right foods and vitamin levels. Also don't ignore physical problems like back injuries and don't do anything you have done in the past pretty much.

  20. 1) It's not new, we've been studying what foods are good for brain health for awhile. Keeping up to date is good (and hard for the public), but not ground-breaking.
    2) Suggesting (as the title does) that food can cure depression, instead of suggesting to seek professional help is dangerously irresponsible. If a Psychiatrist wants to prescribe eating octopus before going on a stronger drug, great, but don't think that just eating a Mediterranean diet is actually a cure.

  21. I don't like vegetables very much, and I prefer most of my food relatively plain – basically the palette of a young teenager. I know changing my diet would be good for me, but I hate how those things taste (I'm a "supertaster", so I'm not going to be getting used to these things any time soon). We can put any dietary chemical in a pill at this point, so what do I need to take to try the "Mediterranean diet" via strictly the specific nutrients?

  22. Psychiatry is a scam that makes up names for normal things people do and then they call it an illness so they can sell psych meds for the big drugs companies and make money. They make a lot of money off of suckers who buy their poison and laugh all the way to the bank.

  23. What a load of BS quackery. Eating a good diet is important. However, you can't "cure" depression solely on diet alone. Please people don't be swindled by these hucksters.

  24. One reason it probably wouldn't hurt is because pharmaceutical companies have bribed every doctor to prescribe "meds" at insane markups that are far more likely to hurt you than help. They've succeeded in making MDs more dangerous than your local drug dealer.

  25. Big Think should have a psychologist on to explain why people feel the need to lash out at vegans whenever there's a video of somebody suggesting that we eat more vegetables.

    Oddly enough I see more complaints here about vegans in the comments than I actually see vegans in the comments.

  26. Completely anecdotal, but my gut says people need better food, more exercise, and more spirituality. Depression is rampant these days. I get a lot of fulfillment out of food, exercise, and God.

  27. I totally agree. This is why young people suffer the most, poor diet. Also with important nutrients that drive brain function .
    Great job Dr. Drew.

  28. dislike: i have had depression and still have depression. i believe change your diet is a tool but not the solution to treating depression. the solution is to figure out why you have it and solving that core issue itself. thats the only way.

  29. Thus another generation of obesity was formed. For the majority of you lazy fat fucks out there, high chances are your disease is being a weak willed pleb. Hit the weights and stop crying over a McDouble because you can barely walk 10ft without getting winded.

  30. I know when I eat more junk food I get depressed because I get fatter! Really I know that a good diet is very important for so many things including mental health. Thanks for the reminder!

  31. David Luis – JAPAN has the suicide forrest. The real trouble of what we put in our bodies comes from having a government who regulates that intake and purposely cause these illnesses they claim to oppose to maintain passivation , and power over the culture that it governs just like the pharmesudical companies arent trying to cure the sick but rather keep them sick in the name of revenue, another couple of billion dollars. The fda is regulated by congress? who is their overseer ? with a busy population unknowingly as their test subjects and lab rats they keep population control, everything today has a pill prescribed for it just because they say so and we believe it like the placebo affect. since when have those with power and wealth been honest and compassionate, empathetic and moral? dont forget about air america when the CIA smuggled heroine back to the US through customs in the caskets of our dead GIs during vietnam, the one place customs wasnt authorized to search. go to a mc donalds in berlin and order a big mac and youll see the difference .

  32. I love the smell of junk science in the morning. Unsubscribed due to much unsubstantiated content presented with too much ego.

  33. Lets be honest here folks – its not just the types of food we eat, its the manufacturing process.

    Theres a big difference between a home made dish and a shop bought ready meal. The ingredients in produced food these days has got to be contributing to our health issues, theres stuff in food now that humans have never eaten before.

    Some of my favourate examples of 'food' added to what humans eat today are:
    rapeseed oil – found in sauces, cooking oil, hot chocolate, ready meals, pasta(not the sauce), coffee, deserts, margerine, peanut butter, icecream….. the list goes on. The primary reason we grow this stuff is actualy for biofuel, our food gets the biproduct leftovers.
    Palm oil – as above.
    Non plant based starches – chemicaly produced from cruide oil while making petrol and plastics, found in damn near everything.
    aspartame – found in softdrinks, many sweet tasting foods, metabolises into a plastic.

    Then we have meat being injected with fat and water to bulk it up for sale, hormones for cattle and pestacides for plants.

    If food is conected to mental health, and im sure it is to some measurable extent then its hardly surprising were having a rise of mental health issues when you look at how our diet is changeing behind the scenes.

  34. My best friend has depression and went 5+ days with no sleep and several days trying to starve himself and trying to kill himself and I managed to stop him and at this point I am almost convinced his depression is gone, even though I know it probably isn't.
    You don't know depression unless you know the person and know what they are going through… his girlfriend broke up with him because it was to much for her and his next girlfriend, even though she stayed with him, kept breaking down crying because she can't take it, while I'm like fucking Buddha over here, calmest person ever stopping him from killing himself. You should learn how depression works through trust – not brain tests. Depression isn't necessarily curable, but if you are good enough, you can help get them through. The main thing is that you shouldn't lie to make them feel better because that will come back and they will find out.

  35. Interesting. I was raised on an Israeli diet and it was so different to the Western diet. People eat completely differently.

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