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100 thoughts on “How to Curb Your Appetite Naturally

  1. actually eatin before u sleep doesnt do anythin for me, its just suposed to make u fatter since ur not burnin off the fats in ur sleep

  2. step two: stop being a butthurt dumbfuck and stop taking the internet seriously

  3. There are starving children everywhere, and you want me not to finish everything I put on my plate?

    How about some self control, discipline, and putting only what you need to eat on your plate…

  4. now i know why my stomach feels like its going to erupt after i eat. (i eat really fast). once i had a full rack of ribs from baton rouge in less than 3 minutes. and that was with half the fries too! i eat really fast after i play hockey or any other sport.

  5. Try this tip . Drink one to two cups of coffee and then exercise till you are over your cafienne (can't spell ) buzz . If you are hipoglycemic this buzz is increased and hits you like an hour after you drink coffee .

  6. increase your fibre intake via diet or fibre supplement and thats sure way to curb your appetite as long as you drink a ton of water

  7. why would she need to be on a diet?
    she looks pretty thin to me.

    also normally after i get 8 or more hours of sleep
    when i wake up im always normally hungry XD

  8. Dieting isn't just about losing weight. "Dieting" is a bad thing to label your eating habits. If you're on a diet, you'll eventually have to get off of it. Instead, think of it as changing your lifestyle. That way, the pounds won't come back as soon as you reach your desired weight. You'll get to look your absolute best!

  9. The longer I sleep, the longer I'm not hungry. If I sleep 9/10 hours of sleep, it'll be another 5 before I'm hungry once I wake up. It's pretty good.

  10. @muzicluva000 I never said that. Technicallly the first meal of the day, no matter what or where it is, is breakfast.

  11. @An1mePhreak

    Actually, studies have proven that when you think your hungry- your not.
    You brain is tricking you and making you believe your hungry, when really your not.

  12. My problem is- i dont like sugary foods… like fruit… i rarely can eat that… i always want bread or cheese or something… I buy a lot of fruits and veggies but i end up throwing away most of it… ugh.

  13. step 8, forget everything you just heard and get books that tell you the real truth. The Diet cure & The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. these books Changed my life.

  14. if you want a good tip,
    you're not gonna be hungry and it's not so fatty.
    I chewed gum almost for two months and lost 14 pounds!

  15. @catsrule0030 no they mean raw vegetables, fruit or wholegrains etc. I suppose they could have explained that better lol.

  16. This video helped alot cuz it's summer vacation and I am super lazy. I litterally eat almost constantly all day every day

  17. i swear in another video they have called How to keep your stomach looking flat says not to eat gum because it inflates your belly with alot of air , and now this video tells you to chew gum. wth??

  18. @MiamisDog I came here to learn something, but I watched it all the way through and I have no idea what was said. God she's amazing…

  19. and SELF control. I just LOST 5 lbs and I curbed by appetite mostly by controlling my mind. I did eat healthy and still am, but really had motivate myself mentally to STOP–MINDFUL EATING. Because of I am tired of this shit! BIG TIME!

  20. Dude your on a public website right? Because thats some werid crap to put on where little kids could be watching. :/ Im dissapointed in you.

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  22. Which studies are they citing? It's easy to say: "In a recent study…" and make it an accurate fact. For that matter i can make up facts if I wanted to, sooo i could say: "In a recent study, videos use real findings from actual scientific research and twist them in such a way that they become distorted and unrelatable with the main topic of research. Not to mention, making it easy for the maketing of products and a increase in sales of such products".

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