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100 thoughts on “How to Diet like a Man

  1. I don't agree with the purging thing, but there are plenty of health foods that can help fill you up without adding calories, like an apple 20 minutes before your dinner- it tells your body that you've eaten and your appitite is quelled.

  2. We mostly loose more weight also because we watch more porn. Cocaine is also very good to loose weight with. Its fun also!

  3. no no no not true!
    it's the other way around: A man can look like anything and get a girl. Women need to be beautiful and intelligent.

  4. While gender is a factor, other genetics, medications, and money can affect weight. So… Yeah. I'm going to go with what my doctor says rather than a youtube video.

  5. (may b streching it a bit)
    you will die ok?
    unlike ur parents who did meth u will die and if its a joke go to the video and look for ur comment

  6. two favorite parts to this video:

    1, the cow after the steak recommendation

    2, the did you know at the end that points out even not caring like a man will do nothing because our metabolism is so much higher

  7. This video has some good advice, but I have a couple points of contention…
    1) if you love beer, don't give it up. typically when you deny yourself something it backfires and most people will binge in a moment of weakness. Instead, drink light beer or cut back the amount.
    2) Steak is better for you than cake or other sweets, but best to go for a lean steak,or if you're like me and don't eat meat or you really love sugar, go for a tootsie pop. Not a lotta calories but take a lot of time to eat.

  8. I think that women eat a lot less than men do by default, largely because of the bad influence from society, and also because women just eat less. I'm sure there's a bajillion reasons for it, I can come up with a few off the top of my head.
    (and yes, I agree. That cow was awesome.)

  9. And when you drop that 10 or 20 come to my home and I'll give ya a test feel up for your final grade girls…

  10. hehehe i'm sick so anything i eat i vomit 😀 i am feeling very tired tho i'm 13 years old from 73 kg to 68 kg's 😛

  11. i take crap from people cuz im fat, and like a man i beat the livin hell out whoever says that, usually
    (thats my daily workout rutine)
    hooza to bein a man

  12. Dieting is shit. It means you're going to do it temporarily and ultimately slow your metabolism down. Just make small adjustments when you see something can be improved without too much discomfort (like draining as much grease as possible without drying the food out).

    If you're hungry, guess what the best thing to do is? That's right! EAT! Dur hur hur!!!

  13. And yes, eating more than 750 calories in one sitting isn't good. I do it when I'm really hungry, but often find 750 to be sufficient. It depends on how active you've been since the last meal.

  14. lolz moo
    Would a cow eating steak be a cownnible? I like this diet plan, steak is de-licious! And that's coming from a girl. But ice cream still rocks.

  15. dude i just took about 8 shits today.
    no way a woman is doing that.
    unless sitting and farting a bit counts as a poop

  16. @M4RKU5m train in what? dude im a martial artist, im neither fat nor skinny the reason i said you gain weight is because protien makes you grow more muscle, i dont want to be big and bulkiy i want to be medium size. and i dont know what direction to go, if you could be nice and stop calling me stupid i wouldnt mind if you could give me some hints

  17. @M4RKU5m well im 221 right now im a medium build and im 5'9 i need to know how to lose weight and keep it off i dont know what the secret is but if u know can you tell me?

  18. Good video. A lot of women have the misconception that they shouldn't strength train and they only do cardio vascular exercises. Building fat free mass is how you boost your metabolism and keep the weight off.

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  22. I especially liked the tip that dieters shouldn't beat themselves up after a splurge and should just move forward. Thanks!

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