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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

13 thoughts on “How to Eat a Healthy Diet

  1. I cut off McDonalds 3 months ago…I'm pretty proud to say I've never thought of buying anything since then. Now if only I could get a gym membership….

  2. OMG! You say we shouldnt drink fruit juices??? The sugar ur talking about is actually natural sugar from the fruit!!! Even though fruit juices have mor calories then diet coke it's waaaaaay healtyer 😉 if it's 100% of course

  3. ive never been 2 mcdonalds in my life, and i dont plan on it. actually ive never been to any fast food resturants since i eat organic. i only go to like indian resturants and stuff.

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  6. The ways to being healthy include healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, and stress management.

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